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    posted a message on Minecraft: POCKET EDITION porting service! Latest: Floating Islands
    a large pvp walls map with hidden chest caves & diffrent scenarios example one side would have a temple while the other a village etc
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    posted a message on Christian Themed Textures. (please)
    i would make the tp but since i saw him mock the "taunter" i will not budge on making this tp for i am also an athiest
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    posted a message on Looking for testers/helpers (Prison)
    wrong place this is mcpe
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    posted a message on trouble in mineville PE
    hello & welcome to the trouble in mineville!!!!!!! here are the rules!!!

    innocents:kill all traitors & live so you can win!!!!

    traitor:kill all innocent without being caught or they will murder you!!!

    dectective: me only ill tell u wether he was a traitor or innocent!!!!

    to join u have to kik me so they will be no greifers



    imessage: [email protected]
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    posted a message on Mod request. Cake mod and enchanting mod(with experience and bottle o enchanting)
    Quote from 0ola

    I need a cake mod. That means you will add that mod when 0.7.0 came out. (For buckets) and I'll need a enchanting mod and I'll get sharpness 5, knockback 5 smite 5 unbreaking 5!!! I need it for my YouTube subscriber!!! My YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/zerrolla/

    Quote from Emelio09

    Someone could create an enchantment mod where a new crafting table is added that will say give you sharpness on an iron sword for an iron sword+xp bottles which could come from defeating monsters :) but you wouldn't be able to get smite fire protection or bane of arthopods because those are certain types of damage and mcpe doesn't have that yet

    Or thorns and stuff like that
    its ppl like these that wanna make me cry
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    posted a message on ULTIMATE MOB CHALLENGEV2!/Now with archery tower!
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    posted a message on legit survival [ ]
    super legit survival with spawn jail see if ur worthy or not


    REWARD: conwebs or whatever
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    posted a message on New Perspective PvP == PvP/factions,CreativeWorlds,Survival Games, and Spleef coming soon!
    Quote from Adonay1234

    Co- Owner, i hope i make this job i am a mod on another sever and i think your sever would be awesome to be apart of it. :)

    IGN: Adonay1234
    Age: 15
    Email: [email protected]
    A ip that i have been a mod on:

    A admin is abut taking responsibly, not blaming on others to take the hit. Also should keep a watch of the chat making sure no one breaks the rule of any cause. You have all this power when you have it ( become a co- owner ) so don't abuse it, example kicking or banning, for no reason, also making members do something and threaten them for a ban. Act like a leader and step up don't back off in any occasion no matter how tough. Kick or ban only if necessary as if they were cussing judging by the race and stuff in that category. Try making others feel good about themselves, complement them if they made a mansion or a build maybe even if they take a stand. Don't give advantages depending on gender, if a boy were want to be a builder also a girl the girl makes a building that is way more skilled and better perhaps and the co- owner in this situation were to give the spot to the boy that were to be plain wrong. Be nice, don't swear or cuss at the players, ( nice way if you want to lose players ). Try to give support to all of your players if there working on a hard project to be a certain rank, encourage him about it give them more confident about themselves. Always feel free for help, maybe you are assigned to a certain plugin like world edit, ask one of the players for help if you don't know how to use it. Sometimes give out treats if they accomplished something challenging as if a new rank or recognition like a statue. Try your best, always try to manage the sever your best. Last but not least have fun! Try to have as much fun like fishing or something like making spawn.
    dood can i be admin my ign is pedo-cat
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    posted a message on Server no whitelist any mod now online
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    posted a message on survival server
    its not on
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