About Me

Just an average guy who is an avid fan of DokuCraft and its continuation project: The Saga Continues. In my opinion, its RPG theme is one of the most aesthetically compatible packs to complement Minecraft.

I bought Minecraft around the Halloween Update in 2010. Whilst vanilla was good, Doku RPG was visually better with the help of Xau's HD Patcher. I made the transition to the official continuation revived by tombones called 'GeruDoku' after Doku was discontinued.

I switched to the returning doku's DokuCraft because its artwork was aesthetically sublime and complemented the tried & tested RPG texturing theme so popular in Minecraft. Shortly afterwards, I joined the continuation project dubbed 'DokuCraft: The Saga Continues', which was set up to maintain its core theme and to deter inferior remix packs after doku's departure.

I've only submitted a few textures myself; the most notable one is probably the Redstone Lamp (in my avatar) which began life as a Glowstone variant. It is now used as FyreUK's Creative pack icon with my permission.

I also use Wayukian 16px and Derivation 32px. Both TPs are absolutely spectacular!

10/04/2014 Update:

I'm not as active as before, by that I really mean I've pretty much grown out of the "Honeymoon" phase. Also, since Mojang is now "Microsoft Mojang" instead of the the indie developer I loved, you won't see me around here, if ever. I may login in now and then, and may even toss in a few of my exclusive, never-seen-before textures if circumstances allow it (I have loads BTW!).

The notice below is still valid as ever and I don't plan on changing it any time soon. Please respect my wishes, thanks!

1) I reserve rights to each and every one of my additions to Dokucraft TSC/Continuation.

2) My textures may ONLY be redistributed via OFFICIAL sources approved by the custodians of Dokucraft TSC/Continuation.

3) My textures CANNOT be redistributed via non-official sources. This restriction includes redistribution via non-official custom packs with world downloads.

4) My textures can be used in custom/mixed packs, but ONLY for personal use. No redistribution.

All hail Sir Ranulf Busby!