About Me
My name originates from the web comic "Homestuck"

Gamzee is a troll(not the internet kind, though he does use internet) whose username is terminallyCapricious.

He types in an odd fashion, lIkE tHiS wItH cApS aLtErNaTiNg.

He a juggalo who thinks he is the messiah of his own religion and his mission is to kill everyone.

At first, he's just a troll with no common sense, since his "janitor" never taught him common sense skills because he's always out at sea. Therefore, he kept eating things that were harmful to his brain to make him come to the conclusion he was a messiah.

On the part about myself, I like to obey the rules. I'm not that creative and I like RPG, fighting, or MMO games.

I'm sort of an angry person, which would make me more like Karkat but I decided that Gamzee was still cooler.