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    Made a hardcore world, instantly spawned buried underground for some reason. ):

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    So, despite all of what I've said above, I only have KITT and KARR at the moment, neither of which actually think for themselves fully. But I've released the update to Immersive Vehicles Vanity featuring all the figgy puddings.
    Just look at what you can do in the panel! (Compared to the average MTS/IV vehicle)

    The oil slick don't do nuffin since it's only a particle effect, but the smokescreen is a lot more useful as a particle effect since you can block a whole street using it. Plus all the other fancy stuff!

    I don't remember the rules on posting outside links so I will refrain from doing so, but now y'all know where to go, and that it's available. I do plan on adding more Knight Rider content, even if it's only some CustomNPCs-usable skins and a plain trailer. At the moment though I wanted to take a break from pack development to just enjoy Minecraft normally. Those panel screenshots are from a personal kitchen-sink pack I've been throwing together for myself! d:

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    Update for some clarification on what my mod (Immersive Vehicles Vanity) currently has to offer, both as of current release and as of the latest indev version.

    Quote from WiltonKnight»

    What I'd Like to see in the Mod:
    • KITT (Obviously) w/ all of his abilities from the show*1
    • The Knight Industries Trailer
    • Maybe AI characters like Bonnie, Devon, RC, etc.
    • Add in KARR as a boss or mob
    • Add the "molecular bondage shell" material that as part of a crafting recipe.
    • Add in KITT's Voice and a custom GUI/HUD that allows you to activate his abilities
    • Mobs could include Garth Knight w/ his Cane, and KARR*2
    • Auto Cruise on KITT & KARR
    • Michael Knight's Clothes and wrist communicator
    • KITT can and will attempt to attack*3 you when an system error occurs.
    • Any other ideas suggested by the community.

    Obviously we've got the star of the show himself (no offense D.H!) K.I.T.T, or rather there is the car itself, codenamed internally as ACIVE. For copyrightin' purposes and whatnot, plus that was the best I could come up with... sorry.
    However there are three skins (two as of latest release though), that being KITT, KARR and a custom blue one that I thought looked cool. And OC or something. You gets the point!

    I have considered adding a trailer, and in particular I've been tossing around the idea of making it compatible with the truck featured in my mod (not similar to the FLAG semi at all, it is a cabover) or with a different truck from another pack, such as the AdamRK truck being maintained in the Darkez Industries pack or the ever-so-coincidentally named Trin Juggernaut, from Trin Civil pack.

    AI characters, hmmm... I have some minor Java experience, but I'd have made him a regular mob outright if I had enough experience for this. Nevertheless I do also make Minecraft skins, so it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to make CustomNPCs compatible skins I suppose. Better than nothing, especially since my mod already comes with CNPC-usable skins for my robots.

    That gets me to KARR, which also bounces back to my previous point in that... I cannot make the car sentient, sorry. Even if I were a Java master, MTS uses JavaScript Object Notation internally, and a very limited one from that perspective. Half of KITT/KARR's bread and butter here at the moment is the new fancy Variable Modifiers that let me do simpler operations, like a mood system (will touch on this later, but if you've used/seen the New TARDIS mod you'll know where this is going) or being able to modify aspects of the vehicle in ways hardly seen before.
    I do have a way to make a car drive itself, and to make it follow another car. But as far as I and KITT would be aware, there's NO such thing as a mob, and it really just follows the closest one. In order to do that you'd have to use the fancy "SSD" (stands for Semi-Self Driving!) LIDAR bars, one of which keeps a normal following distance kind of like KITT, and the other of which will not stop until the vehicle it is chasing ceases to exist. Or y'know, if the car itself gets blown up.

    Technically a molecularly bonded shell material! It gets used for other recipes but this uses a majority of the material, and it still keeps a semblance of modded minecraftery by being Molecularly Bonded Steel. The vagueness lets me get away with using it in place of "molecularly bonded matter" as well as having an excuse for not registering steel into Forge's ore dictionary! (:

    I'd have to fish through a ton of voice clips for this (plus I have an alternate voice in mind besides KARR, hehe.) but not impossible, I'm just not sure when they should trigger either. It would probably depend on the context of the situation, such as a low mood or if you're being tracked by missiles, et cetera. (And since this is Immersive Vehicles, you obviously will be getting a panel! This one will have all or most of KITT's abilities on here, barring the turbo-boost jump which replaces the horn when BOOST is on.)

    I do have a couple solutions for my lack of ability to make a semi-intelligent AI, be it the limitations of the medium or my fleshy head computer. Numbero uno, go back up a couple lines to that semi-self-driving LIDAR section and just stick that on if you wanna make a machinima, or if you wanna get chased by KARR. Alternatively KITT/ACIVE/etc. also comes (in the indev version mind you) with an auto-cruise mode that locks the vehicle into one of 8 cardinal axis', since it's a fair chance that almost all roads in MC tend to go in these directions.
    And as a third secret option, there is a way to "become" KITT as well which essentially means it would be up to you to be the auto-cruise, but I'mma let you guys find that one for yourselves!

    Probably gonna leave the clothes/outfit to custom skins, but if or when we ever get armor items in Immersive Vehicles I won't be against adding a couple key outfit items, like the leather jacket or a pair of sunglasses. I'd already have a few other non-KR cosmetics in mind anyways.

    KITT won't attack you per se if he's in a bad mood (or malfunctioning) but he will have a chance of ejecting you if he's too angry. Additionally you'll lose access to several key gadgets such as auto cruising, turbo-boost or ski mode, what not and such.

    I am open to more ideas, though my IV pack is not going to entirely be Knight Rider centric either. Doesn't mean I won't consider some new features or tweaks though!

    *1 I'm not 100% aware of all his abilities and am therefore open to suggestions here, plus the limitations of IV and Minecraft (and my pea-brain) apply here, though as my mod is open-source on GitHub I wouldn't mind help if you really want to help!
    *2 KARR is available as a skin and can be made aggressive using the Chase SSD bar, but that is about the extent of it for now, besides minor model/sound details.
    *3 Partially an IV limitation on how to detect where a target even is, and partially me not being sure how I'd use it regardless.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Remodeled the Nth miscellaneous part of my Immersive Vehicles Knight Rider model to go along with the added functionality.

    Guess that means I'll be re-doing the JSON again though, to accommodate the new stuff. Fun! :wacko:

    Shadowy flight

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    posted a message on 1.5.2 Knight Rider KITT Mod

    Now, I knoooow the ruuuuules about necroposting but, I s'pose I did technically make a Knight Rider mod.

    If you ever wanna take a look at it, see the ACIVE featured in Immersive Vehicles Vanity. There's a KITT paintscheme as well, and in an upcoming update it'll also feature his proper red lights.

    It's kinda hard to replicate some of KITT's gadgetry and tricks from the show though, at least with MTS. Any advice or help would be appreciated, if you're willing to dig your hands into some JSON! Or if not, well... I guess as far as I've been able to come across so far, the commenter above and I might be the only ones to have made a Knight Rider mod for Minecraft. Or maybe just me, I'mma take a lookyloo after posting this.

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