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    This looks AMAZING and I want it so bad, but the link to download doesn't work. :( Can you upload a different link? I saw a lot of people with the same problem on PlanetMinecraft. This looks like an awesome texture pack and I would hate not to be able to use it.
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    Quote from Deonyi

    Nice concept. What about flowers, wheat, saplings and cobwebs?

    Flowers, wheat, and saplings are under my "planned features" list. I'm not sure what I would do with cobwebs though, please share!
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    Quote from supercrossed5

    I made a video


    try to make the grass wave more slower, doesn't look good
    And fix moving water!

    WHOOOA awesome! I will put that with the images!
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    Quote from Balduran

    You credited Misa, but did you get permission?

    I didn't need permission because I didn't use any of Misa's textures. I just LEARNED from them. Misa uses lighting also so I knew that this could be done. I was giving thanks more than credit.
    Quote from Quotea

    Alright, back with a bit of an update/review/thing:

    The lighting! The lighting, the lighting, the lighting. It's just so... drastic. I've taken a few shots and linked them here: http://imgur.com/a/pDoDJ#0

    It just instantly goes from dark as possible to bright as the sun. It definitely needs some smoothing out to be playable on survival worlds.

    And two other problems:

    1. Mojang logo still says Good Morning Craft. Might wanna change that. :P
    2. The grass animates a bit quickly. Maybe make the animation more subtle.

    The leaves' animation is nice, I like how it's only a few of the leaves that sway. The lava and water both look really nice, as well. One thing I noticed is that the only leaves animated are the oak/birch leaves. Pine and jungle leaves aren't animated yet, but I'm assuming that's on the way.

    I know about the logo, my bad. :P MorningCraft was a tentative name in very early development, but I never updated it to LifeCraft. It is fixed now!
    Also, I have heard other requests to tone down the grass animation, and I will do that.
    Thanks for input!
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    I will probably do this sometime. The animated gif I posted on Reddit didn't really capture it. :)
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    That's why 64x is there! If you did download it, I would be super-grateful if you told me: what type of computer you have (mac/pc) and if the download worked. Thanks!
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    LifeCraft - A shader... in a texture pack!

    LifeCraft looks just like vanilla minecraft, but with some enhancements. Grass sways in the wind, tree leaves rustle in the breeze, and there is a new lighting system that looks simply amazing. This texture pack is great for people whose computers aren't strong enough to use mods like GLSL shaders. It even comes in lower resolutions to meet your specific needs!

    Are you looking for something more in your Minecraft graphics? Have you tried GLSL shaders and they don't work or cause too much lag? Do you want realistic effects in a texture pack while still looking like Minecraft? Then this texture pack is for you!


    Check out this amazing video by a user! It is outdated (now has flowing water) but it is still a great video!

    More pics by a user! http://imgur.com/a/pDoDJ#0

    This mod REQUIRES either Optifine or MCPatcher, even for the 16x version (coming soon). This is because those mods provide support for both HD textures and for custom animations. Make sure you have HD textures and Custom Colors turned on for this mod to work. Note: Using mipmap/anti-aliasing with Optifine may make the animated grass look weird. Also, for the full lighting experience, make sure "smooth lighting" is turned ON in the video settings.


    Newly Added Features:
    • HD sun and moon (sun has odd cropping, in progress)
    • HD paintings
    • Fixed startup logo (still looks kinda weird, in progress)
    • Fixed LifeCraft logo
    Current Features:
    • Support for 1.3.2
    • Animated leaves
    • Animated tall grass
    • Realistic HD water
    • Realistic HD lava
    • Underwater caustics (ripples)
    • 256x and 64x resolutions
    Planned Features:
    • All the resolutions
    • Animated jungle and pine leaves
    • Animated ferns and flowers
    • Animated wheat
    • Animated glowstone
    • Animated powered rails

    256x (highest resolution, smoothest graphics, potentially lower FPS)

    64x (lower resolution, animations not as smooth, higher FPS)
    http://dl.dropbox.co...feCraft 64x.zip

    Contact me at: [email protected]
    I cannot have any legal statements about stealing my work because nothing in this texture pack is truly mine. Yes, I created the grass and leaf animations as well as the lighting system. However, I did not create the water or lava animations, which I found by Google Image search. I am using them because I am not asking for money for this texture pack, even through Adf.ly. If those textures belong to you and you wish me not to use them, please say so and I will oblige. Also, the other textures in this texture pack are by Mojang. I only added animations to them. I take no credit for anything but animating some of the Mojang textures. Also, some thanks go to Misa's realistic texture pack. Looking through the files in that texture pack taught me how to do this advanced stuff. I did not use textures from that pack so permission was not needed. This more of a "thanks for teaching" rather than a "thanks for textures". So... thanks, Misa! I also do not take credit for the sun and moon. I did not create those pictures. The universe gets credit. If you wish to use this in a video, please include a link to this page in the description. DO NOT POST THIS TEXTURE PACK IN ANY OTHER PLACES. I will post this where I want. Please do not use MY animated textures in a compilation for public use without my specific permission.
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    Mac install instructions:

    1) Go to "home", then "library", "application support", "minecraft".
    2) Open "saves".
    3) Drag the downloaded world into the "saves" folder.
    4) Play Minecraft!

    Hope this is helpful to anyone who didn't know, I noticed there were no instructions for Macs.
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    I have the same problem! I even installed audiomod and it still didn't work. Did you fix it? If so, how?
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