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    posted a message on (Unity) [Looking for Dev and builders] No age requirement

    Unity Is a custom towny server. It has different kinds of dimensions to custom enchants. We will be hiring moderation staff later. There is no age limit but you need to meet the requirement.






    Do you have Skype:


    Can you build on short term notice:

    Experience: (don't lie)

    Pictures of builds:

    Must know to be a builder

    Voxel sniper

    World Edit




    Do you have Skype:


    Can you code: (dont need to know)

    Experience: (don't lie)

    How much do you know about plugins:

    Can you make custom plugins: (dont need to know)

    Must know for dev

    Permissions X

    If you get accepted I will privite message you the ip

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    posted a message on Deviant Network | Looking For Staff,
    1. Name: Private Reasons
    2. IGN: superscotty100
    3. Age: 12
    4. Country: US
    5. Past Experience as Moderator/Helper: I work on a five servers in my since I started minecraft. But sadly all the sever I worked on shut down because of financial problems. I was Admin on two of the sever, and I was Mod on two severs again at last I was Co Owner of the last one.
    6. What makes you a unique person: I'm funny but mature and when ever some one need me to be serous I will be.
    7. What's your personality: I am helpful, nice and funny
    8. What makes you want to become a staff member The
    9. Favorite thing to do?: My favorite thing to do is to build, code and play on Mineplex.
    Hope you consider me :]
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    posted a message on How can i host a server with a server rack? That way it will run faster.

    How much is a good sever rack?

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    posted a message on -----Staff Needed Desperatly-----

    Ign: Superscotty100

    Position: Preferable Moderator but I would take a rank lower if offered.

    Time zone: Eastern time zone

    age: 12

    Skype: I will PM you if i get accepted.

    Experience I was a mod on supreme corrupt and a admin on another sever that has no name.

    I want to become staff because: I love helping outer people and making them enjoy there minecraft sever expense. That is want keep me playing minecraft

    Hope you consider me :)
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    posted a message on New Survival server LOOKING FOR STAFF

    Age: 12

    Ign: Superscotty100

    Skype: I will PM you if i get accept

    Maturity level on a scale of 1-10: 7.6 I more mature when i need to be.

    What position are you applying for: Moderator

    Why do you want to be staff: I want to be part of your staff team because I love helping people even when the times are down. If i was ever to leave I would not destroy the whole spawn first.

    How much can you be on: 2 to 6 hours a day

    Experience: I worked on supreme corrupt sever as a mod and another that had no name as a admin.

    What steps would you take to ban someone? First I would ask them to stop if they did not listen i would kick him. Then if he came back on and keep doing the I would temporary ban him. If he still doing it I would get a admin to help me.

    Hope you consider me :)

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    1. IGN:

    2. Skype:

    3. Age: 13

    4. Desired Position: Project Manger

    5. Experience:

    6. Why you think you should have that position: I think I should have this position because I am good at team work and I like taking other peoples ideas and adding them together

    7. Rate your building skills on a 1 - 10 scale: 7

    8. Rate your ability to work as a team on a 1 - 10 scale: 10

    9. Are you a follower or a leader? (There is no wrong answer): follower

    10. Time Zone: Western

    11. How much time you can be on daily: 2 to 6 hours
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    posted a message on Looking for Staff of all types!

    Application: Mod or Developer

    Age 11

    Skype : superscotty100

    Minecraft Name: superscotty100

    Strengths: I'm creative, mature and experienced.

    you should choose me because I am very experienced I worked on 5 servers as mod and 3 severs as Dev. A another reason is I am making a plugin.

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    posted a message on ★Magenta Network★ -Hiring Mature Staff And Builders!!!- [1.8.7] +Custom Plugins+


    First name: Michael

    Age: 14

    Skype: superscotty100

    Do you have a microphone? (Required): yes

    What experience do you have with staff positions?: I have a lot because I worked on 5 sever as a mod

    How would you benefit the server?: I would benefit the sever because I would help people and if someone is not following the rules that I like I would kick them still.

    What is the role of a Moderator?: The role of a moderator is fixing problems and to stop hackers.

    How much time can you dedicate to the server?:

    Anything more you would like to tell us? I worked on timeless and mineplex as a mod.

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    posted a message on Recruiting for Spectrum SMP! (Vanilla Survival Multiplayer)



    IGN: Superscotty100

    IRL Name:


    Why Do You Want To Join: because I like helping people on severs

    Have You Been on an SMP Before?: No[/b]

    Tell me something about yourself!: My name is michael[/b]
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    posted a message on ✦ Nutcraft Studios ✦ - ✦ Recruitment Thread ✦ - ✦ Huge server with big plans ✦ - ✦ Now recruiting Helpers & Moderators ✦

    What is your age? 13

    - What is your IGN?

    - What is your time zone? Western

    -What is your Skype username? superscotty100

    - What is your experience as a staff member?

    - Why do you want to be apart of the staff team? Mod or Dev

    - Tell me about yourself. My name is Michael

    - Extra information. I worked on 6 severs as a Mod

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    posted a message on Torvius ★ Upcoming Faction War Server ★ Sponsored ★ Seeking Helpers★


    Time zone:

    Position you're applying for: Mod

    Skype (no mic required): superscotty100

    Why do you wish to be staff on our server? So I could help out on the sever

    Why should we chose you other someone else? You should pick me because I mature and I worked on 5 different severs as a mod and a helper

    Is there anything else you can bring to the table? I could bring some different plugins and I am ok building
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    posted a message on Gaming HQ | Looking for Devs and Mods

    IGN: Superscotty100

    Age: 13

    Experience: I work on some big severs I was mod, helper, and dev

    Notes (not required):

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    posted a message on -=[Prison Server]=- -=[Need Builders]=- -=[And]=- -=[Admins]=-

    1) IGN superscotty200

    2) Real Name Michael

    3) Age (Don't Lie) 13

    4) How much MINECRAFTMINECRAFT Experience 3 to 4 years

    5) How Much Server Experience a lot I worked on 5 servers

    6) What YOURYOUR good at (Building, Admining Players, Etc.) Admiring Players

    7) Do You Have Skype (If So Put Name) superscotty100

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    posted a message on RPG Server Plan | Assembling Teams | Any Job | No Money

    App: Helper
    Name: Michael
    IGN: Superscotty100
    Skype: superscotty100
    Time zone: Pacific
    Past Experience: I was helper on a 5 severs I know a lot a bought plugins like MCMMO
    Two players are arguing in chat because one of them is accused of stealing the other's precious item, how would you resolve the conflict?: I would ask what it was and investigate then if I find it it would ask hi why he did it then if he does it again I would kick him
    If you were a helper and a player had just been griefed, how would you deal with the situation?: I would try to solve it out by my self if they do listen I would call someone a rank higher then me
    How many hours can you be on on our server (A day)?: 2 to 6

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