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    Everyone loves to see variety in minecraft with trees, clays, glasses.
    But what about one more addition to the trees?
    There is always more to explore.
    What about "Dead Trees"?

    So, when i talk about "Dead Trees", I mean Actually dead. Naturally generated and bare to the log.
    Those pesky leaves always get in your way, refusing to de-spawn a single floating block of leaf.
    While the bigger trees have their tiers and logs, the logs will stay the same structure only without the leaves, the smaller trees will just have their poles.

    Well what will come of this you ask?

    Well the end result is Rot Wood. Rot wood is great for easy fire starting (as in rapid spreading so dont mess with it unless you want to get burned). It burns Hot but Fast in the real world. When you place rot wood in a furnace it burns double the speed and cooks faster, but when rot wood is exposed to fire in Minecraft, Fire-spread is rapid and almost uncontrollable unless it hits a patch of living trees or the edge of the biome. But watch out when you break one of these dead rot logs. Inside are pests: The silverfish. There is a chance that a silverfish will pop out of an interfered or broken log.

    These sound pretty good hmm?
    How about we get to where they spawn and how they spawn.

    These Dead trees spawn in groups or in solitary due to silverfish infestations. Some spawn single in a forest just lonely and dead. Overturned Trees could be a feature in this. It makes the tree rot while all of the bugs get to it. After one tree falls a sapling will take its place, and the dead tree will fertilize the area indicated by mushrooms around the tree as it decays (And no i'm not talking about swamps). Trees would naturally fall after a certain lifespan which I would like to call it a cycle. From sapling, to tree, to dead, to rot, to fertilizer, and mushrooms, and or sapling in the dead tree's place.

    Heck we could make a biome out of this.
    So why not? "Death Forest"
    How about that?

    We could have dead forests now!
    Trees Deader than ever, maybe Dense, maybe underwater, Barren, loss in sense of humanity, and Perfect for a game of Hide And Go Seek, or a primitive version of parkour.

    Here are the conceptual screenshots of dead trees:

    Feel free to give them a look and give me your input.

    Sorry, I can't figure out how to texture my resource packs it's been so long, but the fallen trees are supposed to have rot wood within their stripped trunks.

    Thank you for the support if you give me any and i will update this soon enough once i can get my textures to work. Feel free to give your opinion.


    Public additions:

    Charred Trees - Charred trees are trees burnt by lighting strike. During lighting storms, there's a slight chance that a tree gets hits by a lighting and become a charred tree.the tree would be black or darkened depending on the type of tree.Chopping into a Charred tree would give you an instant but rare source of charcoal.

    -Inspired by: Ttzara-

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    I know this may be an overloaded topic and way too many times copied...
    But I'm here to clarify an issue: Birds

    The Problem-
    You know you look into the maybe cloudy and sunny day and wonder,"Why aren't there any birds in minecraft?"Well the simple answer to that is: Nobody has addressed it so greatly into detail with different species of bird...

    Every bird topic has its own species and that is mostly the problem.

    Falconry (which is its own separate topic)

    You even have to go mythical? Really?

    My Point-
    But i'm just proving a point up here because its such a problem and i wanted to deal with this...
    Down here i'm suggesting a different kind of topic that integrates many species of birds.

    Oh but these aren't just your everyday birds,wait, they are ordinary.

    Some may be endangered and some may be very common,
    I will do my best to actually integrate as many familiar birds as possible native to other countries because i only live in one country and don't get out much. (out of country or international)

    The Birds-
    Lets start out with some birds that are quite common throughout the world.

    Note: I may not have every bird in the country, but that is what editing is for right?

    Northern Cardinals:
    Native to North America from the bottom tips of Canada and down south through Mexico, usually spotted in trees because of their bright red color. Females however have a darker shade of red to blend in with the trees to nest her young. They can be found in
    backyards, parks, woodlots, and shrubby forest edges. They mostly fly in pairs with their mates and have a loud single chirp.Admit that that
    was kind of funny

    Blue Jays:
    Blue jays are also common in most of North America and are mostly found more Eastward in. Blue Jays are mostly found
    near oaks, in forests, woodlots, towns, cities, and parks. They have large varieties of calls. They are the dominant factor in other smaller species of birds.

    Grey Heron:
    Grey Heron are
    native throughout temperate Europe, Asia and also parts of Africa. It feeds in shallow water, catching fish, frogs, and insects with its long bill.

    Atlantic Puffins:
    Arctic puffins are
    black or black and white plumage, a stocky build, and large beaks. They are native to coasts of Northern Europe and the East coast of Canada. It is a seabird so many of them live offthe coastlines in the Atlantic.

    The Common Redpoll:
    The common Redpoll is a bird with Brown streaked head with a rose pink breast. This bird is native to middle and northern parts of Canada, and through Southern parts of Alaska and Greenland.

    African Cuckoo-Hawk:
    This hawk is well, Native to Africa and is considered a Raptor that resembles the Common Cuckoo. It mostly flies solitary and glides in the sky without flapping his wings. They usually perch up in trees.
    It prefers dense woodland and forest of either indigenous or exotic trees.

    I added more birds, but this topic is till not finished and is a WIP.
    So stay tuned in on this topic for more later on!
    But atleast there will be a bigger barrier that branches from single species posts.
    But untill later, I will modify this as much as possible and possibly add more birds possible since research is time consuming and i don't even have a bird for mainly Asia, South America, and Australia mainland. So more research for the sake of this topic to keep this as accurate as possible but i will finish soon. So please be patient.

    My Commenting Rules-
    • Please be polite to me and your peers and anyone else who views or comments
    • Please do not spam. Spamming is just unacceptable
    • I will take criticism as long as it is useful and not extremely vague
    • Please feel free to express your thoughts about this post (support or nope, dope or no. just express them)
    • Think before you post a comment or proofread it to keep people happy, otherwise the situation might escalate quickly and possibly spam out the comments
    • If you have any multiple questions, please state all questions in only one comment to keep things nice and neat. I will be here to answer them. If not, I'm either at school or just busy with work
    Thank you to whoever supports, you will fuel this topic. Thanks.
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    posted a message on [original]~Ender Blocks~[Pictures]|[Poll]
    Notice: I will be updating the textures soon so if there is any impurities with the pictures right now please pm me now. here is an example of one of the statements i have been getting a lot:

    Q: (Actually more of a statement): The Smooth End stone looks too rough.

    A: I get it. I've been told multiple times that it looks too rough to be smooth. I'm not an artist.
    But don't worry, Ill get to it in a couple of days working on better textures and better pictures.

    Forum Rules-
    • No arguments
    • No Links
    • Dont go off topic
    • Never take my post for yourself
    • (In this case ask me first if one is going to use this)
    • Everyone is allowed
    • Follow rules
    • Respect me and Innocent bystanders

    If anything End Stone is useless, i mean really. i don't have anything against it i just want to try to make a textured block made out of End Stone because it isn't really used for decoration or a purpose. What do you see anything useful in endstone? absolutely nothing...
    so here are a few blocks made out of enderstone
    Smelting End Stone will result in Smooth End Stone.And crafting them like Stone Bricks to make 4 Ender Brick.
    You can also craft Ender Stone Brick Steps and Slabs (The same way)
    Add 2 Nether Brick and 2 Ender Brick diagnal from eachother to create a dark/light
    Tile Block

    Here are some examples of what they would look like:

    //imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#2" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#2" align="http://imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#2" class="cs_aimg_http://imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#2">
    //imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#4" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#4" align="http://imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#4" class="cs_aimg_http://imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#4">
    //imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#1" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#1" align="http://imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#1" class="cs_aimg_http://imgur.com/8Ja...izMaNG#1">
    //imgur.com/rVNX8Ko" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://imgur.com/rVNX8Ko" align="http://imgur.com/rVNX8Ko" class="cs_aimg_http://imgur.com/rVNX8Ko">
    Finally a use for Ender Stone...Thank you for your help and support if any and i hope this gets through to be a popular block to use.

    Credit goes to

    for the BannerDownload here: http://www.mediafire...nature Here is a list for all of my first 50 supporters.

    If anyone takes any of my ideas or project them as yours, well your wrong.
    if you shall take these ideas and improve of them,
    please, please, please
    do not make another topic following this one.
    Pm me to ask me for extras that i may put in this topic to help me out.
    Until then tastybunns will be extremely happy that nobody has copied his main topic.
    If that happens anyways i will try to contact a forum admin and lock your topic.

    Updated on December 8th 2013

    Thanks for the support and reputation, don't stop digging!

    want to make this a reality?
    Show your friends and keep this topic alive and widespread.
    Someone could even make it a mod if they wanted to.
    But if that is so ask me for permission first before you go on making something that goes to waste

    (Thanks for the reputation guys, i love you all and thank you for my first popular tag)
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] Mob Dismemberment [v1]
    Can you add spider and enderman dismemberment?

    Also Face Recognition with Zombie vilagers?
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    posted a message on Make Mods Easier To Get
    Please stop Posting that dang youtube video on every dang post you make.
    Its not going to help the nuke mod nor give you reputation.

    you also need to read the rules kiddo, you cant just have an idea and not place information. (NEEDS information)

    Instead of Posting amature things like i'm pretty sure this has been suggested tons of times before and its probably never going to ever be in minecraft.
    if you want to push a button for mods then go download magic launcher
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    weight watchersdoctors hate this.electricians hate this
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    Bats should be able to drop eyes to make a potion to solve your hunger crisis.
    These potions give you the ability to regenerate your hunger if you are in desperate need for hunger or health. Because it is instant hunger, it comes in two different forms.

    since hunger helps sprint you should be able to combine bat eyes with sugar (should be called sticky eye) and brew it with
    nether wart to create a hunger I swiftness .V(0.5) splash and drink potion.

    also the regular hunger potions I and II would be like any other potion

    Examples: If you walk into the nether and then forget food and you don't have any kind of health regeneration slip out a hunger splash potion for split second decisions.

    If you go out into the wilderness to collect food take a hunger potion with you so you can conserve food, and hunger ability.
    This would be a great Implementation into minecraft because hunger always seems to get to people, but maybe for some who forgot to take food on an expedition and just remembered to bring hunger potions.

    Yes they are not stackable like food but why waste your time on eating food in desperate situation. It takes too long to fill up your hunger bar by eating food but i undertand the use of regeneration potions, but to get those you need a ghast tear. when getting that ghast tear use hunger potions for partial regeneration.

    Bats spawn in caves yes and always stay in the same spots and they are easy to kill, but it does result to a slow regeneration time with a full hunger bar, but you can get it faster by brewing slpashes.(this potion could be used for primary use or secondary use of just in case situations)

    Brewing: Nether Wart ---> Bat Eye ---> Potion of Hunger I ---> Glowstone ---> Potion of Hunger II ---> Redstone ---> Potion of Hunger I

    Nether Wart ---> Sticky Eye ---> Potion of Swift Hunger .V ---> Glowstone ---> Potion of Swift Hunger I ---> Redstone ---> Potion of Swift Hunger .V

    I hope this fixes everything. Please give positive feedback on your ideas and suggestions to this post.
    Thank you!
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    what about water healing

    will that be a different level?
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    i just went to my jar files and changed the credits to my name and deleted some lines and made a few of my own.
    so its actually fun to see your name in the credits. and shorten the credits to like 4 seconds
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