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    Quote from chriskalos »
    Hey telekrus, let me tell you something, Minecraft is a game with no goal. It doesn't start, it doesn't end, it has no storyline or purpose. It's just a sandbox game. So it can't have bosses. Bosses are in the most games that have a storyline or purpose. It can't have bosses because:
    1. It's a sandbox game.
    2. It has no storyline or purpose.
    3. What could the bosses be? A giant creeper or a huge zombie?
    4. There is no reason Minecraft should have bosses.

    Maybe anyone who likes this suggestion or you telekrus, make it a mod and put it as a Mapping and Modding Topic.
    Then I'd love to download it and try it.


    I should probably stop replying to trolls, but here goes my now over used response:

    try reading next time.
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    Quote from jonS90 »

    Has anyone seen these sand worms in the movie series Tremors? I thought it would be cool to have a "sandburrower" monster that dominates a desert biome. You can watch it travel just under the surface because it kicks up dust. If you walk on the sand, it senses your movement and comes after you. Once it reaches your feet, it jumps up and tries to swallow you. If you lay down stone to stand on, you'll be safe from it.

    so, it's the wurm, except with "sand" in its title.
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    Quote from Unspoken »
    I guess the "Holy Symbol" wouldn't work very well in Multiplayer. Night would cease to exist.

    only if the server hands out free gold and diamonds.
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    Quote from enjoiez »
    I'm not to sure if this was mentioned or not but i think once a boss drops an item instead of it being an unique drop and can't be crafted (like a saddle in a dungeon) , it should be unlocked and can then be crafted via the recipe. This would mean that once you acquire a boss drop , you wouldn't feel that you can't really use it because you are never likely to acquire it again. There could even be an boss drop unlock checklist with recipes for people who want to get them all. Also when a boss drops an item instead of it just falling on the floor like a mob drop, it should leave a block with the item encased in glass which would then pop out once you crack it open. Just some ideas.

    not only was it mentioned, it's explained in detail numerous times throughout the post.
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    Quote from utakataJ6 »
    To NEVERCROFT's post:

    I really don't know how I feel about it, but this is a fairly legit boss which obviously encompassed a large amount of thought. Also, i don't think it's broken, and i think it's codeable. Finally, the dreamer's sanctum is a fascinating idea.

    At any rate, surely this amount of thought deserves more than a page-length quote followed by "****ING STUPID," Bu, which surprises me considering the amount of effort put into your opening post.

    wait, what? are you talking to me? I didn't say anything.
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    Quote from Takaoldaria »
    I can easily see how battles will start and play.

    When the player enters the "boss room", the camera zooms on where the boss is or will appear. During the entrance, the camera rotates around the boss, who will roar at the end of his animation, making the camera suddenly zooms out with a blur effect.

    Control will then return to the player, but with a twist: camera will forcefully switch to third person, "locking on" to the boss (if the player moves, camera will rotate around the baddie).

    When the boss is defeated, the camera zooms on to the boss again, who dies by bursting in black flames and other things depending on the boss (spiders for the spider queen, you see?) and drops his item.

    Camera returns to first person and control is given back to the player.

    What do you think about that?

    see my response to the cutscene idea.
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    Quote from Umbra75 »
    Hey, I just wanna say, I love your idea almost 100%, what I do not mention I have no problems with and likely love, unfortunatley, I have a few things to point out and wish to share my view;

    "There will be around 1 boss every 500 chunks at most."

    500 really is a liiittle bit too much, I'm not saying make them way easier to find, but 500 is way too rare.

    "Some people who really like bosses (eat911) thinks that after you kill all the bosses in a world, you should be able to find them again. Any opinions on this would be welcome."

    I'm with him, I would love to fight these bosses again, I think that killing all of them is too much to be able to fight that one favourite though, I mean, take in to consideration the rarity of the bosses, the fact that you may not be able to ever find a large enough biome to fight some of those bosses, so I could for example be wandering for miles and miles (And I have done) searching for a desert that I never find, just so I can re play that one boss I loved! Instead I think bosses should be able to be fought wherever you find their homes, even if you've killed that boss previously in a different location.

    Winged Boots: "jump two blocks high and glide"

    Love the jumping, dislike the gliding, after all, we are having mountable flying mobs soon with luck.

    Earth Monster: "Appearance: think "cave troll" from lord of the rings"

    My issue is with his attack of "arrows", if he is a troll, he is hardly going to be able to hold a bow without crushing it, let alone letting his chubby fingers fire it, so I propose throwing small to large rocks instead.

    Power Pick: "all identical blocks linked to it to break"

    I kinda like the idea, but I'd prefer something different, imagine like the TNT explosion radius sphere, I'm not saying blow the places up where you mine, but when you mine on rock and only rocks, so not wool etc, depending on the durability of that kind of rock it should break down more of the surrounding rocks in that TNT sphere shape, the higher the durability, the lower the sphere range, understand? However, when mining obsidian, the sphere range shouldn't exist, it should act like you are mining with the highest ever durability pickaxe, but I also think the mining should be a bit slower, not to make it god likey simple, after all, where is the fun then?

    Drop Drill

    I'd rather the Power Pick but with my modifications and anymore that can be thought.

    Sand Blaster

    ..In all honesty I find it a rather useless idea, I mean I'd rather just use a bow and arrow which i'm deadly enough with already without having to have sand around to make it any good to have arrows fly in random directions and hit things I don't want it to, so sorry, but no.

    Wurm Arrow

    Love the idea of an arrow like that, not a fan of the crafting, I mean, it hardly seems "Aero dynamic", if you could think of something special and give some reason to making three pieces of iron now light weight enough to fly across a map, then sure, or if you can change the recipe to make it more believable and less easy to make, sure, but till then, no, sorry again.

    Ice Skates

    I prefer your idea, eats idea is too fantasy, next we will be making spells to summon lava from the ground to burn down forests and watching Creepers flee for their lives, more gimmicky then realistic.

    Giant slime: "There are already torches located around the cavern when you come in"

    I'm not sure, but last I checked slimes didn't have the intelligence to mine coal, chop wood, make sticks, make torches, then even have the hands to put them up, so I suggest the bottom of the ground be made of obsidian, yet with 1x1 holes in the ground, then one layer down beneath the obsidian is a large pool of lava, this would make it more difficult and a strategy would be to try lure the smaller slimes down the holes while the larger ones simpley skip over them, yet at the same time the lava will light up the room entirely.

    Slime tools: "when they break, drop slime balls equal to the # of slime balls you used to craft them"

    Slime isn't solid, I suggest that you lose at least one of the slime balls used to make the tool, to represent the slime that is lost by bashing away at things.

    Hang on, I will post more in a second, I've got to be right back and my internet may die.

    Bosses should be rare. It's more satisfying if you have to go on adventures to find them, rather than have them all within a days stroll from your spawn point.

    I'm still not sure what I think about the boss respawning. I guess I'm fine with anything as long as a) you're not forced to find the same boss twice when you want to fight a variety, since there's no great reward for that, and :cool.gif: the battles don't take place in some sort of "alternate dimension".

    A mob that you hope will be added soon isn't a good reason to dislike something.

    I kind of used "arrows" because they're the only projectile currently in minecraft that mobs use. I guess something like a grey snowball (stone) would be better.

    Your powerpick paragraph is very hard to understand. All I'm getting from is it is you want the pick to explode when you break a rock. Ever tried mining with a stick of dynamite? it doesn't turn out very well.

    I'm not sure about the sand blaster. It might be a "don't like, don't use" thing.

    maybe to the slimes. The torches were more for dramatic effect. Realism isn't a big factor in a world where obsidian is stronger than diamond.

    If you lose slime over time, you'd run out of slime balls pretty quickly, and it would become useless. It's pretty hard making them not useless in the first place: it's not like your concerned about running out of stone.
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    Quote from djpokeboy »
    Awesome idea! As soon as i started reading i just imagined my minecrafter wlaking forward a few blocks, Then having my controls frozen, As a cutscene plays.

    The cutscene could have the view swoop back from your character as he slowly walks forward, Then quickly pan to the air where the wyvern flies in -Accompanied by some epic music and a roar from the bird- Then it swoops down and the camera zooms out as it lands and a bar sweeps across reading "Boss: WYVERN". He then makes a final roar, and the camera flies back behind your minecrafter and zooms into his head quickly as it turns back to the first person view, The words "FIGHT!" would appear and your controls will be unlocked, starting the battle.

    Epic enough? Maybe the words could actually be shouted by announcer style voice!
    Anyways tell me what you think. :biggrin.gif:

    no. sorry, no. No cutscenes. Cutscenes make you feel like you're playing the way the game expect you to, not the way you want to. In minecraft, there should be nothing separating you from your avatar. That means no cutscenes, and definitely no flashing titles or announcers. Fighting bosses should feel like you discovered something, not like your moving along a plot line.
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    Quote from Spehss Mahreen »
    One thing, if I'm strip-mining an area, lets say because I wanna build a mob trap, then I suddenly encounter a room with a boss in it or whatever, then it obstructs gameplay, because now I need to kill the boss/remove the goddamn room to build my mob tower.
    Therefore, this would be better as a mod, not an actual addition to gameplay.

    move away from the boss lair without triggering the fight, and build your mob trap a couple blocks over.
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    Quote from TheMMM »
    Personally, I think that when you kill a boss, it drops a chest filled with items rather then having their own unique item drops. It doesn't make sense if you can suddenly craft an item after obtaining it. A way that could make sense is if, rather than simply dropping their item, the bosses drop both their item and instructions on how to craft the item. When Steve gets the instructions, he "learns" how to craft them, so he can't just craft them at the beginning. That will make more sense, although I think that the chest drop is a better idea.

    The holy symbol that the Necromancer drops is really overpowered. I think that the holy symbol shouldn't skip the time to dawn when used at night, and it should be only be able to be used once. That'll make it less overpowered.

    I have a suggestion for the "Curse of the Creeper" boss. It would be annoying if the Creeper disappears right when you hit it, and you would have to wait before it would appear. Instead, the Creeper shouldn't disappear the instant you hit it. Instead, when you start the battle with it, after getting hit 3-4 times, the Creeper should run out of the dungeon and start hiding. After 1-2 Minecraft days, the Creeper would start going after you. He should be able to break through wooden doors so you can't hide in your house. Think of it as a slasher movie, but in Minecraft.

    Edit: I noticed an error I made in the first paragraph in this post, so I fixed it.

    Here's a brief comparison between the holy symbol... and a bed.

    Holy symbol:
    Pros: Turns time to day, kills all hostile mobs

    Pros: turns time to day, makes all hotile mobs disappear, free
    cons: you have to be in a safe place to use it.

    Get it? The holy symbol is an expensive bed that lets you run around collecting gunpowder, bones, string, arrows, and feathers afterwards. Still, you're paying 4 gold and a diamond for each use.

    And as to your first paragraph: when you beat the boss, you learn to make the item. You could imagine that you carefully looked at the item to figure out how to make it, or gained some magical power, that the boss dropped instructions, that the instructions came to you in a dream, that a pig taught you how to make it, or whatever you want. It doesn't make a difference.

    Yes, I know the curse of the creeper is like a slasher movie. I designed it that way. Your suggestion wouldn't work: what if the player knew the creeper was coming and sealed it in the temple before it spawned? Also, it's easier and much scarier to allow it to spawn in the light than to have it tear at your door.
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    Quote from MaskedN6732 »
    If I could add this idea, i think that this would fight a boss again without having to go find it again.

    Boss Logs

    These would be craftable items that would allow the player to select the boss they
    want to fight again from a list of all bosses they have fought.

    Like so:

    :obsidian: :Diamond: :obsidian:
    :Diamond: :bookshelf: :Diamond:
    :obsidian: :Diamond: :obsidian:
    ( :bookshelf:= Book)
    The item would be a black & red book with a skull on it. Press right-click while holding it to use. Infinite uses.

    Using It

    A list would come up with all the bosses the player has fought. Clicking on one of them would transport you to the boss's
    lair. The surrounding area is walled off by fog.


    -Curse of The Creeper: Would be transported back after hit/explosion, and will go as normal. :SSSS:
    -Player death: Will be transported back to spawn as normal
    -The area in which the boss fight IS NOT part of the normal world
    - The Log is not in the inventory during the fight. If you die, the log would appear where you teleported.
    - You may cancle the rematch, but you may NOT resume it.
    -If you die, the items you had are gone forever.
    -As you said before, the bosses you have beaten would not spawn again.

    Please leave constructive critisim and feedback.


    The only problem is that the bosses should be part of the normal world. Especially the curse of the creeper, but all of the bosses should feel like they naturally exist in the world, not just isolated events. This encourages a sense of freedom.
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    Quote from archerofthesun »
    My criticism:
    I don't think their drops should be craftable, as it could be a really good incentive for boss fighting (similar to the way that many items found in dungeons are ONLY found in dungeons). Drops could be USED IN crafting though. I don't like the way it gives you an ability, instead it drops the thing it would normally give the ability to?
    I think you have to be really good to be able to mix mossy cobblestoe ad glass for somethig cool, but Notch could do it :biggrin.gif:
    Also, how are you going to get up there?
    Earth Monster:
    Maybe it should do some sort of digging entrance or attack, since it's an EARTH monster:
    The drill seems a bit powerful... I think it should be rarer than the power drill and eventually break (endurance of an iron tool)
    I love H.P. Lovecraft!!!!!!!!!! (I blurb only once :tongue.gif:) Cthulhu shoud be a large humanoidish, dark sea green, tentacle mouthed, dragon winged, alien creature tha is totally ****ign awesome! I like the diver helmet alot.
    Sand Wyvern:
    The wing beat is (hopefully) pretty weak and can be (nearly) negated by running towards it, ad is more powerful towards the source. The sand blaster is cool, but the chain reaction is not so cool.
    The ice skates are awesome, don't make it create ice, though, because that would drain fun from the ocean. Losing durability should also be from falling (like boots).
    I really like the entrance and special, but slime tools are bad... Instead it could drop a mini-slime (1x1) that follows (but doesn't push) you,and is simlar to wolves, but way cooler looking, it gets healed when you feed it slime balls, and it gets stronger when you feed it cake/cookies/(future candies)
    Instead of a Holy Symbol, it should drop a Moon/Dark Symbol, that raises a zombie when used (and has durability like a fishing pole), and the zombie simply fights all hostile mobs and wears a different colored shirt, otherwise its health, speed, ad other attributes would remain the same. The necromancer should also have the ability to shoot weak fireballs (with semi-awful aim)
    Dark Knight:
    No weapon? I agree that's a pretty crappy name :tongue.gif: I like the bat idea, especially the armor ditch.
    Curse of the Creeper:
    Bit powerful, I like the difficulty changing the boss. Lapis Lazuli shouldn't be used in place of uranium. On easy/normal the curse shouldn't spawn in well-lit areas. To remind the user that it's there, they should be green (like a further curse) and similar to a creeper.
    Love the maze! Just like the story of [insert greek hero i can't remember rght not] perfect.
    Like it... maybe a slight cyborg? REALLY like the tnt disarmer!
    Squids shouldn't be hostile, only hostile/neutral mobs would be hostile. The trident shouldn't make water to ice.
    I like the idea, but the dagger should have another use.
    Maybe more like Cthulhu, bu with fire-theme, more humanoid, and thinner.
    Lava Golem:
    Like the lava set. Maybe instead of ignition it would leave a lava trail that would only go back a few blocks before disappearing. Maybe an attack that uses the trail as a throw? (weak idea...)
    That was a lot... I didn't do the Aether bosses, because I believe that the Aether shouldn't be difficult, but be a reward for hard work. Plus, it may never be implemented.

    I read the first clause after the word "all", saw that you obviously didn't read the thread carefully enough, and stopped reading.
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    Quote from Azaraphale14 »
    i like your basic principal, but as I have have said time and time again, without the ability to place/destroy blocks it becomes more like one of the challenges one would see in the beta survival forums. I can see why you would think that it would make it too easy for people to hide in their little hovels so try this on for size: you can only place and destroy certain blocks. these blocks have a certain durability that can be destroyed by mobs a few blocks at a time. (think zombies or spiders, since creepers do more damage and skeletons would have a logical reason to be destroying your walls.) Thus way people could build a shelter out of materials such as wood but still have to go out and defend their shelter or it will be destroyed rapidly.

    Also how would you build a workbench or a furnace without destroying some blocks? seems that you would have a hard time getting weapons and tools without those things. Unless you want to be ANOTHER "manly" challenge.

    EDIT: and I think TNT should be able to placed because it provides another creative way for the user to defend themselves. Remember part of the fun of any survival horror game is the ability to be creative in how you survive. This especially applies to minecraft. I mean sure you could jut sit in you house all day, but with never ending night that wouldn't be very fun now would it?

    you're trying to complicate it too much. If people can't place blocks, they're forced to keep moving. Building a shelter just makes is easier to survive, and I'm pretty sure block-destroying-mobs would be hard to code. Better to just make the player keep moving and exploring the world in order to survive.

    And you can destroy blocks. You just can't place them. breaking and crafting aren't affected. You can still make tools. For example, you will still have to seek out and cut down trees, which you then process into planks, then into sticks, then into tools. And if you could place TNT, you could potentially use it to keep monsters out, and that's what I'm trying to avoid. I mean, why would you really need to use TNT anyway? to make landmines? you're not going to be staying in one place long enough for that. To put somewhere, punch it, and run away? won't make much difference: it's not like that will kill every monster around you. It's better to just remove TNT.
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    Quote from gayoso »
    It sounds intresting, but you said Ghasts sometimes appear in the normal world, so I guess you imply there's a nether world as well. How do you get to it if you can't place blocks?

    And there should be an objective, something that makes you want to go out and fight. I love explornig caves on hard mode because there's monsters everywhere, but if there wasn't the incentive of finding ores it wouldn't be the same. I like just going out at night some times to kill stuff but the fun of that wears off quick.

    well, if Notch adds hunger, that would be a good reason to go out, but the main reason is this: you installed the mod. What's the point if you're just going to cower in your semi-protected cave all day... erm... night... erm... forever? it basically turns Minecraft into a horror game. You make your own goals from there.

    and that's a good point about the nether. The only way to do it without placing obsidian requires a bucket, but you can't place a furnace to make iron... The actual going to the nether isn't very important, since the normal world is just as scary, but the inability to smelt iron means you can't make any tools better than stone.

    How about this: you can place furnaces and work benches, but if a hostile mob so much as touches them, they're destroyed instantly.
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    Quote from Alcat1 »
    Interesting concept you have here. What if you added something simple, like a duck or a mushroom, to be something actually quite evil, so it would freak the player out when they see a flaming black chicken chasing them.

    I'm trying to keep it simple: no new features will really be added. It only changes premade features.
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