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    As the title suggests, this is a suggestion board for bosses to be added to minecraft.
    I apologize if a similar post already exists, but I used the search bar for as much time as is reasonable.

    Okay, too many people are voting and commenting without understanding what the post actually says, so I'm adding the following section AT THE VERY BEGINNING of the post, to stop retards from voting this post down just because it has "bosses" in the title.

    Read This First
    okay, a lot of people are complaining about problems with this idea that don't exist, so to make it easy for you guys who came to this post with the INTENTION of voting it as awful, I'm adding a disclaimer.

    1: Fighting the bosses is optional much like dungeons, you are not going to just randomly find yourself being harassed by a boss. They do not spawn like normal mobs. They are all in particular locations, like dungeons, and you are not forced to enter at any point. You only have to do it if you're feeling adventurous.

    2: You Do not need to be careful around the boss areas I understand this concern, but all the bosses can only spawn if you want them to. For example, the wyvern only spawns if you reach the top of the tower. You could build a house at the base of the tower and live there the whole game without summoning the wyvern.

    3: It is FUN to fight these bosses. A lot of people don't like combat in this game, because it mostly just involves slashing your sword. These bosses are not like that. each and every one takes creativity, planning, and strategy to defeat. You may build a bunker to aid in your fight. You may find that the wall the boss just smashed has lava behind it, giving you something to use as a weapon. The possibilities, in a very minecraft way, are endless.

    4: These bosses do not add a plotline. I'll say it again. These bosses do not add a plotline. What do they add? I'd call it a mythos. You're all alone on this island, exploring, finding a place to set up camp. In your adventures you see a large rock resembling a creeper head. You decide to explore, and are confronted with The Curse of The Creeper. Notch does not need to add some sort of weak "go kill all the bosses" plot line.

    5. This is more for people who want bosses, but are too lazy to read the, umm... next section? It's not that hard, but oh well, I'm tired of correcting people. You must defeat the bosses in order for the drop to be craftable. If you don't know what that means, read on. Actually, read on anyway.

    6. This is also for people who like the idea but don't read enough. We don't need more bosses. suggest ways to improve on the old ones. There are tons of bosses being suggested every day, and almost all of them are either too hard to program, not fun to fight, don't add anything to the gameplay, or are almost the same as a current boss. If you suggest a boss and I don't reply to you, don't say "hey, look at my idea". I do not have time to tell everyone all the problems with their ideas. Sorry.

    The bosses are simply dungeons with flavor.
    No one complains about dungeons, and so there is no good reason to complain about bosses. It's really that simple. If you don't like the name "bosses," call them "unique mobs," it really doesn't matter.

    Thank you for putting up with that disclaimer, but it should stop a few trolls.

    first, a little background information:

    So, bosses have been mentioned many times throughout minecraft's development history, and people seem mostly divided. Some people, who play the game to have adventures, love the idea of boss monsters as a way to drive the game forward. Other people, however, hate the idea of a boss monster randomly spawning near their house and destroying everything. Both of these points of views are reasonable, so I came up with a compromise:

    Note: this is a suggestion thread. Notch is obviously free to do anything he wants. In fact, the only important part of this thread is the above disclaimer and the following section: the actual boss descriptions, found later, are purely ideas, trying to represent what the bosses should feel like in general. For example, the description of the Aeromancer doesn't mean Notch should necessarily add an Aeromancer: if he wants to, great, but the description is simply trying to convey the idea of a fight in which falling off the battlefield is the biggest threat.


    I'm going to say here that if I don't get back to you on your idea, I'll either get around to it, or your idea has problems. No offense, but I read everything and reply to as many good ideas as I can. I don't spend 24 hours a day on this thread responding to every post.

    First, bosses will be given their own little areas to spawn in, much like the way dungeons are generated, only rarer. In other words, you will have to look for a boss, rather than it coming to you when you aren't ready for it.

    Second, bosses will be rare. Very rare. This will further reduce the risk of encountering a boss without meaning to. There will be around 1 boss every 500 chunks at most. Also, a particular boss could only spawn once a game. Some people who really like bosses (eat911) thinks that after you kill all the bosses in a world, you should be able to find them again. Any opinions on this would be welcome.

    However, this makes the chance of finding Bosses almost impossible, so that's where this item comes in:
    Boss Compass
    The basic building plan will look something like this:
    [] :Diamond: []
    :Diamond: :RedShroom: :Diamond:
    [] :Diamond: []
    where :RedShroom: = redstone dust.

    This item will look very much like the compass, except the needle will always point to the nearest boss spawner that has been loaded so far. This means that people who really want to find bosses will have a way (albeit an expensive one) of finding them.

    Also, to make finding them easier, some of the boss areas will be very easy to see from afar, as specific to each boss.

    Third, I think the bosses should greatly resemble in terms of AI the bosses from retro games (classic Megaman comes to mind); they should all have a particular way of entering, such as the wyvern flying in from afar. They should attack in predictable patterns, and if/when they kill you, they will despawn, forcing you to start the battle over again.

    And as a final suggestion, there needs to be a reason to find these bosses. The obvious answer would be to put treasure chests in their areas, but this has two problems.

    One, it's boring.

    Two, someone could change the difficulty to peaceful, waltz in, and take the treasure. What fun would that be?

    So instead, all bosses will drop a very powerful, very special item, which is unique to that boss. Only once the boss has been killed, the player will gain the ability to craft the item. This means that defeating a boss will give the player more abilities, which I find to be more interesting than randomly generated loot.

    The Bosses

    first of all, I owe credit to eat911 for a lot of constructive criticism, to r42xer for making the support banner, and to a lot of other people who were helpful. Those two were just the most helpful.

    As I said in the note above, if you have a boss idea, look through this list in its entirety. If you feel that your boss does something completely different and interesting, sure, post it, preferably emphasizing what it does differently.

    However, The VAST majority of boss suggestions, even if they could be programmed, don't add anything new to the gameplay. Don't just suggest something that you'd like to fight: suggest something which would have a totally unique combat experience.

    When in doubt, just post the concept of your boss and what it would add to the gameplay. If I like it, I'll either ask you for more ideas about it, or just add my own interpretation, giving you credit either way.

    Spawn: any biome in the normal world, very high above sea level, over deep water (you'll see why)
    Area/Lair: a castle in the sky made of mossy cobblestone and glass.
    Drop: winged boots
    Appearance: human with bird head and wings, carrying a bow.
    Entrance: Appears in a cloud of smoke
    Special: flies, moves very fast.

    After dying, the aeromancer's castle will start to crumble. If the player doesn't put the boots on quickly, they will fall down into the ocean. This is harmless, but it's a lot more fun to glide from that height.

    Erasure: fires an arrow, which deals no damage, but if it hits a block, the block disappears. This can cause the flying castle to become very hazardous very quickly.
    Wind Arrow: a normal arrow that pushes you back very far.
    Wind Wall: an invisible wall that he occasionally puts up between you that prevents arrows from moving through it.

    Drop: Winged Boots (I know, not the most original suggestion)
    ]" title="-<->" /> [] ]" title="-<->" />
    :GoldBar: [] :GoldBar:
    :Iron: [] :Iron:
    or something similar. It would act like a normal set of boots, but would cause you to jump two blocks high and glide, but would lose durability quickly while gliding as well as when getting hurt. This could lead to the awkward situation of gliding, and realizing your boots are going to break thousands of feet above the ground.

    Earth Monster
    Spawn: underground, any normal biome.
    Area/Lair: a very very large cave with what resembles a dungeon inside of it (a 7by7 box of mossy cobblestone). the boss is inside the dungeon, but can freely move out of it after you release it.
    Drop: Power Pick
    Appearance: think "cave troll" from lord of the rings.
    Entrance: Sleeping in the small box, wakes up angry when you break a hole in it big enough for him to see out of. The box spontaneously crumbles and he uses his stomp attack.
    Special: the large cave is lit automatically from torches all around it. When the boss dies, all torches in that area go out immediately.

    Stomp: Jumps in the air and comes down on you. You have time to run away, but it leaves a crater about the size of a creeper explosion.
    Grind ray: shoots an arrow at the ceiling above you, which causes all stone blocks around the hit block to change to gravel, falling down and possibly suffocating you.
    Quote from eat911 »
    He could break the ceiling and lava/water could flood the room.

    Quote from telekrus »
    I don't think that's a bad thing. If a lava/water flow occurs, it changes the battle. That type of randomness makes the battle interesting, is very minecraft-esque, and is exactly what I'm going for.
    Besides, you can put yourself out if you catch on fire in the normal world.

    Arrow Storm: stands still, and two seconds later fires a huge stream of arrows at you. You'll need to take cover either behind a pile of gravel or in a crater.

    Drop: Power Pick (I'm not sure I really like this one. Suggestions?)
    :obsidian: :obsidian: :obsidian:
    [] :|: []
    [] :|: []
    When used on any ore (coal, gold, iron, diamond, lapis-lazuli, redstone, or anything Notch is going to add later) it causes all identical blocks linked to it to break, dropping stuff as would be expected. This means you could clear out a whole vein of coal in a couple seconds. Other than that, its properties are the same as a stone pick, except it can mine all types of blocks besides adminium (including obsidian)

    Alternate Drop: Drill
    [] :Iron: []
    :Iron: :Furnace: :Iron:
    [] :Furnace: [] ( :Furnace: is a powered minecart)
    You would place this on a block and give it power as with a normal minecart. It would then move forward, drilling through anything in its way with the speed of a stone tool of the correct type for that block. It drops things as you would expect for a stone tool. It doesn't require any kind of track.

    (credit: Darkoss)

    Spawn: deep underwater, any biome
    Area/Lair: An underwater temple, not flooded, with a ring of obsidian at the end. There is glow stone (or if there's another good element added that glows underwater) on both the inside and outside, and a lot of squids spawn around it.
    Drop: Diving Helmet?
    Appearance: if you don't know what Cthulu looks like, google it. Will basically be a horde of tentacles coming out of the obsidian ring.
    Entrance: Tentacles slowly emerge from the portal
    Special: Immune to fire, lava, and drowning. When he dies, the whole temple crumbles, including the obsidian ring.

    Smashes tentacles around. As he gets hurt, his tentacles get more aggressive, occasionally bashing holes in the wall

    Drop: Diving Helmet
    :Iron: :Iron: :Iron:
    :Iron: :Glass: :Iron: or something
    same durability as an iron helmet, but when underwater, it loses durability instead of you losing oxygen. Alternatively, preferably in fact, use the ideas in the oceancraft thread. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=67089&hilit=oceancraft

    Sand Wyvern
    (credit: brdnfrd and myself)
    Spawn: desert biome, normally in flat area
    Area/Lair: a tower made of sandstone. This is not the restriction area, as he could follow you anywhere. He only appears to fly in from the distance when you reach the top.
    Drop: Sand Blaster
    Appearance: a lot like a Rathalos from monster hunter
    Entrance: Flies in from the distance.
    Special: Flies, but slower than the aeromancer

    Charge: swoops in to attack you. What did you think?
    Wind storm: hovers in place, beating its wings. This blows all mobs and objects in a large area away from it, which is dangerous, because you're at the top of a tower. best to run back down.
    Fireball: much like the pyromancer/ghast fireball, but weaker, and instead of destroying blocks, turns them to sand if they're sandstone, wood based, or dirt based, and into gravel if they're stone based. This can cause the tower to disintegrate. It destroys sand and gravel normally.

    Drop: Sand Blaster
    [] :sand: []
    :Iron: :|: :sand:
    [] :sand: []
    ( :sand: =Sandstone, :|: = Bow)

    This would appear to be either a small cannon, a sand colored bow, or a sand colored crossbow. Either way, it would fire normal arrows as ammunition. The only difference is, when it hits a block of sand, the block disappears and the arrow splits into 3 arrows, each of which go in a random direction within 90 degrees of the original. This can be fired at a wall of sand to cause a chain reaction. There may need to be a maximum number of splits possible, or else if it hits a block of sand on the beach it could be disastrous.

    This one may be hard to program. It's also really complicated to animate, and not that interesting to fight.
    Notch should only really program this if he's feeling ambitious

    Spawn: swamp biome (?)
    Area/Lair: a crater filled with shallow water, with a statue of some sort in the middle. You destroy the statue to summon the wurm.
    Drop: wurm arrow
    Appearance: a purple wurm. long, but only 1 block wide. It's made of block-sized segments, which can let it bend.
    Entrance: Spawns underground, leaps up out of ground.
    Special: Bores through blocks freely, leaving a tunnel. It spends most of its time underground and jumping into the air on occasion

    Attacks: Simply boroughs through the ground, jumping out on occasion. It should behave much like the lanmola from Legend of Zelda.

    Drop: Wurm Arrow
    [] :Iron: []
    :Iron: :|: :Iron:
    ]" title="-<->" /> ]" title="-<->" /> ]" title="-<->" />
    fired like a normal arrow, but will always travel in a perfectly straight line, even underwater. It can bore through a total of up to five blocks (or possibly a number based on those blocks' strength), unless it leaves the generated portion of the map first.

    Spawn: Arctic biome
    Area/Lair: a large cave in a mountain, recognizable by the pile of bones that appears when ever you get close (the item)
    Drop: Ice Skates (Credit: Azep)
    Appearance: it looks like a yeti. It's very large.
    Entrance: It's asleep in the back of the cave until you get too close.

    Charge: Leaps at you, dealing a lot of damage. Can only be avoided by hitting it at exactly the right moment
    Cave-in: either slams the ground or roars, causing random blocks of the cave to turn to gravel and fall down. If the battle ends up outside the cave, he doesn't use this attack.

    Drop: Ice Skates
    :GoldBar: [] :GoldBar:
    :Iron: [] :Iron:
    or (my idea)
    [] [string] []
    [] [boots] []
    :Iron: [] :Iron: , with the skates having same quality and durability as boots.
    Basically lets you move very fast on ice, but loses durability on land.

    or possibly, instead of losing durability on land:
    Quote from eat911 »
    The yeti's ice skates could make it so that any water you step on instantly becomes ice. It would lose durability for every block of ice it created.

    Giant Slime
    (credit: davedave000)

    Spawn: Deep underground
    Area/Lair: large cavern, made out of obsidian, except for the entrance, which has a wall of cobblestone instead. There are already torches located around the cavern when you come in.
    Drop: Slime Armor and tools (it actually drops a random slime tool or armor piece, but you can craft them all afterward)
    Appearance: A giant slime. What do you think?
    Entrance: It's possible that a lot of slimes spawn and jump into each other, merging into the boss.
    Special: when killed, divides into two large slimes, which divide into two smaller slimes...

    Stomp: it jumps at you, much like a normal slime
    Summon: Summons two other slimes. I don't know or really care what size. That's up to notch. I'm just making the suggestion.

    Drop: Slime Armor/Tools (not sure about this one. It makes sense, but cobblestone is already pretty infinite)
    Crafting: essentially, it lets you craft the core armor types (helmet, breastplate, pants, boots) and core tools (pick, hoe, axe, shovel, sword) out of slime, instead of stone, iron, gold, diamond, or whatever.

    If something is made of slime, then it has the durability of wood for tools and leather for armor. The tools have a strength (damage, capability to mine ores, speed at destroying blocks, etc.) of stone. If this sounds weak, keep in mind you're hitting stone with a pick axe made of slime. Not very powerful.

    anyway, the best part: slime tools and armor, when they break, drop slime balls equal to the # of slime balls you used to craft them in the first place. This means you no longer have to use resources for these things, since, as long as you have a crafting table, you can just fix whatever's broken. The sticks used to make tools are not dropped. They're gone forever.


    Spawn: plains biome (actually, anywhere on land in earth would be fine)
    Area/Lair: a ruined village, made of brick, wood, and cobblestone. There are zombie and skeleton spawners in every building.
    Drop:Symbol of Power (or possibly "symbol of the sun", which sounds really cool, but isn't very necromancerish
    Appearance: human with staff, skull helmet, and dark robes
    Entrance: He's already there, in the village. You may even have to look for him.
    Special: While he's alive, monster spawners work as if it were night time in the village, and undead in the village don't burn.

    Spawner: Places a zombie or skeleton spawner. Doesn't do it very often.
    Other than that, he tends to run away from you, but stays in the village

    Drop: Holy (?) symbol
    [] :GoldBar: []
    :GoldBar: :Diamond: :GoldBar:
    [] :GoldBar: []
    When held, press right click to use. It causes all hostile mobs (not just undead) in a radius around you to burst into flames, and it instantly becomes dawn, unless it is already dawn or day.

    Dark Knight
    (Formerly Dracula, or any vampire, it doesn't really matter. As long as it's not from twilight. The name won't show up in game, anyway.)

    Spawn: anywhere on land in normal world
    Area/Lair: massive obsidian tower, with zombie spawners on every floor. He Only appears at the top. There is a huge cloud, maybe 20 by 20, of adminium over the tower, so it's always dark near it. The adminium is at the top level of blocks, so you can't stand on it. It crumbles away when he dies.
    Drop: Bat Emblem
    Appearance: Either a vampire or a black knight: think Sauron or the Witch King from Lord of the Rings, if it helps.
    Entrance: A swarm of bats (or maybe just one) wakes up and turns into him in a cloud of smoke

    Charge: Like every other charge attack, except it heals him (see above)
    Teleport: teleports to a random part of the tower and hides there, destroying any torches you put anywhere in the tower. Have fun looking for him before he jumps from the shadows to attack you in total darkness.
    Darkness Falls: whenever he moves within 3 blocks from a torch, the torch breaks.

    Drop: Bat Emblem
    (this technically could work either way, but would be a lot cooler if Notch added bats to the game)
    :obsidian: :RedShroom: :obsidian: ( :RedShroom: =redstone dust)
    [] :obsidian: []
    [] :obsidian: [] ( it's supposed to look a little like a bat)
    When activated, it would be destroyed, your armor would be dropped, and your model would turn into a bat, allowing you to fly freely until you deactivate it (right-click) or you are exposed to sunlight, in which case you turn back instantly. The main purpose is having fun when you are bored in your house at nighttime, or if you're caught outside at dusk, you can fly back, ditching your armor (oh well, at least you survive)

    Curse of the Creeper
    This boss will make your life living hell. Seriously. You think creepers are scary now? just wait...
    Also note, for the cowards among you (or those who build things to store flowing lava, or complex redstone circuits you don't want to have destroyed, be sure to read the last section of this boss entry

    Spawn: anywhere on land, normal world
    Area/Lair: temple, looks like giant creeper head.
    Drop: Nuke
    Appearance: A pitch black creeper. As it makes its hissss... noise, it's eyes glow red, getting brighter and brighter until it explodes.
    Entrance: There's a long passage in the back of the temple. As you walk down it, a sign tells you to look behind you. It's right there.
    Special: This is the only boss which does not despawn when you die. It is also possible for it to disappear without dying.

    Attacks: Sneaks up on you, hisses, and explodes (see below). What this boss does differently is, whenever you hit it or it explodes, unless it's dead, it disappears (explosions don't damage it). It will then stay nonexistant for a random period of time, anywhere from 20 seconds to three minecraft weeks. At that time it will spawn very near you, regardless of light. Your home is no longer safe...

    Also, the explosion is a lot more damaging than the normal creeper explosion: probably dealing about 3 times as much damage to you (not necessarily to blocks) why? because, since it disappears right afterward, if it only dealt a few hearts of damage to you, it would be too easy to scarf pork in between encounters.

    A LOT of people are confused about this boss, so here's a quote:
    Quote from telekrus »
    he does not die when he explodes, or you hit him, he just disappears. the explosion would not damage him, but the hit would. He respawns at a random point with the same amount of health as when he disappeared, so if you always hit him before he explodes, he will die eventually. The reappearing anywhere idea is what makes it scariest. You could be crafting something in your well lit base, when ssssssss....

    Drop: Nuke
    :tnt: :GP: :tnt:
    :GP: :tnt: :GP: (I feel the center should be something special, to represent uranium)
    :tnt: :GP: :tnt:
    It's basically tnt, but with 8 times the power.
    Idea by laughingPickle78: the center could be lapis lazuli, representing uranium.
    Just an idea.

    Further Details:
    Here's how the boss' attack would actually work, after much thought:
    a lot of people don't like the idea of a creeper destroying their hard work. Personally, I like the danger of that, but here's a compromise:
    on peaceful mode, there is no boss. In fact, none of the bosses can spawn
    on easy mode, the creeper explodes as normal, but does not destroy any blocks
    on normal mode, the creeper explodes as normal, but can't destroy any chests, dispensers, or other storage blocks)
    On hard mode, the creeper destroys things as would be expected.

    Spawn: in the forest
    Area/Lair: an underground chamber, which has a long passage leading down to a large cave with slowsand as a floor
    Drop: Spider boots
    Appearance: female body, resembling a queen with red and black robes. Instead of legs she has a spider body (8 legged centaur)
    Entrance: it would be cool if she transformed from a regular spider when you enter, but that may be hard to animate.
    Special: Walks on walls. In fact, she never stays on the ground for more than half a second.

    Pounce: jumps at you and bounces off whatever she hits (you or the floor) back on to the wall.
    Web-shot: shoots you with a web, which causes you to fling off the ground towards her. This can be escaped by parrying the web as it comes toward you, or hitting her right before you make contact.

    Drop: Spider Boots
    A pair of boots surrounded by 8 pieces of string
    The spider boots have the same quality and durability as the boots used to create them.
    They let you walk on walls. diamond or gold boots let you walk on ceilings.

    Some people think this would be a bad idea, because you couldn't tell which way is down.
    Quote from telekrus »
    unless you're in a cave with no lighting at all, it's rather easy to tell the floor from the ceiling. you can use torches, for example, to figure out which way is down. or a nearby lava/water flow, or the sun (if you're near the entrance), or if you're in a house, it's hard not to tell which way is down.
    If you still find it disorienting, well, don't craft the boots. Most people will love it, but same story with minecarts. If you don't like them, don't craft them.

    spawn: forest biome
    area/Lair: meditating in the forest, under a tree. gets angry only when you damage him, or dig the block out from under him. while meditating, hostile mobs are kept a certain distance away
    Drop: Bladed bow
    Appearance: a human or elven ranger, holding a bladed bow, with leather armor
    Entrance: if disturbed, he will get very angry, get up, and attack
    Special: moves fast, he can jump two blocks high and climb up all materials, as if they had ladders on them. He can also dig through blocks, but only at the speed of someone using bare hands. He only does this to get nearer to you.
    As you damage him, his armor breaks as it would with a normal player, so you can get a rough estimate of how much health he has left.

    Slash: a pretty standard attack, jumps at you and deals a heart or two of damage.
    Arrow: fires two arrows together, each as powerful as a skeleton's arrow.

    Drop: bladed bow
    :Spider: :Iron: []
    :Spider: [] :|:
    :Spider: :Iron: [] ( :Spider: is string, :Iron: is a sword of any type, but both swords must be the same quality)
    (he drops an iron one)
    when you craft it, it has a durability equal to the average durability of the two swords.
    It's the best combat weapon, able to deal as much damage as a normal bow with arrows, and also acts as a sword of whatever quality is used-1 (if you used diamond, it counts as iron, etc.)

    (This boss isn't actually that interesting, and might not make sense without a maze. It's kind of just a variation of the Earth Monster.)
    (credit bigmac93, and eat911 for the drop)
    Spawn: anywhere in normal world, possibly underground?
    Area/Lair: some kind of maze? maybe a large cave system? not sure.
    Drop: Great Axe
    Appearance: I trust you to know what a minotaur looks like. 3-4 blocks tall, carries great axe.
    Entrance: Breaks through a wall?

    Slash: Standard charge attack, jumps at you
    Stampede: switches stance to quadruped, charges at you. this can break through blocks up to a certain strength (probably two layers of stone)
    Hatchet throw: throws axes at you?

    Drop: Greataxe
    :Diamond: :GoldBar: :Diamond:
    :Diamond: :|: :Diamond:
    [] :|: [] (diamond could be gold or iron as well)
    Can be used as both a sword and an axe.

    The Mechanic
    Spawn: Underground, normal world.
    Area/Lair: a massive cavern (about as big as the earth monster's) filled with traps of various sorts: dispensers filled with arrows linked to pressure plates, pressure plates covering up TNT, and more. There are some holes in the ceiling, and a lot of dispensers concealed behind the walls (they can fire through single blocks) and just strewn around the room.
    Drop: TNT disarmer, shown, or Handheld Radio (details below)
    Appearance: Human with greasy, steampunk clothes, goggles, crazy hair, very stereotypical "mechanic who lives in a cave for some weird reason"
    Entrance: a lever surrounded by torches (redstone torches?) that summons him when you press it. Not sure about this.
    Special: can walk on power plates without activating them.

    Attacks: ranked from most common to least common
    charge: standard charge attack. You can tell he's going to use another of his attacks when he pauses this attack for about a second.
    TNT: places a tnt block. be careful where you swing your sword.
    Refill: Whenever he goes within 2 blocks from a dispenser, it rapidly receives more arrows
    FIRE!: the five nearest dispensers to you fire an arrow each.
    NOW!: the TNT block nearest you explodes.
    HELP!: A random two hostile mobs drop in through the holes in the ceiling. There's a 10% chance that a passive mob will drop in instead. Pointless, but funny.
    RELEASE!: random dispensers around the room start firing arrows in rapid succession. A total of about 70 arrows could be fired this one, taking a total of 20 seconds.
    NNNNOOOOO!: when he dies, all TNT in the cavern are triggered at once. They don't explode right away, so you can seek shelter very quickly.

    (It's possible that all the attacks that have an ! after them (FIRE!, NOW!, etc.) will be accompanied by a unique sound that conveys whatever it's trying to. It won't have any actual words, though.

    Drop: TNT disarmer
    :Diamond: :Teal: :Diamond:
    :--+: :Iron: :--+:
    [] :RedShroom: []
    ( :Teal: is a bucket of water, :--+: is a redstone torch, :RedShroom: is redstone dust)
    This would be a tool with as many uses an an iron tool. Like flint and steel, it loses durability when used to destroy blocks or to use it's function.
    By right clicking on a TNT block, it disappears, dropping a TNT item to be picked up.

    OR: handheld radios
    I have another thread about radio blocks (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=155627)
    If both of those suggestions get added, this boss could use the handheld radio as his drop. Read the thread for details.

    (possibly named Aquamancer)
    Spawn: anywhere where there's a wide radius of water, like an ocean (Depth is not important)
    Area/Lair: a huge round platform of cobblestone with a small, crenelated wall around it
    Drop: Trident
    Appearance: a large, bearded human, carrying the trident. He swims randomly in circles around the platform.
    Entrance: Emerges off the edge of the platform
    Special: Swims very fast, has a tendency to go under the platform and bury up through the bottom. He can stand on land and the platform, but he normally doesn't. If you try to swim/sail away, or jump in the water to fight him, he's probably going to kill you. Also, an abnormally high number of squids (or sharks, if they're added) spawn around his lair, and are always hostile as long as he's alive (I don't know how sharks will work). The spawn rate returns to normal after he's killed.

    Aqua Wave: shoots an arrow at you. If it misses, it places a water block. His most common attack. It has a tendency to push you off the platform, where you're almost helpless.
    Charge: I don't know if this is technically an attack with him. He tends to move close to you when he can, and if he touches you, you get damaged.

    Drop: Trident
    :Flint: :Flint: :Flint:
    :|: :GoldBar: :|:
    [] :|: [] (up to debate)
    Deals damage equal to an iron sword. It has the durability of a stone tool.
    Right clicking... (uses 1 durability)
    on a water block: turns it to ice
    on an ice block: turns it to water
    On any other block: places a water block, which lasts for a second in the nether (lets you put yourself out if you're on fire)

    If you walk on a water block, it becomes an ice block. This uses durability for each block.

    Netherfire Cultists
    (Most Credit goes to Sonrov25: I just changed the idea a little)

    To avoid confusion, I'm going to say it here: this boss is actually a few mobs, that attack you together.
    Spawn: Anywhere in the normal world
    Lair: A mini biome composed entirely of stone, obsidian, and netherrack, with a chunk (the distance measurement) or so of Netherrack in the middle. The boss is found standing in the middle of this area, with a nether portal between them. They don't move until you get too close or attack them.
    Drop: Sacrificial Dagger
    Appearance: three to five humans in dark robes, their faces hidden. These might be disciples of the pyromancer, see below. One of them, the leader, is dark red instead, with bright red glowing eyes (like a spider).
    Entrance: they're either standing in a circle until you disturb them, or they all spawn in a cloud of smoke when you get close to the portal, or they all spawn IN the portal in rapid succession, causing it to appear that they are coming out of it.
    Special: They don't drop the dagger until the last one dies. The portal doesn't actually serve a purpose other than flavor. These bosses DO NOT try to get near you: they'd rather keep their distance. However, they will resort to charge attacks if you get too close. Instead, they try to form a large circle around you and fire arrows.

    Fire Arrow: they sometimes shoot arrows that make targets catch fire. This isn't as much of a threat as with the pyromancer (see below), since you can use water buckets to put out fires, but it's still dangerous.
    Shadow Charge: if you get within 2 blocks from a cultist, it will switch AI types so that it charges you and damages you. It then despawns and reappears (without healing) about 10 blocks away from you.
    Fireball: the leader fires Ghast fireballs instead of fire arrows, but uses it less often than the others use Fire arrows.

    Drop: Sacrificial Dagger
    (This can be added without it, but it would make more sense if 2by2 crafting was added (viewtopic.php?t=50485))
    or, if 2by2 is not added, it might make more sense to turn the crafting pattern upside down, so that you actually look like you're holding it like a dagger (blade down)
    An incredibly delicate dagger: it can only do one thing before breaking. However, if that job is to attack a non-boss mob, the mob dies instantly and drops the maximum drop number possible.

    The nether portal can then be used freely by the player. It is also possible to find the portal in the nether, and then follow it through to the cultist lair

    The Following bosses Will Occur in the Nether, and the Aether if it's implemented.

    This boss will be insanely difficult to fight without some way of putting yourself out when you catch on fire in the nether.

    Spawn: anywhere in the nether.
    Area/Lair: a castle made of netherrack and covered in lava. The player will have to make their own way in.
    Drops: Lava Arrow
    Appearance: a human dressed in black and red robes.
    Entrance: Emerges from a lava flow in a corner of the castle.
    Special: immunity to lava and being lit on fire.

    Fireball: identical to the Ghast's fireball. He gets damaged if you reflect it at him. His most common attack.
    Lava shield: places a lava block above him, which quickly flows down, covering him. This will take strategy to work around.
    Lava Arrow: shoots a standard arrow, but if it hits you, you're set on fire. If it hits anything else, a lava block appears there. He uses this very rarely.

    Lava Arrow: an arrow which creates lava blocks where ever it lands. It cannot be collected afterwards.
    Crafting: (makes 1)
    :Lava: (a bucket of lava)
    ]" title="-<->" />

    Lava Golem
    Spawn: In the nether, above a lake of lava
    Area/Lair: a 2 block tall tower made of diamond ore. It's on a 3*3 island in the middle of the lake. The blocks are surrounded on all sides by torches, and the boss is summoned if any of the torches break.
    It would look a bit like this:
    [] :--+: []
    :--+: :DORE: :--+:
    :--+: :DORE: :--+:
    Drop: Lava Suit
    Appearance: A golem made of lava, three blocks tall. He can walk and move around freely.
    Entrance: Jumps out of the lake of lava.
    Special: Immune to lava and being set on fire. Whenever he steps on a block, it's ignited. This can be problematic in the nether.

    Charge: jumps at you, just like any other charge attack
    Lava Ball: He gives you the same amount of warning a ghast gives you before launching a fireball at you. However, when this fireball hits anything, it explodes like a ghast's fireball, but all netherrack (only netherrack) blocks it would destroy are instead converted to lava blocks. He uses this move very rarely. You can reflect it like a ghast's fireball, but it doesn't hurt him.

    Drop: Lava Suit
    Crafting: build a chest piece out of netherrack (actually, it may be a complete set)
    While wearing this suit, whenever you would be set on fire, it loses one armor point (half an icon) immediately, but the fire goes out, harmless. any damage you would recieve from standing in fire or lava is converted into damage straight to the armor, not to you. It has the durability of iron.

    Destiny Whale
    This boss only works if the aether gets implemented:

    Spawn: anywhere on land in the aether
    Area/Lair: a random island, with an adminium statue of it.
    Drop: Leap Balloon
    Appearance: a very large (larger than normal) aerwhale, possibly with some texture effect, like light blue flames
    Entrance: It's a statue made of adminum, until you jump on its back, at which point you are held in place as it turns into the boss, and flies away, with you on its back. From here, it just flies in circles.
    Special: Don't know how hard this will be to program, but as it flies around, it could make sharp turns, which could push you around with semi-realistic momentum. In other words, it tries to shake you off.
    If you fall off its back, and somehow survive, it will despawn, and the statue of it will reappear.
    You can only damage the aerwhale by hitting its head, and it has tons of hitpoints (Maybe five times as many as other bosses)
    If you kill it, it will whimper, and slowly drift down before disappearing. You can still stand on it while it's falling. This could leave you very far away from where you started, but hey, you survived.

    During the battle, all aerwhales are hostile, and will try to attack you with a charge attack (they damage you if they touch you). However, they're slower than the destiny whale, so they don't bother you for very long. And you can kill them.
    Flying pigs will randomly spawn on the aerwhale's back, and will attack you. This deals no damage, but it pushes you away, which could be lethal if you fall off the whale's back.

    Drop: Leap Balloon
    :Teal: :Teal: :Teal:
    :Teal: [] :Teal:
    :Teal: :Teal: :Teal:
    ( :Teal: is floatsand)
    When activated, it's destroyed, and you leap up very far, breaking through any blocks weaker than redstone. This will always take you to the height limit of the map. You can then glide down peacefully at a 45 degree angle to the ground. This can be a good way to get very far in relative safety, jump over lava or canyons, climb to the top of a mountain, safely fall down from a cliff, or just to get a really awesome view.

    Credit: Regim912
    (this boss also only occurs in the aether)
    (for those who don't know, a cryomancer is an ice wizard.)

    Spawn: anywhere on land in the aether
    Area/Lair: a castle made of ice. Underneath the castle is a massive pool of water, right below the floor. You'll see why.
    Drop: Light suit (this probably won't be the actual drop. It's just temporary for now.
    Appearance: pyromancer, except blue and white.
    Entrance: Jumps out of a pool of water in the castle, which freezes instantly.
    Special: If he ever steps on a water block, it instantly changes into an ice block.

    Freeze Arrow: he aims this arrow at water blocks. if he hits, the water block, and any water blocks around it, become an ice blocks
    Melt arrow: he aims this arrow at the ice block directly beneath your feet. If it hits you or an ice block, that block (or the one directly beneath you) turns into a water block. This can force you to be trappped underneath the castle, drowning.
    Ice Arrow: this arrow he aims at you. It deals decent damage and slows you down for a little while.

    Drop: Light suit (just an idea)
    Crafting: build any armor piece out of lightstone. This is found in the nether, but you need to go to the nether to get to the aether.
    It basically glows with intensity proportional to the number of armor points it gives you. Notch has said this is impossible, but as is well known, this mod did it:

    Please Leave suggestions, especially ways to improve upon the current bosses. New ones are good too, but unless they're all really well thought out, it's just a bunch of useless ideas. If you do have a new boss idea, don't just list a name. Give as much info as you can come up with. It would be great if you could follow the boss template I used above, but if not, not a big deal.

    OH, and herobrine's been suggested already. If notch wants him, he'll put him in. I will not add him to this post.

    And please, this thread is about boss ideas. If you have a cool idea for a drop, but have no boss to go with it, this is probably the wrong place. Doesn't mean it's a bad idea, but it's not a boss idea.

    Also, I'm trying to keep all bosses unique, so, for example, only one boss will be accompanied by a swarm of weak mobs. That boss is the necromancer. It may seem cool, but it removes almost all the strategy in the battle. A horde of creepers is an overpowered, broken mechanic. it would completely remove everything interesting in the battle, and it totally misses the point of creepers.

    I'm also trying to avoid any sort of mind-control item, because I find them to be overpowered. They're cool, but only as a mod that some people can leave out of their game. You point it at a hostile mob. That mob dies, you get a minion, and that minion fights more mobs. Further, they're annoying. You don't want to have to navigate a network of tunnels with a creeper bumping in to you.

    I read everything that goes on in this thread. If I don't get back to you when you suggest a boss, no offense, but your idea has problems. It's either over complicated, hard to program, outright silly, or redundant to a boss that's already posted.

    I would much prefer you suggested ways to improve on the current bosses than suggest new ones.

    And here's the support banner, courtesy of r42xer I would really appreciate any support you give this thread by adding it to your signature.


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