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    posted a message on Making a dev team for youtube group

    I need a dev team that is skilled in coding a Minecraft and coding websites and forums and anything else a youtube group would need msg me or comment to join and has the rm to run it i will try to pay for the stuff we need but cant promise it

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    posted a message on =-ForsakenMC Needs Staff/Youtubers/Builders!=-

    IGN: puglover234

    Skype (You Can PM me if preffered):puglover234

    Channel Name: goldencreed//tgc

    Do You Record Minecraft: yes

    Do You Curse In Videos: no

    Do You Like Factions: somtimes if the ppl are not to immature

    How Active Can You Be: at least once per day

    Tell Us A Bit About Yourself: i record alot of things but had to restart channel

    Anything Else We Should Know: nothing

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    posted a message on Gaming Partner Wanted

    Age: 14
    Timezone: EST
    Do you have Discord? If not, can you get it?: puglover234
    Times available (10 AM EST - 3 PM EST usually works best for me, but Tuesdays, Saturdays & Sundays I'm free): same

    Do you also have a Youtube channel that you'd like to record on as well?: yes

    Why should I pick you to record with?: i am learning how to code i spend most of my free time working on getting rdy to go back to youtube and im quite nice

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    posted a message on Serious YT Collab! Are you up for it?!




    Golden creed //tgc

    minecraft and group collabs in mc

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    posted a message on making a group for youtubers

    i need youtubers to play minecraft with and play modded and vinilla

    msg me at [email protected] or goldencreed //tgc on youtube and must be 13+ and kid friendly unlimited youtubers Edit: making a group of youtubers everyone can join we all will help each other this will be a youtuber team or community The Youtube Assassins

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