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    posted a message on MrMMods (BetterLight|Grass, SimpleMap) 1.8.1
    I like it, but I had to fix a line to make it work in the normal north up east right, etc fashion.
    I switched out

    «this.map.setRGB(m, n, k);»
    «this.map.setRGB(63 - n, m, k)»
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    posted a message on Interesting science questions (CHALLENGE)
    Alright, rather then argue with any of the points already made I will address the questions directly, Sorry for any repetition.

    1. Let's hypotheticly(sic) say that you are travelling(sic) at the speed of light in your car. What will happen if you turn your headlights on?

    If you are traveling at the speed of light, then under Einstein's relativity you experience simultaneity along the path traveled, so the question of light being emitted is a null point, you aren't really traveling from your perspective as zero time passes for you. An outside observer if they could view you would merely see light pass, though considering the change in mass due to acceleration you would be a near infinite mass.

    2. How does one boil gasoline without igniting it?
    Mentioned before, just lower ambient pressure till boiling point drops below ambient temperature. Then wait.

    3. How does a black hole get stronger?
    By acquiring mass.

    4. Are any bacteria visible to the naked eye?

    World's largest bacteria

    5. Does the center of the Earth have any gravity?
    Not in the conventional sense, assuming you mean center of mass, and assuming Earth as the only object in the universe. However when viewed as a field you realize you are merely at a local zero, and that gravity is there and the superposition merely makes it appear to be null. Viewing gravity a third way, that is as a property of mass makes this question easy. And this is the typical way that scientists will view gravity, as one of the four fundamental forces contained by all matter in the universe. Of course it has been proving stubbornly difficult to unify, and the graviton, last I checked, has yet to be identified.
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    posted a message on derp
    Yeah, so how it works is pretty simple, it follows the same as the tutorials but does the work for you. Unjarring deleting meta-inf copying in mods and rejarring. Just create a folder name MCpatches in your "~/Documents" directory. Obviously this folder is where you will put all mods from now on, of course you will have to rerun the program every time you want to update your mods. This will also prevent conflicts by making sure that all mods effect unique files(unless there is some specific mod which assumes that another mod is installed).

    to go there quickly simply type
    then <command>-<shift>-N to create a new folder.
    again that is ⌘-⇧-O ⌘-⇧-N

    This must be done in Finder, obviously.
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    posted a message on derp
    hmm, let me fix that...
    try this

    EDIT: dakl caught a major bug in my last version, this one will work, I had a couple of minor errors, and had unknowingly been relying on the hi-res fix. Thank you, dakl.

    MCModInstaller v0.2
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    posted a message on derp
    this took me a while to figure out and so after i did, i automated the process.
    I did not need to in any way change the launcher program, this is not surprising since it only really checks for updates and then downloads the updates before running the real program, "minecraft.jar"

    If you want to try my approach which I find much simpler, since I am somewhat lazy, viewtopic.php?f=25&t=53398#p883186.
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    posted a message on Modding on a Mac [Guide]
    disregard post, borked the code.
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    posted a message on Loading maps onto mac
    Alternatively you may wish to consider using viewtopic.php?f=25&t=50415&p=81914 and if it doesn't work for any reason, let me know and i will fix it. Read the README.
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    posted a message on Mac OS X Minecraft Launcher thingie
    I was going to wait until this was better but I thought why not share my creation and get some feedback.

    This program allows you to have more then 5 worlds, and have them be named. It also simplifies the theming process and provides seasonal theming support. It is currently at works for me status.

    To add a new named world you will have to drop the named world into your Minecraft saves. This will probably be made simpler in the future.

    Whatever you do, don't use the built in delete world command or you will lose your world. Instead, if you want to generate new Worlds, use MinecraftLauncher's unlink. This may have unintended consequences if you have not already named all your saves. This will probably be fixed when I get around to it.

    MinecraftLauncher v0.1

    Please tell me if anything doesn't work for you, and I will fix it. Probably.
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    posted a message on Ice and Glass Delicacy
    From experience, living in a place where lakes DO freeze over. Meter thick ice does not break when you drive a 2 ton pickup on it. Why should it break from walking or jumping. Falling long distances sure, but then breaking the ice would be the least of your problems. An alternative block like thin ice that lives on boundaries of ice and water makes a lot of sense, and under-ice springs in real life do make ice dangerous to walk on. But solid ice is an extremely sturdy substance. Likewise if anything meter thick blocks of glass are already too fragile. Unless of course we imagine they are hollow in which case yes falling onto them should make them shatter.
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