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    There's a new version up. This might help some of those who've had trouble running it- we now have everything in a zip file, so for most people you can just extract the contents of the zip file, double click on "SpritecraftFull.jar", and you are good to go. If that doesn't work and you are on Windows, try double-clicking "RunSpritecraftFull.bat".

    The new version has emerald now, and a couple of small UI enhancements, but nothing major.

    Quote from spen10

    I'm using mac os x lion 10.7.4
    but i ether get a error or (From terminal using CODE:
    cd desktop ( I have to do it first )
    java -jar Xmx512m Spritecraft.jar
    Unable to access jarfile Xmx512m


    You need a dash in front of the Xmx... part:

    java -jar -Xmx512m SpritecraftFull.jar

    Quote from minecraftworls99

    this is a great tool! but i think you should have like a grid to make counting easier and to tell you which block and if you click on it, it should tell which row its on or and how many blocks in from the start of the row it is, but no rush though, take all the time you need, i just sometimes miscount ans have to fix a bunch of things

    I was thinking of having a mouse-over that would just tell you the x/y of the block you were over. Or maybe we'll just draw a grid... I'm still not sure what the best approach is.
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