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    posted a message on Tales of Namaria [1.6] | No-Whitelist | RPG | NO CLIENT MODS REQUIRED! | Factions! | Classes ! |
    In-Game Name: sxedil

    Age: 19

    Reason for wanting to join: I want to finally have a great server to go to for RP

    Any Roleplay Experience: I am New to minecraft Multiplayer and want to learn from people who are willing to teach.

    Any Faction Experience: N/A

    What your nickname will be In Game: Gersie

    What your class will be In-Game: Knight

    Any questions: None.
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    posted a message on 1.6.2 Survival Server - No griefing - No donations - No Bs


    Tired of underage users
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    posted a message on Small and Friendly 1.6.2 server.


    I am new to the multiplayer and want to join a smaller group

    No Skype currently
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    posted a message on Install TMI and mods in a Mac, 1.6
    Quote from rickminded

    I saw a video on windows, how to install a mod in the updated 1.6.
    So can some one show me how to install a mod on a mac?

    This new system is more complexed, than it should be.
    Installing a texture pack is also more work, than need be. That I have learned how to.
    But not a Mod

    I have been able to download and install anyone of the mods the problem is getting them all combined by modloader or forge. With Forge there is literally no tutorials I can find anywhere. But with Modloader it is pretty easy. Basically I follow all of the windows instructions with a few variations due to programs and what not.

    To just install one mod:
    Download Mod.
    Go to Minecraft folder and open up versions.
    Go to 1.6.1 and copy the jar and json file.
    Create new file in version folder. Lets call ours TMI
    Paste jar and json files in that new folder. (name is your choice)
    Use JSON editor online. (webpage)
    Delete the text in the left box.
    Go to open and open up your json file. Change the "id" in the json file to your choice. Ours will also be TMI
    Save the json file. (it will show up in your downloads.)
    Delete old json file.
    Change the name of the json file to the name that you put in the "id" for 1.6.. Again put TMI
    Now open up the 1.6.1 jar file with zipeg.
    Delete the jar.
    Now your json file should be in your downloads folder and nothing should remain in the TMI Folder.
    Extract all the items with zipeg to the TMI folder.
    Now compress all the items in the folder to create an archive.zip
    Now delete everything except the zip file.
    Now rename the zip file to TMI.jar
    Now place the TMI.jar and TMI.json in the TMI folder inside of the versions file.
    Now open up the launcher and create a new profile. We will name it TooManyItems.
    Select the "release TMI" for your version to play on.
    Log in and enjoy the mod. Its a bit complicated at first but once you get the hang of it, its easy.
    Also for resource packs all you need to do is download the file and compress the items to a zip and place it in the resource packs folder. Also make sure when you are compressing folders to use the items in the folder and NOT the actual folder itself.Also make sure you change the name "1.6.1" not the "id" name.
    I've also got modloader running a couple mods at a time but there do seem to be some audio glitches as well as some of the mods just flat out wont work and its not an installation error. I hate how there are no mac tutorials so I hope this helps!
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    posted a message on Modding 1.6.x on OS X
    Quote from Toastmast3r

    Hey guys. I got my modded version to work earlier today and I got the exact same problem as the OP. It seemed like editing the .json file with textedit was the problem.

    What I did to fix the problem was:

    1. Open the .json file with TextEdit and copy the entire content of the file.
    2. Open your browser and go to http://www.jsoneditoronline.org, delete the content in the left box.
    3. Paste the copied content from the .json to the left box on the website and edit the ID as you would have done it in TextEdit.
    4. When done editing, press the "Save" button in the upper right corner of the website, and the .json file should have been saved on your computer.
    5. Copy the downloaded .json file to your versions folder and rename it so it matches the version folder's name and the .jar file's name.

    You should now be able to open the Minecraft launcher and selecting your modded release without it failing opening or being called some weird “” name.

    I hope it works out for you as it did for me :-)

    Please help me! Okay so I have Forge downloaded and Im not really sure how to use it. But I tried what you did above but it still doesn't work for me. I think my problem is opening up the .jar file and placing the items in. What do you use to open it? When I do it I have to make a completely new file folder and change the name to .jar because I cant figure out how to just open the file and place in the mod files.
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    posted a message on [How To Tutorial]Ever Wanted To Know How To Install Forge Or Modloader Mods Into Minecraft Without A Installer CLICK HERE[1.6.1]
    Quote from xXBarchticXx

    Ok SOOOO The Tutorial All You Guys Have
    Been Waiting For Has Finally Come Out.
    After TONS of experimenting and MORE
    Im here to tell you HOW TO INSTALL

    Also Srry About The Bad Forum Thread

    Hahah what tutorial? there is no video.
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    posted a message on Updating & Installing Mods in 1.6.1
    Can anyone help me with actually using mods once I have Forge? I have it set up, it is installed and shows up when I log in but I cant drag zip files into my mod folder and make it work /: help...?
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    posted a message on Can't connect to Minecraft Server
    I am having a similar problem. First when I look up my ip address from my computer it is different from the one I receive if I search it on google. I made my ip address static but they are still different. So I cant create my own server at all. Also when I put in any other servers, the popular ones that aren't ip addresses it still doesn't allow me to connect. Any ideas please??
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