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    posted a message on Will i be able to get my corrupted world back?

    I have a random item skyblock world. Its where you first spawn on a piece of bedrock and every 30 seconds you are given a random item. I have worked on this world for over a year now and i cant imagine a life without it. Ever since the new update, everything changed. When i updated the world, everything saved, but my data pack didn't work. I instead made a new installation so that i can go back and play in 1.15.2, but when i did, i was spawned in a normal Minecraft world. My inventory was still there, but everything else was gone. I dont know what to do. Is there any sort of way for me to get back what i had before? I dont care about getting back the data pack anymore. I just want the map. I would spend as many hours as it would take just to rebuild that world where i have the data pack. Please give me answers, as ive been crying in the bathroom for 3 hours and want to leave.

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    posted a message on I chose my skin to be slim, but in-game it shows up as classic, and its really bothering me, help!

    I chose my skin type to be slim, but it shows up as the classic type in-game. The black lines annoy me and I don't like having arms that look like elongated blocks of raw spam. This has never happened to me before but no matter how many times I try, every time I set my avatar to slim it shows up as classic. What's wrong and how do I fix it?

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