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    Quote from johanvepa»

    And here is a near perfect seed for the challenge:


    Lots of different biomes, savanna, desert, taiga, mountains. Even a small swamp, allowing for slime.

    A village, with a cleric (allowing for cleric trades).

    Sadly no bamboo.

    Took me a lot of tries to find this seed, hope it works for y'all :)

    That's such a good seed for it. The cleric is so valuable in that, does it have an amethyst geode as well?

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    > I guess an upgraded trader for the old world type would fix all of this. Just have rotational unobtainable items and the problem is solved, somewhat.

    I would recommend suggesting this in the Minecraft bedrock forum section.

    Good idea, I'll have to do that! Don't feel like they'd even consider it, but i can always try.

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    Quote from johanvepanext

    I would love for Old World to be expanded in utilities, if not i size. Building on this mini-world is fun! But frustrating that so much depends on the seed, and sad when all options have been exhausted.

    An idea could be for Mojang to make sure the oldworld seeds create worlds where everything is present. A village, tiny biomes of all types (alternatively ensuring that sugar cane and bamboo can be obtained at the wandering trader). Nether and End access, mini-fortresses, some structures and treasure, a bit more lava (though lava becomes renewable). I like that oldworld is not riddled with caves, but perhaps when the new larger and lush caves arrive, those could be cool too.

    Anyway, I like the challenge but is frustrated with the limitations.

    For me, the limitations is what makes it fun.

    I can agree with both. I think part of the fun is that you're limited to resources and can't have all biomes/mobs/blocks, however it would be nice for mojang to upgrade the old world type, especially with 1.18 and new cave generation. From testing i've done with 1.17 seeds is that old worlds can generate geodes eventhough the rest of the caves are filled. The one problem i have is the fact that the nether/end aren't typically accesible in the old world types. It is possible to get them loaded in with command blocks, however to some that may feel cheaty. It really does add a layer of strategy and what resources you can now obtain/farm. Do know that the nether and end are also limted to the same size. Allowing for the end/nether to be accesible you'd have to do a lot of research before hand as you don't only want the overworld to have the resources and biomes you want, but the same goes for the nether (e.g. blaze spawner, nether fortress, nether wart, biomes etc.). The end can also be cut in half if you're unlucky, which leaves you unable to fight the enderdragon. Biggest let down is not being able to get an elytra. I guess an upgraded trader for the old world type would fix all of this. Just have rotational unobtainable items and the problem is solved, somewhat.

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    Quote from Calaban»

    I remember my first Enderman 'misunderstanding'.

    It was unfortunate sequence of events with Cave noises first creeping me out... wondering "WTH was THAT?!? Then later finding a Disk 11 in a dungeon chest. Intrigued by it I quickly made a music block and played it... in the middle of it I heard a weird "Its the creator" voice.. and turned around... first ever seen enderman stood in dungeon doorway and started screaming at me! Then rushed at me!

    "I thought this was a game children could play" was what I said as I respawned and wondered just where they heck I died at.

    For the longest time I associated Cave sounds to Enderman attacks.. It always put me on edge... wonder where I should NOT be looking at, while looking around for it... Not Cool (but SO cool)

    That's amazing, these are the type of comments i'm looking for. Totally new to the game, not knowing what to expect and constantly being on the edge of your seat after a good scare. I like that you mentioned cave sounds, those were horrifying haha.

    Quote from tow4rzysz»

    When I was playing this game for the first time I already swotted myself up about most mobs, and enderman was no exception.
    I don't recall my first encounter, but I do that my early combat against them was fairly stressful, though I either fought from water or fully ironclad, so I typically came out on top.

    Yeah water is a huge help when it comes to fighting enderman, unfortunately it took me a long time till I figured that out.

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    posted a message on Issues with minecarts (chunk loading?)

    Will check it out, thanks for the input.

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    Start fishing, this also allows for some unique items and more importantly, enchanted books! Together with an anvil you can still enchant your gear. Throw mending on those diamond tools/armor and you'll never have to worry about it again

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    Bedrock 1.17 is now live.

    If dripstone points spawn naturally in this version, then lava is renewable if it exists.

    You can actually obtain them from the wandering trader!

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    I've been playing on bedrock and so far it's been fun.

    Here is what I've deduced:

    -no nether = no potions = no curing zombie villagers = no trading. So coal is no longer valuable to me intrinsically.

    No lava = no obsidian = no cobble farm/enchanting. Also, no oceans in my case.

    1+2 = no enchanted gear is possible to obtain (except without heavy heavy terraforming and even then)

    so I can mine ores without fortune and not worry about it, and also diamond loses any special value other than speed.

    -Iron remains renewable by zombies, but there is no easy way to amass them unless you go on hard difficulty.

    -Gold and copper are renewable by drowneds.

    -Charcoal suitably replaces coal. Dried kelp can be obtained from wandering traders, so dried kelp blocks can substitute for coal blocks.

    -Witches can provide glowstone and redstone.

    -Lapis is not renewable but has no intrinsic use now other than as a dye

    -Diamond's only special use is for jukeboxes, and there are no dungeons and little space to kill creepers via skeletons.

    -No way to get quartz. Goodbye daylight sensor, redstone comparator...

    -You can't get all achievements. You can't even get certain animals such as stray cats or pufferfish to spawn (unless you had village or ocean).

    On the other hand, illager patrols and wandering traders are infinitely more useful now. Patrols serve as a source of emeralds, and traders a way to obtain saplings and goods not available otherwise.

    My bonus chest spawned with a jungle log which will save me the time needed to buy a sapling for growing cocoa beans.

    Now I understand why these groups are important in the game...and also why traders have such cheap trades.

    love that you're giving this challenge a shot and are enjoying it so far! It comes with so many interesting challenges that makes you look at the game in a totally different way. The biggest thing for me was the wandering trader. In both Java and bedrock I would almost insta kill it without looking t the trades. Know i'm some happy to see his face as I know he comes with items that can not otherwise be obtained. You'll also be happy to know that the wandering trader can now also supply you with dripstone (and possibly other 1.17 resources).

    It sounds like you're already pretty far in at this point, so restarting is probably not an option, but I do believe you will miss out a lot with not having a village. They can provide you with unlimited access to diamond tools, certain blocks, emeralds, food etc. That being said, it will make it a lot tougher.

    Here are some other things I did when choosing a seed

    - Make sure to have multiple biomes > access to more tree variants (resources)/mob variants. (Turns out I picked the perfect biome for 1.17 as the goats, axolotls and glowsquid still spawn, yay for me).

    - Village (with at least 2 villagers so you can breed, often times the villages are cut in half).

    - Make sure there is sugarcane in the world (or have some in the starter chest).

    - See if there is a lava pool, blacksmith with lava etc. Lava means obsidian, which means enchanting! (Note that you can still find lava sockets when strip mining, so it is possible to find enough of those to make an enchantment table eventually).

    - See if there are pumpkins, together with snow you can make a snow golem and have acces to unlimited snow blocks.

    Took me a while to find a seed that had all of it, but definitely worth as you otherwise won't have acces to these items.

    Keep it up and keep posting updates, here if you need any tips!:)

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    Hi all,

    I've run into a problem on my bedrock survival world (maybe good to note that it's the old world type). I've built a track thats 256x256 on the outer edges of the map. When i'm in the minecart it works flawlessly, however if i want it to go on a loop 24/7 it gets stuck half way through the map. It also doesn't start back up until im right next to it again. Does anyone know why this happens? Is it because the chunks the minecart travels too aren't loaded? A 256x256 doesn't seem like that big of an area though. I've also tried to put in a nametagged mob, to see if that would keep it loaded, however the same thing happened. Does anyone know what the cause may be and or have a potential fix?

    Thanks in advance ^_^

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    posted a message on Do you remember your first enderman encounter? Mine scarred me for life.

    Try to imagine the following:

    You're 13 and having a sleepover at a friend's house to play minecraft for the first time.

    You know absolutely nothing about the game and neither does your friend.

    It's 2AM and it starts to rain and storm outside.

    You find a village for the first time.

    Coincidentally it becomes night time in game and starts raining.

    You go in a villager house, because you know night time = bad time.

    As you go in you think you see something tall and black in the corner in your eye.

    You ask your friend if he saw something, who tells you to stop playing.

    Your friend has a bed, however you don't so you have to go out and get wool.

    Your friend leaves irl to get something to drink.

    After killing a sheep and looking into the distance you hear a demonic screech.

    You run back to the village in panic, get to the house, close the door.

    Now you gotta remember, I had never played minecraft, the only thing I knew existed were zombies and skeletons. I also believe it was raining, but idk how that would've worked as endermen are sensitive to rain, but perhaps this wasn't the case in the earlier versions?

    I run downstairs to get my friend.

    On his return, there is nothing to be found, it's turning day and the rain stopped.

    My friend notices zombies banging at the door.

    We build a staircase up to escape from the roof.

    When i'm building away and up I here my friend yell: "OMG I SEE IT"

    I turn around in sheer panic to see the enderman at the bottom with his mouth open, screaming at the top of his lungs.

    I panic, but think i'm safe as i'm on the roof, so I look at him and fake hit (taunt).

    It teleports to me, placing him right in my face in a matter of seconds, screaming even louder, blowing out both my eardrums.

    I scream like a little girl, knock my drink over my keyboard.

    I fall off the staircase in a pit of zombies, killing me instantly, losing all the progress we made that night.

    My friend then screams from the other room, who dies a similar death 5 seconds later.

    We respawn, who knows how far away and decided to never head to that village again.

    We also woke up his whole family in the process as an added bonus.

    After years of therapy (jk) I got over my fear of endermen, but i'm wondering what your first ever interaction with the enderman was! Please share your story, i'm super curious.

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    posted a message on is it me or is this game just...

    > You can never truly experience minecraft for the first time again, which i'm sure we all wish we could do.

    Every world feels new to me, but new in the sense of new resource gathering.

    I have pretty bad memories of my first few months playing the game, it was far less beginner friendly in 1.5 then it is now. Reminds me of Welcome To The Game in that regard.

    I find the burnout comes to me with worlds I've played a lot, or biomes I've spent too much time in, and a new world, server, or biome helps a lot.

    Even world types; the 'old' bedrock server challenge is quite fun so far.

    I agree, every world is new and different in a unique way, but i'll never forget the first nether portal I created, going through and having no idea what i'll find on the other side. Even though it's stil different every time (if you play a different seed), it will be a known biome with known mobs. It's not like you'll hop through a portal and find a new dimension and 3 unreleased mobs. I guess that's more what i'm trying to get at.

    Also, please let me know how the bedrock challenge goes!!

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    I'm sure there is a way to do it with world borders in Java and if you're really interested I can look into it.

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    Great addendum. Eating dandelions makes rabbit not scared of you, and brewing a potion from them and drinking it makes them follow you until it expires. The inverse of it is just null.

    Now you're talking! Absolutely love that idea

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    posted a message on Make dandelions edible?

    I like the idea, especially the second part :lol: however I feel like there are already too many "useless" food sources in the game (they fill hunger, so not completely useless, but why eat something with lower saturation and no additional benefit) and the dandelion would just become one of them. Unless it comes with an additional effect, like attracting bees, or other mobs for a shot period of time. Could be interesting for sure!

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    Minecraft has a lot of different ambient "cave" sounds. If you really wanted to, here is a link to a video with 24 minutes of ambient cave sounds. If it's in there you know it's from the vanilla game, if not then perhaps it might be one of the modpacks. Here is the link

    Alternatively... Herobrine?:unsure:

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