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    Hello everyone! The Floating Block is in need of developers!

    The Floating Block is a server network currently in development, with Survival, Skyblock, and KitPvP gamemodes, in medieval style.

    We're planning custom minigames and much more in the future, and we are seeking professional developers.

    [Developers〛«Must be 15+ years of age» ✦2 Spots✦ : The job of a Developer is very important for a Minecraft server: developers code and configure plugins, make sure the server works properly, maintain the website, and fix any problems that require configuration or coding. We require all Developers to have experience in programming.

    Our current to-do list is:

    • Configuring the servers;
    • Developing the website;
    • Configuring the gamemodes, donation ranks/permissions, and store cosmetics;
    • Developing our own custom Discord bot that will help members and lift tasks off staff's shoulders.

    We hope you'll join us in our adventure to create a great and successful server and we will have a great time as staff and as players alike.

    How to apply? Join the discord and DM eyalgi11#8819 or NATR#5181, if you have any questions feel free to reply down below.
    ► DISCORD: https://discord.gg/6zF6Z9p

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    An admin banned a bunch of people. The admin has been banned, and banned players have been unbanned. You can now rejoin the discord server.

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