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    posted a message on Deserts: Cow retextured to Camels
    I could understand donkeys re textured as camels spawning in the desert. But people don't really eat camels.
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    posted a message on A Wither dimension?
    The nether is his dimension, as he is made from materials obtained there.

    Anyway, our current dimensions are in a big need of improvement. Jeb said himself that he'd rather improve our current dimensions than make new ones.
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    posted a message on What's wrong with kids?
    By "kids" they usually mean the 8 years olds who bought minecraft.

    When minecraft started, it's player base was mainly 10+. This year, I have noticed a lot more 10- players.

    The reasons for limitations are so little children do not bother older players. Yes, there are mature ones but the immature out number the mature.
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    posted a message on So what do you want to see in a new dimension?
    i don't want one.

    The ones we have already need work.

    Nether is useless other than the few resources, same story with the end. We should finish this candy bar before opening a new one.
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    posted a message on Minecraft: Why it Shouldn't Be Used As Punishment
    People get beaten as a punishment, don't act like your life is so terrible.
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    posted a message on Should glass panes shatter when hit by an arrow?
    I give up.
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    posted a message on Is minecraft becoming something else?
    I hate to say it, but I agree.

    Survival just doesn't do it for me anymore :/
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    posted a message on Why hasn't Minecraft been on Big Bang Theory yet?
    The real question is why should it be.
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    posted a message on Civilization Craft
    From what i've seen you post it doesn't seem like you know much about what you are talking about, you also seem to be repeating things.

    1. Just because it can become a seperate mode doesn't change the fact that it doesn't fit into minecraft
    2. AI stinks how would they advance it to this level?
    3. Java itself is hard to code with
    4. This would be hard to code
    5. This would probably take 4-5 months to fully implement
    6. This would have many many many many bugs, making it take an extra few updates or so
    7. Better as a mod (they already have mods similar to this.)
    8. lag
    9. small dev team
    10. make life hell for modders.
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    posted a message on Has Minecraft Gotten Worse?
    Quote from DiggedyBeat

    Has minecraft been getting worse? Is it possible that these new updates Jeb has been implementing have worsened minecraft? I believe so. In fact, I believe that these new updates have ruined the basics of minecraft and I decided to downgrade to version 1.0.0. and I will not update until the new updates improve. There are many reasons that the older versions of minecraft are better than the modern version. These are the reasons minecraft has gotten worse:

    - Items that were once treasures like cocoa beans, slime balls, and apples are no longer rare or valuable
    So? Most of us dislike spending hours to find simple food sources and slimeballs.

    - Because of the too many generated structures (such as jungle temples, desert temples, NPC villages, ect), diamonds and emeralds are too easy to find
    From my experience, structures are realtivley uncommon. Not to mention, it is still uncommon to find them in those structures.

    - Hunger bars only annoy the player because now you constantly have to take breaks from mining, builcing, or whatever it is you do to fill up your hunger bar
    I don't see how a five second break to eat is that bad.

    - There have been too many pointless additions (bats, witches, desert wells, dragon eggs, endstone)
    Most of those things are for pure looks or trophies.

    - Practical tasks such as docking boats and getting wool are harder, because now boats fly away at the touch and wool now requires shears to get the most wool
    Again, it isn't that complicated.

    - Redstone wire now dims the farther away it gets from the power source, making the need to make more redstone torches, but this is impractical and unnecessary
    Kind of agree, but it adds challenge and makes more sense.

    - Because of the addition of two bosses, minecraft has become a game of killing bosses rather than building
    Those are optional.

    - The bonus chest option ruins the point of punching trees and remove the basics
    Again, optional.

    - Too many additions to the game are no longer block-like, therefore removing the block aspect of the game, such as cobblestone walls, anvils, flower pots, ect
    I never read any shape rules for minecraft, not to mention they are still squares.

    - Beacons make the player too overpowered
    Optional, hard to get, what you go through to get them makes it balanced, and they only last within a hundred or so blocks limiting them.

    - Mobs that were once viewed as valuable and rare are now common like silverfish and slimes
    Silverfish never had a purpose, and slimes had little use.

    - Sandstone NPC villages are pointless and ugly
    That is your opinion.

    - There are pointless new additions of crops and food that provide no purpose
    So you are saying extra food has no purpose? That confuses me.

    - New swamp color is ugly
    Again, opinion.

    - New minecraft textures for blocks like grass, leaves, and cobblestone are uglier
    I haven't noticed much of a difference, and that again is an opinion.

    - The new terrain generator can generate two opposite biomes to spawn right next to each other, such as deserts and tundras
    So? It's minecraft!

    - Minecraft has lost its old feel
    Things change.

    There are several solutions to these issues. You could add mods and texture packs to fix these problems, downgrade minecraft to an older version, or you could spread the word. Post topics yourself if you agree, contact Notch and Jeb, just do whatever it takes to spread the word of these issues. Thank you for reading my topic.

    Just because you think somethings look bad, or don't like change doesn't mean you need to ruin it for the rest of us.
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