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    So, I love the anime, Hunter X Hunter. And earlier I was looking around on the interwebs for a Hunter X Hunter mod for Minecraft. I couldn't find one. But what I did find where requests. Many people wanted this mod, so why not make it!?

    It will include many weapons such as: Gon's fishing pole, Hisoka's cards, Killua's skateboard (May be a weapon, might be a mobility item. Not sure yet), Kurapika's chains, Melody's flute, and tons of other ones. I am planning on having at least one weapon for every almost every character.

    I am also planning on adding Nen, which you can choose at the beginning of the game which characters Nen and abilities you want.

    Yet another aspect that might be considered part of the weapon category is Greed Island Cards. What I want, is for random cards to drop out of slain mobs, and found in temple and dungeon chests. There is about 200 cards in all. When you right click on one of these cards it special effect would happen. Weather that may be summoning a sword, summon a monster, or even allowing flight. One type of card would be the Steal Card, which you could use on a mob, and their ability would be place in the card. If it were a creeper, you could click with it in your hand and cause an explosion around. Stuff like that.

    Next up would be Mobs. I am not entirely sure how this one would work. Possibly have character mobs, or maybe Phantom Troupe enemies. Not sure...

    Anyway that's what I am hoping for. If you guys like the idea, don't be afraid to show some support! If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism let me know! Thanks!
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