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    posted a message on The screenie contest
    Hi, I am just starting a screenie contest, since I love to watch screenshots from others :D

    The rules:
    1. Do not use any mods that isn't specified below(NotEnoughItems and inv edit for faster items is allowed if made in creative, if survival, you decide :3 )
    2. Not more than one screenie per week.
    3. Do not advertise any way possible in a screenie or anything. If you have an advert as a signature, its okay.
    4. Please not say like 'I will like all ur posts if u vote meh! Im sweg :D '.. this makes you disqualified.
    5. Go crazy with the build :3
    6. Make a build or whatever you make, just have it use the sweg topic and the sweg blocks allowed(I will list blocks not allowed, all other blocks not listed are allowed).
    7. Trust yourself that you can win!
    8. *Not a rule* Good luck!
    Mods allowed:
    1. Bibliocraft
    2. Shaders
    3. Minecraft Forge :3
    4. Modloader :3
    5. Any inv editor.
    6. Natura
    7. Twilight Forest
    8. Better fences with sprinkles stuffs
    9. Tinkers Construct
    10. Random things (Yep, thats a mod :3)

    Hope you want to join!

    Topic for this week: Your dream home. Required: 4 pictures!

    Wish you luck, and hope that you build sweg :3.
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    posted a message on Phyria || The New Groundbreaking MMORPG || Now Recruiting!
    Skype: stoneminer02
    Mic?: Yep
    Age [don't lie]: 11..
    Experience? [in depth please]: I cannot tell self, others have to say how good I am cuz else I would always say that I'm AZZUM
    Portfolio [things you have coded. Please include at least one plugins and at least 4 features]: World editor(Complete customizer), custom commands(set in a config/mysql database), blockprotection for some peepz and some get perm for it & color code support in renaming in an anvil.
    Interest in joining: I don't understand what you mean?
    Do you agree to our terms (below):Yes! I do agree to the terms.
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    posted a message on [!READ THE OP!] Buying Minecraft Gift Codes for Others!
    If its ok I could join this ;D
    I have b-day in 2 days now so in October I'll have muuch money :)
    And then I could give out giftcodes.
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    posted a message on Risugami's Mods - Updated.
    I :wub: MODLOADER!!
    I give you 10 bedrock and 10 diamonds for it!
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: :opblock: :opblock:
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    posted a message on Mod pack
    I just only make the mod for others want a mod like \/
    • Toomanyitems
    • Singleplayercommands
    • Biospheres
    • Computercraft
    • Redpower
    • And much more
    Mod is be maked for this /\
    So please not say what you want to me!
    Say it to the others!

    Please comment and be one of the "others".
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    posted a message on Mod pack
    Mod pack
    Mod pack version 0.1 for Minecraft 1.2.5
    This mod will give many mods!
    What is give
    TooManyItems SinglePlayerCommands ComputerCraft BuildCraft(all) RedPower(all) Weather mod(tornado mod) RC mod Clay soldiers Armor stand Shelf Biospheres And much more!
    And we will give the forum link to every mod!
    We only have mod's in a mod!
    We have resources and mods and bin folders and much more in the mod!
    We give the buttons to do the special things!
    (In a spoler here later)
    Please comment this to be a tester and we have many places more!
    Only comment this\/

    Ready thing to do:
    • Tester (10 places)
    • Comment reader(2 only)
    • More mod's sayer(5 places)
    • Remove mod's sayer(3 places)
    Just only comment:
    Have you ever been a modder: <y/n>
    If y witch mods: <mods you have modded into ur client>
    Have you been a <thing you want to do> before: <y/n>
    Will you answer on others questions: <y/n>

    :SSSS: Thanks to read!
    Later please make a tutorial!
    The best go on the site!
    Site come later! :SSSS:
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    posted a message on [WIP] SubwayCraft 0.1.4 for 1.2.5 : Build your own subway and subway station! And lots more neat features!
    SubwayCraft looks awesome and hears better!
    Can I be a tester?
    I is a PRO modder! :DORE:
    I can check and see to bugs and see if they be fixed too!

    - stoneminer02
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