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    Horse Funeral is MC Realms project based on pure vanilla game experience. It's dedicated for adult and comprehensive players who enjoy Minecraft in raw style (no mods, datapacks, creative mode etc.). No exceptions.

    Idea of this project is to establish world based on medieval structures and lifestyle. I want to create an replica of life in real medieval city patterned on feudal system. It means that every construction builded and action taken must be possibly a best reflection of the medieval existence and its social division. No accidental, but well considered planning and only then building. So...

    ...I demand from you to be familiar with medieval realities and basics of feudal system. It's fundamental. Without that you won't be able to work with others and what's the most important - build on your own. You must understand that medieval reality is what I qualify the most. There's no place for modern or hybrid styles.

    Please think for a while and consider your statement about those ideas. I share my assumptions in order to find players who want to create something specific. My goal is to find stable and active team for spending together upcomming autumn/winter evenings. If you feel excited about this project I welcome you aboard!

    I've created typical setup for medieval society with few examples of city structures for each caste. We are going to split building responsibilities accordingly to personal prefferences. Point is to alocate builders as efficient as possible.

    Nobility - upper castle/eventide

    Knighthood - lower castle/fort/armory/arena

    Clergy - church/gardens

    Middle class - town/shops/docks/taverns

    Peasantry - village/farms


    - stick to the medieval realities in constructioning

    - do not take away any of personal resources unless permitted

    - do not remove or modify other players structures unless permitted

    - do not leave uncutted trees, destroy ground lava resources, leave unseeded farms, depopulate animals to zero

    - do not kill city villagers

    - PvP only when both sides accept

    - play with common sense and take responsibility for your actions.

    - if you have any ideas, problem with something or simply need advice, never hesitate to ask or share.

    If you are decided to join please give me few informations:

    1. IGN

    2. Age

    3. Timezone

    4. Minecraft experience

    5. Did you play any medieval related video games in the past?

    6. Which caste constructions would you like to build mostly?

    7. Something about yourself

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