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    posted a message on A 2nd modded survival video i made.

    Hello, fellow minecrafters.

    as you can see from the title above, i currently made a modded survival video covering the Iron Chests Mod. (not that anyone els here would probably care about this lol)

    This is part of some traditional youtube series, where i gained 25x more subscribers and make modded videos. currently though, i've reached a hight of 75 subscribers within the 6 years i have started using youtube.

    Hopefully i can get to 100 subscribers soon, but for now, i'll just be recording mapped videos along with some minecraft server videos. (and maybe some memes?)

    thanks for reading the thread and watching the video.

    if theres any feedback that's needed to be given or something you probably have on your mind about the thread/video, please comment below.

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    posted a message on just started making a modded survival series.

    yep. i made a survival series in addition to celebrating 50 and more subs to my youtube channel. hope you enjoy the vid!

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    earlier i went cave exploring, since i love exploring minecraft worlds the most. somehow while cave exploring, most people might say that there are lots of dead ends, but to my prospective, you won't know for sure unless you continue to dig further.

    My Story:

    i went cave exploring on a minecraft server after making a house in the sky above a mountain on a mountain biome. then i mined a 2x block wide staircase down. during all that mining, i found coal, iron, and some redstone. i continue to mine when suddenly i began to hear lava sounds. it turns out after mining the redstone, i started heading for the sound. it led me to some kind of tunnel downwards until it hit lava all of a sudden. i started going up to see if there was a cave i can explore in search of structures and diamonds. so far i only found a dead end. i didn't believe that was true, so i kept digging where the cave seemed to end. suddenly, i found a "hidden" cave where i thought i was almost hit by a lava flow from somewhere. i dug around it to get rid of the source of the lava flow. after that, i started doing more cave exploring only to find out that there were intersections and other tunnels. since i wanted to look for diamonds right away, i planned to find a cave going down near lava. later on i found another dead end, and i mined a block where the tunnel ended. and there it was: more intersecting tunnels. i explored those tunnels to find a few emeralds and a couple of diamond veins.

    Other ways to find hidden caves:

    underwater, mining in dead ends, etc. basically more methods can be found on the minecraft wiki. usually, i would use those methods as an advantage.

    Have a story of your own? share them here in the comments below!

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    i know it isn't much but welp...

    i'm done. lol

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    posted a message on a youtube channel for map exploring

    hey. i'm currently making minecraft map lets play vids based on the maps i play.

    i'm not that good a builder buy i'm usually interested in different types of maps, including challenging ones.

    i am currently doing a lets-play series on a minecraft map right now, but when i'm done, i will be sure to make a lets-play video on the maps you want me to play later on.

    here's my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG2UQ_AYUmuX_qt0cW1y3xg/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0&

    i have also cut off or speed up some parts of my videos to make em shorter, seeing as though i like exploring and stuff.. even if it means breaking into blocky homes and looting their chests (heheh)

    if you want, you could post ur suggestions for my next map lets-play videos in the comments below.

    thx for reading.

    here's a vid on 1 of the maps i been playing recently.

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    posted a message on Adventure Valley [Minecraft Adventure Map] [1.12]


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    posted a message on Whitelist Community SMP! Apply Here!

    IGN: superman011

    Age: 16

    Discord: superman011#0307

    Reason for applying: i am interested in exploring worlds, surviving, building, and making new friends.

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    posted a message on I cant host my lan server!

    so me and my brother was playing vanilla mc one day.. we had no problem exept i couldnt connect to his server, but he could connect to mine.

    Later on, we decided to go a step ahead and install forge.. we had the same mods and tge same version.. but unfortunately we could not connect to each other.

    we are on the same wifi and other stuff. I gave him the ip and port, he tried to join me, and he couldnt..

    we are currently playing forge on 1.12.2

    please help.

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    posted a message on New Rankup Idea?


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    posted a message on New Rankup Idea?

    I am superman011 :)

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    posted a message on New Rankup Idea?
    Quote from TheMinimalist»

    All I wanna know is how you got the Curse Premium Tag?

    it as probably a fluke..?

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    posted a message on New Rankup Idea?

    some days ago i probably thought that if rankups applied to prison and other servers, it proabably might apply to many other things. for example: you need to complete some sort of task to advance.if the expectation is met, you can advance to another event or area.

    The New Plot/Plan is to probably create or edit a server which has a rank up system that requires all players to complete a certain hard or at least challenging task in order to unlock better minigames or maps for your server.

    Why i chose this idea is because i would probably try to expand the possible events in some minecraft servers and probably inspire others to make something various with this thread i have just created.

    Inspirations to make this thread came from some roblox games (Bee Swarm Simulator, Mining simulator, Flood escape, The CrusheR), Baldi's Basics ( where you need notebooks to advance through the story, ), Minecraft Prison Servers, Super Minecraft Maker, and Gladiators from mineplex.

    Questions, Comments, and Concerns (CCC) are appreciated. thank you for reading and/or understanding.

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    posted a message on Are you looking for new friends and more (includes help, adventure, or other related things)

    Hello there. are you tired of playing minecraft alone, or tired of just going through in-game servers to getting people your server with a low chance of attendance? (or whatever els that is)

    i am currently making a Discord Server to host a pretty good standard server filled with a subjected division of chat rooms to keep the server clean and organised.

    More Info will be at https://discord.gg/mx8peV

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