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    E B O N C R E S T

    Interested in joining our upcoming roleplay server?
    As we near release, we are looking to expand our community!

    Eboncrest is a Minecraft Roleplay server with four regions: Eboncrest (a medieval fantasy), 1920s Chicago, Tokyo Ghoul and Creative Plots, though we plan to expand. Though Eboncrest is the central roleplay region (hence the server name), we intend on opening our Tokyo Ghoul roleplay region to the public within the next month. Once the Tokyo Ghoul region is public, we intend on heavily prioritising the release of Eboncrest.

    We want to grow our welcoming community and would love for you to apply to join our Discord server.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact swablu_#6123 on Discord.

    Interested in joining Eboncrest?

    Thank you for showing an interest in our server. We cannot wait to hear from you!
    Please note that our server is English-Language only and includes gore and sensitive topics, so only join if you are comfortable with this.
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