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    posted a message on [BW] BED WAR - A new kind of team PvP
    can someone invite me to this server?
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    posted a message on Terraleet.com Staff Recruitment! [Looking for Moderators & Designers]
    • Name:Daniel P.
    • In-game Name:stevemenendez
    • Experience:i have played mainecraft for 4 years and am a redstone wizard
    • Why do you want to be an Moderator? i would like to be a mod to help terraleet become a better community that it already is (which is hard to do [that is why i am here])
    • What separates you from the other applicants? i believe every person is special and has amazing talents
    • How may we contact you? (skype preferred) i can skype freely but only at certain times (i have a tight schedual)
    • Have you read the Terraleet.com goal - What do you think? i believe uitlizing the use world edit is an amazing idea and i believe that it can only make the server better
    • Please tell us a little bit about yourself - What about minecraft do you love? i am a 12 year old that has a passion for minecraft, baseball, and archery that live in Tampa, Florida ther are many things that i love about minecaft and one of them is that you can express ideas freely in 1 meter squared blocks
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