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    Make a minecraft multiplayer mod! You think I'm retarded. Well, yeah... sort of.

    the internet? :laugh.gif:

    Goal: Solve all SSP to SMP compatibility issues in a single motion.

    How? The Trusted Zone.

    Couldn't the game just use a shared .minecraft folder over the network & treat other players as physical entities with a modified input?

    Get rid of the server altogether with some kind of extra lite ad hoc client mod. Effectively make everyone the host of their own changes. :wacko.gif:
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    (tagline)Anything you can imagine!

    This isn't a copy past from 'realcraft'. Whatever it is, I hadn't heard of it (I am not proposing a physics overhaul, not yet at least).

    First off, I need to thank all of you. Without you, I don't know if I would have known Minecraft. It isn't my life or anything, but damn, that game is the closest to heaven I've ever been. It is exactly what I think the gaming culture needs to move forward. It's excellent becasue it has the addictive properties of an MMO without the corporate greed. It's essentially a game that produces independent level designers & it gives them basic tools so that their work is translatable. It is a sandbox in the purest sense. A LAB for gamers to learn how to make games more fun... It uses the interface PC gamers are most fluent in and functions as a 3D paint program. The pace is natural for the interface and quite simply, I think Minecraft is perfect becasue it is MINE!!! (& more importantly, YOURS) Though, I don't know if you play, but if you do, perhaps you would be interested in brainstorming with me. There are a few additions I would like to see, namely Farmcraft, Oceancraft & Nanocraft.. Anyway, since you probably haven't heard of it, here it is.


    Being able to CRAFT CUSTOM BLOCKS IN GAME is the only path to glory for minecraft. It is in fact the reason minecraft is so addictive, customization.

    To summarize what I have in mind, imagine taking a section of the game world and building giant objects within a cube. You use standard blocks, but the GIANT block is too big to seem realistic, that chair is just too big to fit in your house. So, the solution is simple. Manifest the workCUBE (less bench, more cube). we know this can work, becasue we do it ALL THE TIME, large scale, in game.

    The only difference is that we are all currently provided the cubes we can use, and we are at the mercy of anyone who has the tools required to produce new one. So, for those of you who have made texture packs, I'm looking at you... Merge the software you use with the game and quit foolin' around!

    The only way to make this 'fair' is to make pixels a resource. We're not talking about a zillion tiny cubes in a 3d program. We're talking about a numerical digit associated to a block type & a new crafting window. The value would be associated to the block type, so that if you wanted to build a wooden chair in the space of one cube, you would need (at most) one wooden cube to produce it. Also, the ability to mix and match cubes is a must (i.e. a wood chair with a leather seat).

    Naturally, the crafting interface for this system would be a cube based craft window.

    Also, it would be intuitive that the cube allowing the player to make these additions could be expanded (like chests) and this expansion changes the crafting interface to account for the group.

    All alterations and customizations would simply be downloaded by other players and automatically added to the games texture file.

    Custom everything.

    Essentially, I'm proposing on the fly texture customization & modification & the system to make it fair 'in game'.

    I play with friends & the data load would be insignificant.

    However, over time I would hope that all the workings of minecraft could be transferred down into this scale and made more true to life, my suggestion is just the first step.

    (I will give more technical explanations at your request for them, but I don't want to taint your ideas, unless I make them less original.)
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