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Sorry, I will not be back!

About Myself

Hi, I am tetrix! I am an anime fan and listen to anime music

My Work:
Parkour Maps
Arranged by date of release (newer first)

Desert Temple
Burning Inferno
Parkour Race Centre (uncompleted)
Parkour Training Facility
Parkour Centre (uncompleted, outdated)

Parkouria (New!)
Parkour Laboratory (discontinued)
Mini Parkour (discontinued)
tetrix1993's Parkour Collection (tPC) (discontinued)
Parkour Battle (discontinued)
tetrix1993's Parkour Facility (tpf) (discontinued)
tetrix1993's 3rd Obstacle Course (t3c) (discontinued)
tetrix1993's Challenge Course (tcc) (discontinued, outdated)
tetrix1993's Obstacle Course (toc) (discontinued, outdated)

Other Maps
Let's Learn Japanese! (uncompleted)
tetrix1993's Battle Arena (discontinued)
Battle Park (discontinued, outdated)
Redstone Puzzle (uncompleted, outdated)
BuildCraft (uncompleted, outdated)

MMORPG Games I Played
TERA: Rising (US server) (recently active)
MapleStory (SEA server) (temporarily dropped)
Ragnarok Online II (SEA server) (dropped)
Cabal Online (SEA server) (dropped)

My Other Websites
My YouTube
My PlanetMinecraft
MyAnimeList ←super active here

Location World of Anime

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