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    JourneyMap for Minecraft
    with support for the JourneyMap API


    How to Install:


    Mod Spotlight:

    See http://journeymap.info/ for information about how to install and use this mod, complete release notes, rules about inclusion in modpacks, translation, technical support, etc.

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    A suggestion: Host your mod on CurseForge (http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/create). That way you can link it here easily with a widget in your post with \[mod\]mod-url-on-curseforge\[\/mod], get Curse Premium for free, and sign up for their Rewards Program. It will also make it easy for modpack makers on FTB or Curse or ATL to pull your mod when it's updated - and you get RP points for every download.

    A second suggestion: Use CurseForge's issue tracker (or link to your own on GitHub/Bitbucket/wherever) so that people can report issues there instead of here.

    And on that point, I've gotten a bug report that your mod is doing something to break (disable) JourneyMap's minimap. The minimap draws on RenderGameOverlayEvent (priority = EventPriority.NORMAL). Make sure you don't cancel that event, because you'll break a lot of mods that also have overlays. Testing with other mods in 1.9 is really easy now. Assuming you're running a standard ForgeGradle dev environment, you can just drop JM's jar (download: http://tinyurl.com/jmfiles ) into your /run/mods folder and use it while running/debugging in your IDE.


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    Quote from MOREgaming590»

    Well to be fair, he did need help.
    Also, worlds do have a UID. This is why, in a Minecraft server with Multiverse, importing a copy of a world won't work unless you delete the UID in the copy, resulting in it creating a new one when you import it.
    Unless the suggestion is asking for an improvement for UIDs.

    I think this suggestion should probably be locked.

    No, vanilla Minecraft servers do not have a UID. The uid.dat file isn't a vanilla thing, it's a Multiverse thing. Please don't toss misinformation on this topic and muddy the waters.

    And a Multiverse-enabled server doesn't tell the client a world UID. The whole point of this topic is *telling the client* a UID.

    If you don't want to read a topic carefully enough to understand, fine. Don't call for it to be locked, just move along.
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    Quote from oldmiow»

    What a nice mod!

    Hope 1.8.8 version will come soon.

    JourneyMap 5.1.3 for Minecraft 1.8.8 is in Beta!
    Beta downloads are here: http://tinyurl.com/jmfiles
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    JourneyMap Client/Server 5.1.1 for Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 and 1.8
    (Released November 17, 2015)

    Help and Technical Support:

    • Bugs and feedback should be reported on the Espernet IRC channel #journeymap.
    • If you don't have an IRC client, you can use your web browser to join #journeymap, but use of a proper IRC client like HexChat or IrcCloud is recommended.
    • Stay connected and be patient. The pace of IRC depends on who is available. Sometimes it's more like waiting for an email, sometimes it's more like a chat room.
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    Quote from abrachoo»

    Great mod, but would it be possible to maybe add an option to increase the distance you can zoom out in the fullscreen map? I have a big world, and would like to see it in it's entirety.

    I have plans to do so, but it will take a change in architecture that I haven't gotten to yet.

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    JourneyMap Client 5.1.0 for Minecraft Forge 1.7.10
    Released July 1, 2015

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    Quote from EzerArch»
    A small bug: JM creates blank 2D icons for all GalacticraftCore's mobs except Alien Villagers. I created one (villager.png) and put in the right path (\2D\galacticraftcore\textures\model) and the mod still refuses to use it.

    A suggestion: instead of having a key to switch day map and another to switch night map, there could be a key to toggle on and off "follow the day-night cycle", and another key to switch between day and night map.

    Check out the mob icons created by another user for Galacticraft, linked on this page: http://journeymap.techbrew.net/help/wiki/Custom_Mob_Icon_Sets

    I used to have the map automatically switch from day to night and people complained bitterly. :) I intend to make it an option again.

    Quote from Black915»
    How to reduce draw distance from full map?

    JourneyMap 5.1.0 will let you set the exact render distance desired for both surface and cave maps

    Quote from jambox5»
    Hello, I'm using this mod on V1.7.10 of Minecraft, and another mod with it (archemedes Ships) the issue I'm hitting is that both mods use the '=' and '\' keys. I NEVER use the zooming'+/-' or switch map '\' in JourneyMap, so I'm wondering if there is a way I can assign that to different keys? some configuration file or anything like that? thanks -Jambox5

    Minecraft > Options > Controls... lets you change keybindings. Ones shown in red are conflicting with other mods.

    Quote from Deathhekid»
    Since forge is out for 1.8, what's the estimated time until you can complete updating this?
    I've been waiting since around October, and it's taken forever.

    Sorry, no date yet. I have a lot of work to do after 5.1.0 to prepare my codebase for 1.8... I need to support 1.7.10 for a long time in parallel. In the meantime I suggest VoxelMap for 1.8

    Quote from kayila»
    Is there a way to add an icon for custom mobs? There's quite a few in my mod setup which don't have icons in Journeymap and I'd like to put in an icon for a few of them.

    Thanks! This mod looks pretty awesome


    Quote from shad0wman37»
    Hello. First of love your map it's the best I've seen. The one question I have is with the radar. It only shows when people are a couple blocks away from me. I increase the radar radius in the advanced files but nothing seems to have changed, I still see the players only from the same distance mentioned earlier.

    The limit is your game setting's render distance. Players only show up because they're in chunks that the game has loaded from the server.

    Any way you could make it so the large map is able to zoom out further?

    I have plans to do so, probably 5.2ish

    Quote from KiraKun»
    Are Hooks required for custom mobs? i have a custom mob added but it doesnt show on JM

    Right now I'm supporting mobs that extend one of: EntityAnimal.class, EntityGolem.class, EntityWaterMob.class, EntityVillager.class, IMob.class

    If your mob is one of those and still doesn't show up, PM me or talk to me on Espernet IRC #journeymap and we'll figure something out

    Quote from Xanzibaar»
    Love the mod, using it all the time. I have an issue that I have narrowed down to a particular resource pack. It causes all the maps to render black except the entities (trees, mobs etc...) So all land, sea and biome info is black. I have tried deleting the colorpalette.json, as suggested to others who have a similar problem, to no avail.
    The Resource pack is a customised version of Sphax BDCraft that I have for a custom mod pack I have created. I am running the latest version of Journey Map and it only happens when I add or merge one particular patch. I have noticed that the background colours change depending on resource pack used so if I knew what element of a resource pack renders the land sea and biome info, maybe I could correct the issue?
    Keep up the great work and thanks for such a cool mod.

    Try deleting .minecraft/journeymap/colorpalette.json and restarting.

    Quote from cinnacide»
    Using 5.0.1 in FTB Infinity, when I walk under a roof or go into a cave the map goes dark, everything related to "cave" is disabled, clicking Day on the map doesn't do anything, it just goes back to Caves, when I move to a place that has sky the map goes to Day

    Is this a pack issue or what?

    I've seen some chunks not mapping underground in Infinity as well. That appears to be fixed in the alpha version of 5.1.0 I'm currently testing.

    Was curious about the "World Time" displayed on the web map. It appears to set itself to 00:00 at 06:00, then count up to around 18:00. Is there a way to get it to reflect the actual in game time?

    I'll check and see if there's a bug in the Javascript parser. The time passed to the web client is literally:

    time = mc.theWorld.getWorldTime() % 24000L;

    Quote from SyberSmoke»
    As I understand it, JM is a client side mod. So I have a question, why would a computer connecting to a lan game get an error from FML saying it is missing JourneyMap?

    Background: I downloaded the Regrowth modpack and after trying the Atlas...I said screw that and downloaded JM. After a little my son also wanted to play so he got JM and installed it...but his computer is old and so the game started to grind to a halt when it did not befor installing JM. Cool, I disabled the mod. When he tried to connect again after JM was disabled on his computer FML would not let him into the lan game saying a mod was missing, Journey Map.

    As a client side mod, it should not matter. So...is there a reason FML is saying JM is now a required mod for everyone playing?

    Edit: After looking into this and talking with the forge people. It appears JM does not tell forge that it is not required by a client when run on a server like one stared by opening the computer to a lan.

    Thanks for giving me a heads-up. I'll look into a way to tell Forge to behave in a LAN-server situation.

    Quote from MokahTGS»

    Have there been any optimization fixes planned for this mod? The last time I tried it it was crazy laggy and a massive resource hog. Maybe I'm using it wrong, but other minimap mods don't seem to cause the same issues.

    JourneyMap 5.1.0 is almost completely focused on performance improvements for people with older/slower CPUs / CPUs with fewer cores. So far the alpha testing is very promising. I have a tester with a single core laptop that's gone from 5fps to >30fps.

    Quote from HydBird»


    Is it possible to show world time in minimap?

    I'll put it on my todo list :)

    Anyway the large map view could be allowed to zoom out further?

    It's planned for 5.2ish

    Quote from AngleWyrm»

    Love this in-game map!

    Suggestion for further improvement

    Monsters that appear in the minimap are sometimes not on the same level. I'll be walking around the surface, approach the monsters only to discover that the alert communication is false, and that the monsters are some levels beneath me.

    Would it be possible to codify relative height to the player? Perhaps through transparency, greying, dimming, color wash out, or some similar method?

    I've had this request a few times - I'll put it on my list.

    Quote from axIRw»

    I have two feature requests:

    1. Please add a hotkey for toggling in-game visibility of waypoints. Having to go into the waypoint menu to disable them is vey impractical.

    2. I would also love to have a hotkey for the waypoints menu.

    Loving the map so far <3

    Please add your waypoint suggestions to my Waypoint Wishlist .

    Quote from AceOfThorns»

    I had lag problems as well (64bit Win 7, MC1.7.10), even after switching off all the mob labels. A very nice mod, but that laaaaag...

    See my comment above starting with "JourneyMap 5.1.0 is almost completely focused on performance improvements"

    Quote from Juanitoban»

    this mod is betther than other maps mods... but the texture of the map is really bad. the shaders . this is not compatible with different textures. or i can change the texture of the map?

    Try deleting .minecraft/journeymap/colorpalette.json and restarting.

    Quote from Yusunoha»

    this might be a stupid idea, but how about adding a navigation option to journeymap?

    I often travel around the world and end up choosing the difficult route because I go straight to a waypoint, while there's often a much better way to follow.

    I could create several waypoints in journeymap and follow those to get to the waypoint I want to go to, but that really clutters the waypoints and you've to manually add and remove them.

    but what if there was a way to create temporary waypoints that'll show up on your map? you create a new route navigation and choose the begin location and the end location or waypoint you want to travel to which will create a straight line in the map. you'll then be able to add markers onto the map which the navigation line will bend to, you'll be able to add more markers and move the navigation line around.

    now there could be several ways for you to follow the navigation line. you could have the navigation line and markers show up on your map and minimap, or you could have a visible but transparent line show up ingame that you could follow or you could have some sort of arrow point towards the markers you've set. once you've passed a marker it'll automatically be crossed off, but you could be able to save the navigation route and restart it.

    it's pretty much the google maps navigation that I'm thinking about, where you can enter a start and end point and it'll show you a route which you're then able to edit by adding more markers and moving the navigation line around.

    It's not a stupid idea at all. Please add a section for "Routes" to my Waypoint Wishlist so I can think on it some more.

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    Quote from Jupta»

    I've went to the trouble to gone back to the other site mentioned aswell - that i have scanned also.

    Quote from 4rz0»

    As you can guess from the other scanners not finding anything, it's a false positive by ClamAV.
    For more info see https://wordpress.org/support/topic/virus-detected-on-upload .
    I'm sure techbrew can explain why this happens in this case.

    I have no idea what would trigger a virus warning, so out of curiosity I uploaded the current jar from Curse to VirusTotal, which does summary reports across 57 virus scanner databases. It identified my upload as the same jar which I originally posted in December, which proves it hasn't been altered since the release.

    Here's the file profile: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/cf9e8e2ee6d66db00411cee923238b98ec67c377e4daf056953757034f6fe4e2/analysis/

    Out of the 57 reporting virus scan Databases, 56 declare it clean. The 57th one is a database in China (Qihoo-360) that reports "virus.java.evilclass.d". There's no public virus definition of it anywhere that I can find. But there are a lot of people complaining about Qihoo-360 reporting this as a false positive on other files.

    As for the "Potentially Unwanted" flag reported by ClamAV, I have three theories:
    1. ClamAV has cross-referenced Qihoo-360's false positive, but since ClamAV doesn't have a virus definition for it, it just flags the file as a potential problem. (See: http://clamav-du.securesites.net/cgi-bin/clamgrok?virus=virus.java.evilclass.d )
    2. Some modpacks zip up a bunch of mods (obviously), and that may qualify as "Packed" under the PUA definition.
    3. There are also a few Javascript files in the mod, which may qualify as "Script" under the PUA definition.
    These are just guesses on my part. And, just a reminder for anyone reading this:

    Always get the JourneyMap jar from http://journeymap.techbrew.net or Curse.
    Never download it from another site.

    And lets be honest: Modpacks have the ability to give you altered/tampered versions of mods. I haven't heard of it happening, but it is possible. If you're not using a high-profile public Modpack, or you have any reason to feel concerned about what you're getting, you can always download JourneyMap separately and replace the jar that came in the modpack.

    Map safely, people.
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    Quote from Yusunoha»
    would it be possible to have the full screen map show up outside the menu with a configurable transparency?

    the full screen map is helpful for when you're exploring the world to see which areas you've not yet explored, but constantly going in and out of the menu can be a hassle, so if there was a way to view the full screen map outside the menu, with a transparency so you can still see what you're doing that'd be really nice.

    it could ofcourse be turned on and off using a hotkey and you could perhaps still be able to influence the map through the menu, and the transparency could perhaps also be configured through either the menu or hotkeys

    What you're describing can be accomplished by configuring one of the Minimap Presets. Toggle between the presets with the hotkey, and set up your second preset to have a transparent, rectangular, full-screen size.

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