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    Infernoberry is a No-Rules Survival server that is traveling through the Minecraft versions

    We started out on Beta 1.7.3 and now we are on Release 1.8.9, it may go to newer releases in the future, however no gurantee.

    The server has no rules, this means you can grief buildings, steal from people, and of course pvp is encouraged.
    There are no plugins that make the server easier such as tpa, or claims. This is Basically Vanilla Survival with no rules
    we only have a few plugins like an anti-cheat and some plugins to patch duplication Glitches
    However if you do find a duplication glitch you are allowed to use it without repercussions

    Come Experince OLD MC on a NO RULES server!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/ke9B8QAuf8
    IP: Infernoberry.org
    Website: https://infernoberry.org/ (Currently down)

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