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    posted a message on Need staff including mods and admins!

    What is your in game name? Tamerassassin (with multiple ALTS)

    What is your age? of the current 15

    Do you have Skype or Teamspeak? yes, skype

    What role would you like to apply for? anything from builder to admin.

    Why would you like to apply for this role? I have moderated many servers that have all gone down the drain and i would love to help this server from going as well

    What is your definition of community? A group of players who communicate, settle differences, make plans, and hunt together for the better of the group even if it means knocking off the weakest link.

    How do you think you could help this community? by making sure everyone abides by the rules and keep it friendly family for all to enjoy.

    Do you agree to the following rules? yes

    I,O'Donald,agree to abide by the following rules.

    1. To keep my calm even in stressful situations.
    2. To help out players when they need it.
    3. To not favorite players.
    4. To not single out players.
    5. To read this and put Yes I do.
    6. For the above question.
    7. To help out even when it's a challenging task.
    8. To not disobey staff.
    9. To listen to the staff.
    10. To not judge players.
    11. To help keep a family safe enviroment.
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    posted a message on Broken Anachronism v14 - 1.7 blocks and Plant Overhaul (Feb 13)
    Man i absolutely love this texture pack and i am happy to see that mobs are now being added, good luck with making this and i am really excited to see how it turns out! :SSSS:
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    posted a message on New minigame mode for servers, need help to make!
    Hi there i am Tamerassassin, i have been playing Minecraft for a very long time and would love to see a minigame that is unlike any other. I have come up with a brilliant idea for new type of minigame for servers called neon wars. In this minigame there are two teams that face off but there are multiple colors who will dual it out the colors are the original red versus blue, then there is green, orange, and magenta, at the moment. the two teams start out with bases on each side of the map made out of both wood and wool (maybe leaves once i come up for a concept for them) the wood is to reinforce the base and the wool is your normal building block. There are a few classes that i am thinking of right now. the first class would be your normal combatant with an iron sword arrows(X20) a bow and the default leather armor for your team, next is the archer with a bow that can ignite TNT with the Flame enchantment to help the demolitions with 2 full stacks of arrow and the enchanted bow along with feather falling boots this makes for a formidable opponent but is also in the default leather armor with your teams color, next is the demolitions expert who wears his blast protection armor wielding a fire aspect sword and their flint and steel/fire charge they will make a great use accessing certain areas of the map or quickly destroying bases, fourth is the tank with their protection and projectile protection suits you do not want to get in the way of these mobile bullet shields they do not do much damage only using a stone sword with knockback they are mostly used for absorbing instead of dealing damage,coming in on fifth is the technician class who will setup turrets and deploy ammo for the archers and extra TNT for demolitions, and extra flint and steal it is always great to have one of these on your sides, i plan to add more classes but need help coming up with ideas. if you wish to help or contact me send me a PM through the fourms and maybe we can get in tact with each other over Skype. i would love to get as much feedback as possible on if you think this is a good idea or not! I need help with basically trying to figure out on how buildings should look, the texture pack, and even how to get the server up for this minigame.
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    posted a message on Help i need a new skin
    Hey guys i am tamerassassin and my skin is preety bland and i need your help to create an awesome skin! Okay you can either do this yourself or tell me the programs to do this (Cheap or Free). The type of skin i am looking for is an unique blue and black assassin look. The look must be unique (do not pull off a website), Black and blue color schemed (either blue and black or black and blue) and find a way to add dark blue eyes (or maybe a nice full face mask is awesome to like the venator off of halo and what not). but as you can tell i am not a good maker of skins by this post also if you need to chat meet me on xbox, or minecraft xbox-DeadAssassin777 minecraft-Tamerassassin. HAVE FUN!
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    posted a message on {UPDATED!} [1.3.2] Pillow Mod v1.1
    i would do a mod review but you see im not popular at all on youtube
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    posted a message on Facebook Free Minecraft Giftcode Giveaway - Day Four, Even More!
    dang i ope i get on that list tommoro
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    posted a message on Looking for a person, who wants to get into modding
    i need help and i want to learn how to make mods like adding more npc's and tools i already had a toolset setup using a modmaker but it never worked it was for people that recently bought the game
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    posted a message on [1.5] The Runic Dust Mod [Mar14]
    okay i want to do a mod review for this mod is it updated to 1.3.2 even though 1.3.2 is just bug fixes
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