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    Quote from mellelintje01»

    my friend and i have a big problem. the iron golem farm won't work because the villagers aren't scared of the zombies. we dont know how to fix it and there is nothing on YouTube. can someone plz help me so we can make the iron golem farm

    Quote from FuzzyCatBus >>Can you post screen shots? It's hard to help when we can't see how it's set up. Option 1: there is something that is blocking the line of sight of either the zombie or the villagers which means they aren't getting scared. Option 2: the zombie is too far away.

    How far from other villagers is the farm? If the farm is within 42 blocks, the zombie my be locked onto a villager outside the farm. From the wiki. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Zombie#Attacking_villagers

    Zombies target villagers within 42 blocks, and they can always see villagers through walls. Once a zombie has focused on a villager, the zombie ignores any other villagers and the player, until its target is dead or the zombie is attacked

    More likely, it is probably this. The villages can't stay constantly scared anymore from a 1.14.3 pre 2 update. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Villager#History

    Panicked villagers now have to work and sleep, so they cannot be in a state of panic all the time.

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    posted a message on Looking for some ideas for goals in survival mode

    You could build a mountain village. Then you can have minions, I mean villagers, to rule over/um protect. Yeah protect. That's it. Build a nice set of houses with a wall to keep out the ruffians. :)

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    posted a message on Why are my villagers breeding all the time and cats keep appearing in my house.

    Villagers breed when they have enough food and there are empty beds available for kids to claim. To stop the breeding cut off the food and/or remove beds.

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    posted a message on Is there a way to determine how many villagers/golems a village has?

    I take a census of the villagers when they are in bed.

    I have no way to count golems.

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    Activator rails kick the cart occupant to any open spot around the cart. If you are delivering the villager to a specific spot, you want to block off the other options.

    In my world, I was delivering villagers to another village I had built. I wanted them delivered to specific houses, so I fenced in the door of each house. I put the redstone block in the ground just outside the open gate. I then laid the activator rail on top and connected it. I put trapdoors on every spot around the activator rail, except the open gate. Then the villager would be kicked out into the gate and could not escape. Once the villager moved out of the gate, I closed it and he was home safe. Here's a picture of it.

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    posted a message on Tips for building and populating my own village?
    Quote from krismack16»

    I've positioned my base on a series of mountains in a shattered Savannah biome, and recently have become interested in inhabiting it with villagers. As I don't have much space in the horizontal axis, I figured I might build a vertical village by basically making one of the towering mountains I live on into a tower full of rooms and corridors and stairwells. My main concern is that I don't know enough about the behavior of villagers to be able to build something like this that will lead to breeding success, good trading opportunities, and the spawning of iron golems.

    How tall and wide should I make the "streets"/corridors? The houses? Do plants even grow underground? Would zombie raids still occur even if the village was completely blocked off from the sky? Would iron golems still spawn? Would villagers bother moving from level to level in the city/tower if I gave them a central staircase to use?

    The villagers will eventually make Iron Golems through gossip. So your corridors, doors, rooms, etc, should be big. At least 4 blocks tall and 3 wide for the golems to fit with a little extra room. I would not make the door ways any less than 3 blocks tall and 2 blocks wide so that golems can fit through. Anywhere you put beds, chests, job blocks, etc, the ceilings need to be 4 blocks tall for the golems to spawn there.


    Villagers generally look for beds on the same level according to reports. So you can't really make your village too tall. So you might want to put everything villagers need on roughly the same level of roughly 5-10 or so blocks high. Basically, each village should be two levels at most (with 4 block high rooms) IMO. I have a village where the two sides are about two levels tall and the villagers seem to find there way up and down the hill. But that is with an open hill. I would make sure there are a lot of stairways between levels. Villagers like to wander and get lost.

    Crops will grow underground if you have them lit up. in the pics below, I put Jack-o'Lanterns in the roof and walls covered with trapdoors. The crops grow well. These are for my use, so they are stacked on top of each other. You could spread them out easily. I have granite half slabs over the water channel.

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    Quote from Esperax»

    Hello, I've the same problems, my villagers don't breed. In the comment of the video I looked to create the reproduction system, there is a few recent ones saying it doesn't work anymore. Weird thing because the video has only 4 weeks and I don't think there was a major update or anything else. The only difference I have regarding the video is my beds haven't contact with the sky but I heard it wasn't necessary. I've 2 farmers and 2 villagers (they doesn't come from the same biome, idk if it changes something, and one villager was already a farmer so I've only one compost). I've enough bed with enough space above them to walk.

    I'll post a screen later, I'm not home for now.

    For the video, here is the link (French video) :


    There have been minor updates since that video was posted. Villagers need access to the beds to sleep. Also the extra beds to make villagers breed also need to be accessible.

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    Quote from IndiaHawker»

    I'm playing 1.14.4 with Forge and Biomes o Plenty, if it matters! Don't need to move them far, just wondering the easiest way to move them each into dedicated houses. Please and thanks! :)

    I use rails to move villagers. Then I use an activator rail and trapdoors to boot the villager out into the spot I want. Getting the specific villager into the cart is the hardest part. Put down a rail and a cart and push the villager into the cart. If you can get them alone in a house, then put the rail and cart at the door and the villager should walk right in.

    I would fence in the door of the house I was putting the villager in. Then I would put down a redstone block (torches beside the rail work too) and put down an activator rail over the redstone block. Then I would stack trap doors around the 8 blocks I didn't want the villager to jump to, so the open 9th block was all that was left. I put the open spot right over an open gate, so once the villager was in the yard, I could close the gate behind him when he moved. Then pick up the rails and trap doors and go to the next house.

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    Do you have leaves above the crop land? If you don't have unobstructed views above the crops for sunlight, try putting down torches around the crops. The water you have should irrigate the ground enough. I have crops growing underground with Jack o"Lanterns lighting them up, so I would suggest putting down torches to see if that helps. It does take time for crops to grow as well. More info in the wiki.


    My crops under ground. The trap doors hide the Jack o'Lanterns and the granite slabs hide the water channels. I could use less water, but I'm happy with it. Each of the Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes and Beats farms have 64 blocks of crop. I dug out the levels on top of each other going down, so when I'm standing close enough to have the chunk loaded, all the crops can grow at once. I've thought about making automatic farms for the other crops but haven't bothered yet. Too many other things to do.





    Melons and Pumpkins

    Automatic Sugar Cane farm - when the sugarcane grows right in front of the detector in the back, all the pistons on that side activate and push the top two sugar cane blocks into the water channel to be collected in a chest.

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    Quote from s_leroux»

    Is there a way for villager to recover HP -- either by themselves of through user interaction?

    For the long story, I have a village whose houses are hidden in a labyrinth made of red berries. Occasionally villagers hurt themselves while walking in the labyrinth and it seems they never recover their health, so they all end up dying after few days. Please, help me to save them ;) !

    Villagers heal when successful at sleeping. See the sleeping section under Schedule on this wiki page.


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    posted a message on A newbie builder asking a question.
    Quote from Diamond_Dude6»

    I am recently getting into becoming a more better builder in Minecraft, so block choices are my main concern. As I like to build in survival, cobblestone is abundant (because of strip mining), and I am wondering how well it works in house architects, and what blocks go well with it. It is considered more of a permanent living area, so please keep that in mind.

    Grian is great at giving ideas for nice looking buildings. There are other good YouTubers as well.


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    Quote from rendellsibal»

    Yea its bed now i forgot to say. It is also works on 2 zombie villager? And some villager occupation is match defends on block like cleric is need brewing stand?

    Yes, the villager profession depends on the job block they claim. Here is the wiki for villagers and I jumped to the profession section.


    Villagers who have not been traded with can change occupations. To lock a villager into an occupation, trade with him until he is no longer a novice and he will not change jobs again.

    Note, this means that you can put a lectern down for a villager to change to a Librarian. If he doesn't get the Mending book trade, then break the lectern and place it again until he generates as a Librarian with a Mending book trade. Then trade with that villager to lock in his Librarian job, so he always has that mending trade.

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    This is what we did to not land on the magma block. You go down in the water column and pop out near the bottom to land in the water with no damage. We may add other layers and will have the landings off to the other side and be multiple blocks high.

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    Quote from ellyama»

    One thing I forgot to mention, my villagers have had their workstations for 3 weeks, the ones that 'quit' had been at their workstations steadily for all this time. I haven't moved workstations, I just redid the buildings themselves. Dont understand why they left since the reasons mentioned above don't really apply.

    I only moved the new workstation I made when trying to get them employed again

    Can other villagers path find to the same work station? As Hexalobular mentioned, villagers pick their workstations each morning and some other villager might have got their first if they can path find to it too.

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    What Hexalobular said.

    Also, if you have traded with a villager, their profession is locked, so they need the same job block. For example, if you had a librarian and had traded with him, he is now a librarian for good. You can take his lectern and he will be unemployed. But since he is locked as a librarian, he won't change to a farmer if offered a composter, he will only take a lectern.

    I recommend putting the villagers where you want them, like a market stall or house, and them giving them jobs.

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