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    "- Use the category and item name BLANK to decrease the chance of every other item in the loottable"

    Is there anyway I can get a more detailed explanation of this? I'm new enough to configuring mods/coding stuff that it doesn't fully make sense, but not so new that I can't understand it at all.

    Does this mean to make an entry similar to


    or is it more similar to


    Or is it literally meaning to leave the specific area empty

    " | | |0|0|0|0"

    -edit- For anyone wondering about the above question, this is done in the default config for the "strainer_fisherman" that I didnt' see, and it is "strainer_fisherman|BLANK|BLANK|0|1|34" That was my oversight on not seeing that part. -edit/-

    I was also wondering what the value range for rarity is, 0-20, 0-100. or if it was a variable of 0- the highest numbered rarity on the loot table.

    I'm going to play around with it later to see if I can figure it out myself but it may be some time before I get around to it, so I figured i'd post on here for an explanation, thanks for any help that can be given.

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