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    posted a message on Conquest_ [WIP there is always more to come]
    Hey, Groinal here again. Just stopped by to reiterate how amazing your work has been on this pack. From the amazingly redone skybox to probably one of the best sunrise/sets out there, it just boggles my mind what you've managed to do, especially considering it's 32x. I mean, there are 64x packs that don't even begin to touch the level of detail that comes out of this pack. It really is some talented work. My favorite new thing though is definitely the custom shader you had implemented. Really helps the game maintain its darker atmosphere while allowing torches and light sources to really pop and not get washed down by the darker overall lighting. While I'm not much of a dabbler in the meta data blocks (Used to on a server I was admin on, but haven't since that fell to pieces), the amount of them leaves me in awe, as well as the biome specific ones. I'm not even going to begin to talk about your CTM. Good lord, it's night and day with it on versus off.

    The best part though? The amount of actual passion in each texture. Instead of making each wood type a different color of the same texture, you've opted for a unique style for each wood type. No texture seems out of place and not a single one seems "Phoned in" so to speak; each one looks like it got the same attention as the last and was only considered okay after you were finally happy with how it turned out.

    This is fantastic work here, mate. Some can have their default and their OCD packs and even their realism packs. My go to pack will always be Conquest for as long as you keep it up and beyond. A bit melodramatic, yeah, but I'm serious. I'm beyond picky in the packs I use and the only pack I ever even bothered using was John Smith and for a while Dokucraft, but when I found this, that's all she wrote. lol

    This is literally the only pack I use. No pressure, though. I'm a huge backer of what's called "Artists Vision". Simply put, I'm gonna be happy no matter what direction you go in. I'm here for the long haul. I decided to put this down because I've noticed your updates start spreading out and can tell that perhaps that spark is getting dim and what better way to stoke the fire than a big drawn out tl;dr post, amirite?

    Regardless, keep up the good work! Or don't. It's your choice! :D
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    posted a message on Has anyone even found a stronghold?
    Jeb did explain in a tweet that strongholds in PE have been coded to always generate under a Village, as there are no "Eye's of Ender". Mind you, not every village and sometimes a little off center of one, but that's the best way to look for them! So, when you find a village, start digging. You never know!

    Tweet in question: https://twitter.com/jeb_/status/488695317940805632
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    Those would be the "Extreme Hills" biome that was added in 1.7 of Minecraft PC and 0.9.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Best way to tell is the large amounts of stone and the Spruce Trees. I think what you're mentioning is the "Farlands"? Which were properly removed in the latest versions of minecraft. To get to the farlands, you'd have to travel EXTREMELY far.

    So, all in all, you've found some "Extreme Hills", but sadly no "Farlands". :D
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    posted a message on Crafting in 0.9.0 like on PC is that true
    Update for those who don't know:

    It's not like PC crafting. Merely shows the recipe IF it were PC. It's still the same "Click the button to craft" style, only re-skinned.
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    posted a message on Percentage of realms servers that work!
    Well I would have voted, but I'm afraid "No, I don't have a server" wasn't an option. lol
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    posted a message on Best HD Texture Packs (ported by Jacques Remy) Summerfields for 0.9.x is here go to the last page for the link!
    I'll make a request, not expecting much though.

    I'd make my day to see the Fortune & Glory Texture Pack Ported MCPE.

    Original Thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1791682-16x-fortune-glory-jungle-ruins-texture-pack/

    If you can't get permission or what have you, no big. Figured I'd try.
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    posted a message on How will Xbox One Change Minecraft on console?
    Quote from killenjoke

    wont be backwards compatible?ludicrous to spout off opinions as if they are fact . xbox live will work across both consoles. and so will the games. since mc is an arcade game you will be able to download it to the new console. how this will affect the market im not sure. will there be a 360 market and an xbox one market, its very likely.

    Ummm.... yeah, that's an old post.

    http://www.theverge.com/2013/5/21/4350662/new-xbox-has-no-backwards-compatibilty Take a look in the first few sentences of that link. It was confirmed that Xbox 360 Titles AND Arcade Titles are not going to work on the Xbox One. It has no backwards compatibility "whatsoever".

    While at the time the person was spouting their opinion, that opinion has now become fact. The Xbox One is not backwards compatible in any shape or form and it's release will not have any bearing on MCX360 at all. Microsoft wants your Xbox360 to stay in your home. While it would be brilliantly amazing if they did a re-release of Minecraft on the One, let's be real here; they wont. If they did, I'd imagine you'd have to buy the game all over again, with no credit given to those who've already purchased it on Xbox360.

    The topic asked "How will Xbox One Change Minecraft On Console?"

    My answer is it wont change a thing. Unless Mojang releases a Minecraft 2 (Prompting an Immediate release on the Xbox One) or Microsoft suddenly decides to do backwards compatibility, MCX360 will remain on the 360 and if you wish to play it, you're going to have to bust it out every once in a while.
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    posted a message on Wohoo end of may or perhaps early June
    I remember when it was End of April, beginning of May. Lol

    I've stopped holding my breath and am just gonna keep on doing what I'm doing until it tells me my minecraft needs updating.
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    posted a message on Render Distance, The Fog and You.
    I know perhaps I'm the only one who says this and most will disagree, but there's one thing I find horribly lacking in the Xbox version of Minecraft.

    The ability to alter the fog distance. Now, I know the fog is barely visible as it is and you can see clear as day from a high point, from one chunk's ending to the other's beginning. As far as the (I'm thinking) "Far" render distance setting will let you. This is where things get odd though.

    I'd like to make the fog generate closer to me.

    For me, it's the immersion of the game. Sure, it's the most unrealistic game out there, what with the blocks lying all over the place, making it seem so blatantly generated, but give me a game that can keep immersion going and I'll get into it no matter how bad it looks. Minecraft makes me care, contemplate my decisions, and live with the choices I make. I even try to avoid making blatantly outlandish structures, such as pixel art or bridges that just float over a chasm. There's always something, even if it's a made up headcanon, that explains why my buildings and structures look the way they do. It's just the way I play. I don't hate anyone for playing otherwise and that's the beauty. There's no one way or another to play minecraft.

    Except there's one thing that kills it for me; I can see, quite blatantly, the edges of the world. The edges of my render distance. On PC, I always alleviated this with setting Fog to generate at 0.4, so that it adds a layer of mystery to things. I can see in the distance, but I can't make out what it is till I get there. It adds an atmosphere that is, to me, unbeatable. Gives things a sense of discovery, something that many have said is lacking in MCX360.

    So, what I'm asking is this: Should 4J take the time to add in variable distance fog to the game? It's in there, just barely, but allow you to pull it closer if you wanted? What do you think? Obviously I'd say have it as an "Option", because I know there are some people who disagree completely with the idea.

    Which they should. Minecraft has always been about that. Playing the game the way you feel it should be played.
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    posted a message on Minecraft< or > than halo 4?
    Halo <Oranges> Minecraft.

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