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    -All Platforms





    -Achievements on

    -Cheats off

    -Anti griefing

    -4 Free Texture Packs

    -Automatic Redstone Farms

    -Iron Farm-


    -Friendly Community

    -Daily Back-up

    -Exclusive Server for MoDerators

    -New/Experienced Players Welcome

    My IGN:BarspaceSF2

    Your IGN: { }

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    I am making a Bedrock Survival realm.

    -2 Texture Packs (Only if u want u can install them for free)

    -Achievements on (That means no hacks)

    -3 Players max at a time (Will get expanded to 10 people at a time when everybody is active)

    -No lag Realm

    -Difficulty (Hard always)

    -Work together or alone.

    -Build at spawn or far away


    Must speak English.

    No Griefing/Hacking/Duplicating

    No use of other programs other then Minecraft.

    When u do something that is not allowed by my moderators they may ban u.

    U may sell items to other Players on the realm in Exchange for something u want.

    Dont trade with villagers without permission of the owner of the villager.

    Last but not least ENJOY!

    IGN Xbox live below>

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    New Survival Bedrock Realm.

    Put IGN below if you are intrested.

    No hacking

    No griefing

    No pvp only if both players want to

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    I just made a new survival realm for Minecraft Bedrock.

    I'm looking for 2 active players who like to work together as a team and make progress in the game.

    U can either choose if u want to work alone or work together.

    New players and young players are allowed to.

    My main focus will be on achievments including The Nether and the End.

    If the server progresses in a good way i will expand the max people who can enter the server to 10.


    Must be active

    No hacking

    No duplicating

    No pvp

    Be able to speak English

    Write your Gamertag and i will invite u as soon as possible.

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