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    No. Not by a long shot. (The heck is up with the font?) Anyways, at that rate, I'd recommend at least half a gig for every two players you plan to support. Again, it all depends on what kind of plugins you plan to use. More intensive things like the FeedTheBeast pack will make the requirements much higher.
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    I understand that and I'm not trying to hate on you or put you down, I'm simply stating the facts as to why servers are typically not free to host. I am unaware of any service that will host servers for 100% free. Also, your language, grammar, and temper do nothing to help persuade people to host a serve for you.
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    Here's the thing. Servers cost time and money. If you ever find one that is for free, it's probably a scam. Server owners have to invest time and money into keeping them up. Not to mention the fact that most consumers (re: average people) don't own super ultra efficient computers that are up to spec to run even a small minecraft server. Electricity is not cheap, neither is the time required to ensure that backups are taken care of and that a plan is in place incase of power failure or other natural disaster. I speak from experience, I used to run a minecraft server from my home. While it was a blast, it's just not something that I can support at this time, and I think you'd have to be insane to offer to host a server for a stranger for free.
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    Done. Did you make it or did your prof make the questions? Some of them would have made more sense to be split up. For example, the "Security" section is different for just about every service listed.
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    Quote from The_Beguiler

    Hey, I been trying to make a texture pack that gives you clearer water. I tried removing the opacity in GIMP and getting water from other texture packs and putting that in the default look of Minecraft but nothing has worked. Could anyone make a texture pack that has the default look of Minecraft but with clearer water? Thx in advance.

    I think it's a OpenGL Fill in the codebase, which means you need a mod like Opti-Fine to remove it, or create one yourself.
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    Try assigning more ram to Minecraft itself, it only uses 1GB by default.
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    posted a message on Minecraft modding with Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA
    I'm glad you all are finding it useful! I definitely like IDEA better for non-Swing development, but Eclipse is still my favorite Swing GUI Builder.

    Quote from RossRKK

    Thanks for the help!

    Do you have any idea how to do it with forge?

    For forge (And any other framework) You follow the same procedure as linking the libraries like we did for LWJGL, although, as TorelTwiddler pointed out, MCP has a special "lib" folder, which is automatically included when you are recompiling/reobfuscating your mod, and it's easiest to simply add this folder to the Dependencies List. I'll update the tutorial later this week when I have time.
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    posted a message on [WIP][Benchmark][1.4.7] Minebench - Benchmarking Tool
    Minebench - The Benchmarking Mod for Minecraft
    Release Version: N/A
    Latest Build (MC 1.4.7): v0.1_alpha

    Minebench is a benchmarking utility for Minecraft designed to find the average FPS and running time of commonly encountered scenarios in Minecraft. It currently consists of a few basic tests, but is designed in a way that it can be easily expanded.

    Developer's Note: I work on Minebench in my spare time. If you have any ideas on improving/expanding Minebench, feel free to share them! The current state of the mod is not representative of my vision, and as such I have marked it as alpha. If someone feels inclined to make a title and/or signature banner, I'd appreciate it! I'm not much of an artist :D

    Install Instructions
    Please make sure that you are starting with a fresh copy of Minecraft. If in doubt, force an update from the launcher. Install Minebench like any other mod, making sure to delete the "META-INF" folder inside of minecraft.jar. Only one benchmark can be run per Minecraft instance, this ensures that you don't accidentally overwrite your previous benchmark results.

    • First public build: v0.1_alpha

    The Tests

    System Information

    This test gathers basic, non-identifying information about your system such as the Java Version and OS information, including the amount of memory available to Minecraft. This test is timed. Disregard the average FPS from this test.

    Minecraft Information

    This test simply copies your Minecraft options. Disregard the average FPS and running time from this test.

    World Generation

    This test creates a new creative world with a random seed. This test is timed. Disregard the Average FPS from this test.

    Post World Generation

    This test calculates the Average FPS over 15 seconds immediately after the world has finished being generated. Disregard the running time from this test.

    General Movement

    This test calculates the Average FPS over 60 seconds, allowing you to move around. It is suggested that you do normal Minecraft actions during this time, like digging and placing blocks, or exploring to generate new chunks. Disregard the running time from this test.

    Block Placement

    This test creates a hallow 50x50x15 obsidian box with no top that the remaining tests are performed in. After creation, you will be teleported inside to observe the remaining tests.

    Entity Count

    This test is performed in three variations, small, medium, and large. This set of tests spawns entities and calculates the average FPS over 10 Seconds. Their sizes are: Small: 200 entities, Medium: 500 entities, Large: 1000 entities. Disregard the running time from these tests

    Particle Tests

    These tests, similar to Entity count, spawn a number of particles in front of the player. Small: 10000 particles, Medium: 20000 particles, Large: 30000 particles. A 10 second wait is performed between tests to allow the particles to disparate. Disregard running time from these tests.

    After the benchmark completes, you will be returned to the main menu, and the testing world will be deleted. The file "mb.txt" will be created in your minecraft directory with the results of your benchmark. For example, on my laptop:

    [SystemInformation] Average FPS: 35, Running Time: 0ms
    java.version: 1.7.0_13
    java.vendor: Oracle Corporation
    os.name: Windows 7
    os.arch: amd64
    os.version: 6.1
    Cores: 4
    Free Mem: 454543960
    Max Mem: 954466304
    Total Mem: 514523136
    [MinecraftSettings] Average FPS: 35, Running Time: 1ms
    [GenNewWorld] Average FPS: 35, Running Time: 9734ms
    [PostGenWorld] Average FPS: 28, Running Time: 15003ms
    [General Movement] Average FPS: 35, Running Time: 60000ms
    [Block Placement] Average FPS: 32, Running Time: 1858ms
    [EntitySmall] Average FPS: 13, Running Time: 10000ms
    [EntityMedium] Average FPS: 6, Running Time: 10001ms
    [EntityLarge] Average FPS: 2, Running Time: 10000ms
    [ParticleSmall] Average FPS: 33, Running Time: 1001ms
    [ParticleMedium] Average FPS: 53, Running Time: 1000ms
    [ParticleLarge] Average FPS: 54, Running Time: 1004ms
    [Cleanup] Average FPS: 54, Running Time: 255ms

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    posted a message on Minecraft modding with Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA
    I have been having some fun with JetBrain's IntelliJ Idea recently, and am starting to like it more than my old-favorite Eclipse. I didn't want to create an account on the MCP wiki, so I'm posting the tutorial here in the hopes that others can skip the hour or two of frustration that I experienced whilst trying to get this working.

    Please Note: This tutorial assumes that you know how to setup an MCP working-directory along with platform-specific file/folder conventions.

    After setting up the directory that your project resides in, it's time to fire up IDEA (I am using IDEA 12 with a modified Darcula theme). Begin by creating a new project:

    The next step is important. We will specify the location of the project as the location of the directory we setup MCP in. Make the content root the src/ subfolder, and put the module in the .idea/ directory (Automagically created):

    Click next and ignore the next Dialog (regarding Groovy). Once your project is open, we need to mark the Source root. Expand the src/ folder in the IDE and right click on Minecraft. Select Mark Directory As > Source Root:

    Now, we can add the required libraries to the classpath. Go to File > Project Structure (or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S). Select Modules and go to the Dependencies tab. Click the Green Plus button and select Jars or Directories. In the popup, brows to the directory of your project, and select the Libraries located in jars/bin (jinput.jar, lwjgl.jar, lwjgl_util.jar, minecraft.jar <important>) and click OK. Your Dependencies should now look like this:

    Select OK. The final step is to create a Run Configuration. Select Run > Edit Run Configurations. Click on the Green Plus and select Application:

    Give it a name. Set the Main Class to Start.java (Click on the elipsis on the right and type in Start, it should be the first result). IMPORTANT: In VM Options, add the following: -Djava.library.path=bin/natives. Set the working Directory to the jars/ subdirectory of the project. Click OK to save it:

    The configuration should be selected next to the Green "Run" icon in IDEA. Click run and everything should compile and run!

    And that's it! After you make your changes, you follow the standard MCP procedure of recompile and reobfuscate! (I haven't tried yet, but I'm pretty sure you can link these tools to IDEA also). Happy Coding!
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    posted a message on Firework Giving
    It would have to be a plugin. From what I understand, Fireworks have their own NBT Tags (not damage values) to specify type (Kind of like metadata).
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    posted a message on IceCraft (A Mindcrack Inspired Server)

    Minecraft Name-techwiz24
    Age- 16
    Youtube Channel Link-http://www.youtube.com/techwiz24
    Skype Name-none, don't trust Micro$oft
    What are you good at in Minecraft (your specialty)-Somewhat technical (pistons/redstone) and buildings that have purpose
    Why do you want to join?-Looking for a new home server (old one disappeared one day :( )
    Do you watch Mindcrack?-As in Etho,Guude etc? Yes
    Anything Else? No, not really.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.3 - Trading - DON'T ADD IT
    Quote from Kholdstare

    And then the man, overwhelmed with the cheese vendor's stupidity, exploded.

    Men! There are creepers among us!

    Also, MeatBoy, calm down. It's a game in active development, changes are going to happen. Repeating "oh noez, dey be addin teh elementys of teh RPGZZZZ, its knot minecrap anymorez!" doesn't help your argument in any way, shape or form. How 'bout you support your argument with details like how this negatively impacts the minecraft experience, what was so good about it before it was added, and what direction you would like to see it improve in? And if you're so pro as to even think you should be able to dictate what gets added and what doesn't, why don't you apply for a job position and fix this whole issue, and spare everyone over the age of 8 the time. Or just learn java and hack fix it.
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    posted a message on [Unsolved] Coding problems
    Create a callback in the projectile entity. Basically, in your code for your custom projectile (a subclass of entity) there should be some sort of method to handle collisions (especially with entities). From there, you should be able to get the collided entity and apply the potion affect.
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    posted a message on Are there any tutorials on how to make a new dimension?
    Dimension d = new Dimension(800,600);

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