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    Alright, what happened to the forum this time? I know Prototype said something about not wanting to host it anymore, but I thought that got sorted.

    Tau let the forum expire since he was no longer willing to pay for it, which is fine by me, its his money. But it also means we will no longer have a forum, and we will all likely drift apart.

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    3 years ago Futurecraft's goal was to have massive spaceships fighting against each other and while it may not be possible now (Unless you get this guy back: http://www.minecraftforum.net/members/fr0stbyte124) the Futurecraft team is going to try and make all the other stuff be a reality.

    The core idea around the mod (other then space) is the tech tree system. You the player start up a new world and can build/craft all the vanilla stuff but when you make the tech tree block you will have unlocked a whole new experience. As you unlock each tier in the tech tree with (Unit yet to be determined) you will be able to craft better things then before.

    A very early version of some tech tree tiers can be found here: http://docs.google.com/document/d/1D7UqUff0tf9lM_7apsdDl7qohZ0y31_5W87KjTKBUFU/edit?usp=sharing
    Note: That list was made a long time ago and most of the stuff on there will most likely change or not be put into the actual mod
    We also have a flans mod content pack that can be found here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/futurecraft-flan-content-pack/
    Alright, so the main reason I made this thread was to gain help from other people. So with that in mind if your interested in helping out with either texturing, programming, or even testing please fill out this form!

    Application Form
    Time Zone:
    Job: (Programming, Texturing, etc)
    Experience With Job: (Do you have any experience with what you want to help us with? We want to know!)
    Ways to communicate: (Whether through the Futurecraft forums, here, skype, etc)
    When can you be online: (Can you only work on the weekends or only on Thursdays (When you will be available)
    Other: (Other stuff you want us to know!)
    If you get accepted I will pm you with more details.

    And before you go here is a teaser!
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    you can get on

    oh and the ip is:
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    Quote from Pheenixm

    How are you going to do this? Won't it require not only coming up with thousands of lines of code all by yourselves but also recoding the entire game of minecraft? Like how do you intend to handle the height limit?
    This is gonna be crazy insane if you can make.
    And if you do succeed, can you publish the source code so others can follow in your footsteps?

    you should read other post's first because I know some of these questions are answered :tongue.gif:
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