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    posted a message on Mincraft PS4 Bedrock will not let me sign in. I have literally deleted everything and redownloaded everything, still nothing.

    Please help. I have done lots of research and I cannot solve the issue. No matter what, when I launch the game it always has the *Sign into "PlayStation Network"* button. I click it, and it never pops up with an error or anything, the button just disappears and reappears a moment later.

    I have an Xbox Live account. It has a user name as I used it on Xbox all the time.

    It worked the first time the game updated to Bedrock. It has not worked since.

    I deleted literally every save file, and settings configuration files, still doesn't work.

    I tried deleting the game and the files again, still nothing.

    I literally have no idea what it wants from me. I have tried everything just shy of killing a chicken to sacrifice it to the Microsoft gods... please help!

    Posted in: Minecraft (Bedrock) Support
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