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    posted a message on Stupid Minecrafters: I hate this new "generation"
    I think PVP ruined the community, most people that play PVP are either:
    A: 30 year old men trying to act tough and brag about their "l337 sk1llz" on teh intarnetz
    B: 12 year old children trying to act tough and brag about their "l337 sk1llz" on teh intarnets
    C: Men pretending to be 12 year old girls
    D: The tryhard MLG wanna-be players that camp spawn with their full set of enchanted diamond armor thinking that killing people who have nothing is cool
    E: Dumb children who dont know how to play the game so they end up leaving the only f'­ing door in the base wide open for the enemy to walk in.

    Minecraft is more like CoD and DayZ mixed together. I miss the good ol days of joining a server, with few bukkit mods installed, no one attacked eachother, and the mission was just to build and survive from mobs.

    But seriously, alot of these dumb kids think that the PVP in Minecraft requires skill when the combat system is ­f'ed and broken. Half the ­ing time i hit someone it seems my sword just goes right through them and does 0 damage. Sometimes it shows that i got a crit on my opponent but it still does ­all damage.
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    posted a message on **Age Of Chaos** Persistent World MMORPG (Custom Heroes, Custom Races, Epic PvP, Dungeons, Roleplay, Lores, Quality events and m
    Age: 16
    MC username: John_Price
    Desired Race/Class: Dwarf Paladin
    A little bit about yourself?: I like to build for my faction, I'm an experienced builder and I love working for whatever faction I'm in. I tend not to focus on combat unless the enemy is at my doorstep. I also love making traps :3 But most importantly I like being in a faction that actually works together.
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Deus Ex' Liberty Island (WIP)
    Someone should add a pepper spray mod and a unatco soldier NPC :3
    10/10 on your map, I love the custom textures. Keep up the good work mate!
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    posted a message on Splash water vials - The Firefighter's Weapon
    This would be neat for adventure maps and the nether :3
    You get +1 support C:

    Quote from Epicness1324

    It could be used to easily destroy redstone, and a lot of it within a few seconds.

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    posted a message on New, scarier, Harder Mobs
    Your thread lacks detail, if your gonna suggest something come up with an actual suggestion. Not a speculation. Also if you wan't people to take you serious I suggest you spell "you" correctly.
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    posted a message on "...But I'm from Planet minecraft..." and other sad stories of those who try to get O.P.ed
    "hay guise im from planet minecrft cn u guys op meh?"
    Not with that grammar sonny.
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    posted a message on Placeable maps! and war room aesthetics
    So most of you probably have seen some movies or games with a big table with a huge map of the surrounding land on it? What if we had the same thing in minecraft? We could add a war room to our fortress! And pretend we are setting up for an attack!

    Take the picture as an example


    How to make:
    Place a map on a wall or table silly!
    So whenever you place a map next to another map it expands it. The first marker could be where the map is placed, and it only shows the map that is placed. The player can right click little locations on the map to mark stuff with green, white, blue, red, or black flags!

    Let me explain the map placement more detailed.

    So you put a map on a table but it is 1x1. Then you place another until you get to a 4x4 map. Since maps have a limited view of distance you can place them down next to eachother to make the map bigger and its field of view.

    I'm not sure how we would go on about discovering the land before we place the map so it wouldn't be blank. So we'll just let the map reveal everything while it's placed :3

    You could have 1x1 treasure maps!
    2x2 wall maps!
    3x3 war maps!
    and a 12x6 canvas map in front of your throne or on top of your business table!

    The max cap would be 16x16
    If you try placing a map thats already attached to the 16x16 table of maps it would just go blank.

    It would be AMAZING for roleplay/war/PVP servers!
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    posted a message on Militia Villagers!
    So most of you are probably tired of finding shelter in a NPC village, then monsters come along and **** the whole place up while the villagers do nothing but get killed and massacred.

    So A PROPOSAL I propose:

    What if we had the ability to ARM the villagers with swords and helmets? They could defend themselves, AND especially YOU since you armed them.

    You can give some villagers snowballs, and swords. The only armor they would wear would be helmets.

    I know some of you are going to say "LOL DEY HAZ IRUN GOLLUMZ WOLOLOL", okay, would you spend 36 iron and a pumpkin just to make 1 iron golem? Wouldn't you prefer to give villagers a stone sword and a leather helmet?

    You can right click a villager whilst holding any sword/helmet/snowballs and the villager will take it! Aciidentally gave him your diamond sword? No problem! Just kill that son of a ***** and youll get all of your items back! Unless Jeb decides to throw in villager rep in with this you'll be fine! C:

    They won't follow you! Unless you give them a gold helmet. Because they love gold C:
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    posted a message on Mineraft 1.6.6
    I miss how noobs didn't set the brightness to max just to explore the night and caves. Brightness setting ruined the whole game :/
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