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    posted a message on Muskets!

    Good suggestion. Thanks!

    When I saw this, I was doubtful and honestly thought, "no way." Most people think that when they see a gun suggestion, because most gun suggestions are either "lol add musket that do 15 hearts pls" or "lol add revolver".

    You bring up a good point with TnT. However, still, Minecraft has always had an element of medieval fantasy, like the middle ages if they had magic. Swords and bows are obviously medieval. Potions and tridents are much more magical. Guns, though? I'm not entirely convinced. Still, it helps that you're talking about muskets and not AK-47s. The first arquebuses- the matchlock guns upon which the Musket's based- came around in 1450. The full set of Gothic heavy plate- I.E. the archetypical "knightly armor"- fully developed by 1535, mostly in response to musket fire. So really, muskets are more "medieval" than full Iron Armor if anything.

    Ignoring that, let's look at game balance. I initially thought this would be OP and unskilled. A weapon with a very fast projectile and high damage? Might as well add a sniper rifle into the game. But the inaccuracy and reloading time you mentioned are key. A player can't just turn around and shoot to deal a million points of damage, and with the slow reload, it certainly fulfills a different niche than the bow. But because it's so slow, it would require more of a camper playstyle which, in my opinion, would be pretty boring and encourage the wrong type of gaming. With muskets, you'd have players hiding in a corner with an aimed gun waiting for someone to come so they can fire and immediately switch to their swords to finish them off. There's no such thing as "wrong type of gaming" unless it's blatantly unfair to other types. Muskets, strategically, can turn the tide of battle, but only when they're used well, such as the aforementioned corner strategy. That can be easily counteracted by using a Shield- causing the Musket to lose its armor piercing power once it penetrates, or simply neutralizing a player camping with Buckshot. The Musket player then has to commit to melee or run, since he has no time to craft some new ammo into the gun (hence why I put this system, instead of RMB-holding). Since he invested more resources into his gun than his armor, he likely will not win the melee against someone who went full armor + sword. He could instead win by flanking, sniping, or guerilla warfare, these roles being things the Musket is good at.

    How do you plan on making its aiming look like? Like other gun games (quick zoom in when aiming, quick zoom out when un-aimed)? Will there be a scope you can aim through, or just a sight to look down? With extra damage, I assume there'll be extra knockback? What about knockback on the user themself too? Just like the Bow- screen zooms a bit as you hold down RMB. I like to keep things simple. Extra knockback seems good, so I will add that.

    edit: ooh it's an Engie main >promptly creates Minisentry suggestion

    Responses in bold.
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    posted a message on Break AFK Fish Farms
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    You can currently build contraptions (known as "AFK Fish Farms") to allow yourself to be fishing automatically when you aren't even at the computer. This is, of course, overpowered when you consider that many enchantments and rare items can be obtained through fishing.

    To fix this, I propose that there is now a 1 in 100 chance of fishing up a pufferfish (the mob). Since the pufferfish gives the player (brief) poison and does a little bit of damage, players would no longer be able to safely use AFK fish farms.

    Additionally, if the player is on hard difficulty, there will be a 50% chance (so a 1 in 200 chance overall) that the pufferfish is instead a creeper. Note that the creeper would not be flung more than 5 blocks away from where it was fished up, and that it wouldn't ignite until it is no longer in the air.

    This would fix the overpowered exploit known as AFK fish farms, add a little more danger/action to fishing, and add a nice little easter egg referencing an old Minecraft video.

    This suggestion is made with a good concept- make the player have to be more active to fish, instead of farming all they need- but it executes it incorrectly IMO.

    Adding a random element of difficulty is not a good way of making something harder or more fair to use. It's entirely outside of the player's hands. Especially if you're really, REALLY unlucky and get a Creeper dropped on you.

    I'd recommend just changing fishing so that you have to right-click or something like that to actually pull the fish up, not have it just dumped into your lap after dropping your fishing rod in and waiting.
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    posted a message on Send a packet for any key that is pressed on the keyboard

    This sounds fairly well made. I must say, my first thought was "remind me of why we need a keylogger for Minecraft", but the function utility- provided that this system was used with a fair degree of security- would make it worth including.

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    posted a message on More types of golems
    Quote from J3llly»

    I wonder if they can add more types of golems to minecraft like the gold golem, diamond golem and the wither golem?

    What would each of these do? Why would they be an improvement or sidegrade to the standard Golem? You need to flesh these things out.
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    posted a message on Muskets!

    There are tons of mods. why not use them? also, in my opinion i think that this would kind of ruin minecraft.

    Can you explain why you feel that it would "ruin" Minecraft? One sentence isn't enough for me to fix anything or improve the suggestion at all.
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    posted a message on Muskets!
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    While I'm far from sold that firearms are a needed addition, this proposal is the most reasonable I have yet seen...

    That this creates a second long range weapon that is functionaly distinct from the bow is a strong point in its favor.

    The differences in speed and damage between musket and bow follow the example of sword and axe; the former have higher damage per second [DPS], the latter higher damage per hit [DPH]. Right. This is exactly what I was going for; the same dynamic as the melee tools.

    The differing advantages of longer aiming (power for a bow vs accuracy for a musket), the added explicit loading step, the second load, and the limited enchantment selection as well as the lack of tipped/enchanted loads also help make this a distinct weapon.

    For an interesting historical comparison see

    As an alternative to the bayoneted version (which would likely overlap the functions of the spear – which weapon is oft considered a badly needed addition) – the musket might be given a damage, cooldown, etc. similar to a wooden shovel; far better than one's fist, but by no means a weapon of choice. I was thinking a superior range and around 2 hearts' damage, but a very low swing speed and inability to crit. The idea is that you shoot the monster or player and rush in with the bayonet to finish them off (8 + 2 damage); the bayonet would probably just be an extra iron ingot or two on top, not a sword, so it's an alternative to crafting both. I know that arquebuses and other matchlocks most certainly [i]didn't[/i] have these, but I don't feel like it's heresy to mix and match a few features.

    WRT enchantments: I can understand why infiniity was considered too powerful (and Curse of Binding perhaps too restrictive), but Flame also seems a bit overpowered. Perhaps making it mutually exclusive with Punch (if not also Power) might lessen its utility and could be justified as incendiary rounds tend to lack mass. That sounds good.

    Should a way be sought to circumstantially weaken the musket vs bows, disallowing its use while in water or in the rain would leave bows a circumstatial advantage as sniping weapons under some conditions. [I am aware of the RW limitations of wet bowstrings, but MC has long disregarded this particular fact.] I wouldn't like to not be able to use it in rain (as random "screw you your weapon is useless now" things out of the player's control is not good game design generally), but not being able to fire underwater would make sense.

    As depicted, it is unclear whether the 3x3 grid shown is needed to load a musket or whether the 2x2 player crafting grid will suffice: Suggest the latter. Right. I will pare down that shape a little to make it explicit that that's all you need. It's shapeless crafting anyways.

    The recipes for crafting and loading a musket strike me as backwards; I would prefer LR mirror patterns also work. I will do this.

    While not relevant to the proposal, the weapon depicted is almost certainly a matchlock based on the lever trigger, tiller shape, and the visible parts of the action (no battery or frizzon). Should it be desired, an even more limited version of the musket based on this earlier technology could be added with the substitution of "Match" (crafted from string and gunpowder) for the flint and steel. Exactly- it's more of what you'd see Portuguese arquebusiers tote, rather than French line infantry. The flintlock-style action implied by Flint and Steel is meant to increase the Iron cost of the weapon, as well as give said item another use; consider it similar to how Warhammer Fantasy's "handguns" are arquebus-like but still have flintlock actions.

    Responses in bold. I will go ahead and add some new stuff to the OP soon, including suggestions and tweaks from various people.
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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Too predictable? Predictability is good for gameplay. Since there are stone and cobblestone slabs, I can predict that there will be andesite, diorite, and granite slabs. However, there aren't; this is bad for gameplay.

    Actually, I think it's a special kind of quartz called "Nether Quartz."

    By this logic we should also make mobs that are useless since there is the polar bear.

    How would it not be odd for a commonly-known ore like copper to not be found in the Overworld? I think the fact that it's been suggested so many times is a good reason to not use it in the Frist. People clearly want it to be used in redstone and found in the Overworld, not be used only in another dimension.

    Plus, what's the harm in adding a new material for the Frist? We haven't created any ores for it yet anyway.

    EDIT: Maybe we could do something similar to Nether Quartz, and make it "Frist Copper," "Frosted Copper," or something similar.

    Quote from blugreended»

    Here's my half-baked attempt at making Frist Copper and Frist Stone.

    This seems like the best course of action- it's a new metal that's clearly differentiated from iron, but at the same time has a reason to not be in the Overworld (that it's a special "frosted" variant, the same way as how Nether Quartz is).
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    posted a message on Muskets!
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I'm not asking why you should make a musket if it were added, I'm asking why the musket needs to be added. Nothing should be added for the sake of being added.

    Ah. My mistake.

    The Bow leaves two niches currently untouched:
    • short range (you can simply sword-charge in before the second arrow flies, or use a shield to negate it)
    • long range (you are basically immune beyond 30 blocks of range as long as you erratically dodge)

    It additionally has three problems:

    • one of only two weapons in its class (one of which, the Trident, is barely even a ranged weapon)
    • nearly worthless against heavily armored enemies unless enchanted
    • nearly worthless against anything using a shield unless enchanted

    The Musket solves this without rendering the Bow useless. Its three main roles are:

    • sniping (fast-moving projectile and flat trajectory enables hitting a target 30-60 blocks away with proper aim, though the fact that you have to aim for 3 seconds instead of 1 to get maximum accuracy means that your enemy has a chance to hide)
    • piercing armor (counters heavily armored mobs and players)
    • piercing shields (counters enemy players)

    The Musket, as a result, adds diversity to ranged combat and nicely complements the Bow in the niches it misses. Though it's not as good for medium-range fighting or fighting unarmored players/numerous loosely-spaced mobs, it can be used for both longer-ranged fighting and close-ranged blasting depending on the ammo you load, encouraging tactical thinking and planning what you use for what fights. That's why it would be overall good for the game and worth adding.

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    posted a message on Muskets!

    I have voted in the poll for crafting. I think the reason why I fully supported it was because of the crafting. Making it craftable wouldn't be useless because a musket is more of a tool for trench warfare. It makes it scary and exciting becaus you are vunerable. It is appropriate given the damage and accuracy.

    I don't want to take muskets too far but maybe you could add some more special types of shots. A gold musket ball would be much faster than the iron but at the same time, less damaging. Crafting a musket w/a fire charge and gunpoder will make it shoot out small explosives.

    A gold ball could maybe deal enhanced damage against certain creatures (such as zombies or skeletons; basically undead), mirroring the fact that many hunters in fantasy use things like silver musket balls or whatnot for dealing with stranger creatures. A firework crafted with the Musket could make it fire said firework out and deal an explosion on impact.

    I'm considering adding a variant of the Musket with a bayonet, which would have a slower swinging speed and slightly less damage but a long reach. This would give the standard Musket some more utility, as you could go in and melee an enemy with it alone, and if you're really good, stay just out of their melee range while poking with yours.

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    posted a message on Muskets!
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I'd like to point out that the world of Minecraft isn't equivalent to our world, and that the level of technology hasn't necessarily come in the same order as ours. It's really more about what fits in with the style of the game.

    I honestly just don't see why we need muskets.

    Right- that's the argument I was making. There's no real way to quantify the tech level, so what's more fitting with the theme (adventure, exploration, etc.) is how one should decide what would be nice to have and what wouldn't be. Given that that sort of wild, "let's travel the world" feel came into mass prominence around the 1400s-1500s (i.e. during the musket's rise to prominence), I feel like there's no problem with it fitting in.

    As for the gameplay reasons on "why bother making one", it has some things the Bow doesn't:
    • High utility at long range (can be used for sniping), owing to flat shot trajectory, rapid speed, and ease of use
    • Higher damage (8 hearts is a LOT to consider when one swing of a sword will finish a mob or unarmored player afterwards)
    • Armor-piercing capability letting it threaten armor (unlike an unenchanted Bow) and additionally counter shields
    • With Buckshot, a short-ranged high-damage (but without AP) solution to encroaching mobs or a charging shieldless player.

    The Bow has a superior fire rate (better for countering multiple weak mobs at medium range, or one after the other), it's cheaper (available earlier and its ammo is dropped by some of the most common monsters in the game), and is easily shootable up to medium range. In a one-on-one engagement at 20 blocks, a musket-using player can severely damage an archer, but will then suffer a repeated hail of arrows, unable to reload unless they find a safe spot or manage to quickly do so before they get charged/skewered with more arrows. In comparison, said musketeer can horribly wound a charging melee player and then has the upper hand in the resulting combat, or alternatively can drive someone off and then snipe them in the back as they're fleeing much more easily than with a Bow.

    Some people have expressed their dissatisfaction at the cumbersome nature of reloading, though, so I have considered replacing it with a 5 second RMB-holding process (similar to what's used in Balkon's Weapon and other mods). If you haven't already, you can vote in the poll.

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    posted a message on Muskets!
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    The mechanic of loading muskets should be tweaked, as using the crafting recipe in order to reload consistently results in a nearly useless weapon, at least when considering mods that used it (The lone exception IIRC was Quiverbow, and most of it's weapons were capable of firing lots of times before needing to reload, and the few were either capable of nearly 1-hitting the Wither, or were used to make other weapons, or were more useful for different reasons than combat). Specially when considering that in PvE, there's few heavily-armored mobs, so the Bow has higher DPS at less cost (Which admittedly, isn't an inherent flaw as it isn't supposed to be a full upgrade), and can also be used to kill mobs beyond their attack range. That's all true and valid. I was considering using the old "hold RMB for 3-5 seconds to reload" system I've utilized before. I think I'll create a poll for these purposes, since I can't decide whether or not either system should work. The intent of the crafting system is to both keep consistency (so you don't load Buckshot when you want regular Musket Balls) and to simulate a little bit of the real-life focus you need to keep when reloading the Musket.

    Buckshot is particularly awful in such a weapon, as it means that it cannot be reused, and that if the target somehow survives m(Which is likely, consideirng it's high spread), then it becomes a big threat, generally resulting in it being cheaper and more effective to merely sprint away. 10 blocks accurate range means that at the 10th block every pellet will just about hit that mob, dealing the full 12 hearts damage. That's more than enough range to get somebody before they can close into 2.5 block melee-hitting range, and if you wing the shot you either switch to melee or back up. It's meant to both augment PvE with the Musket (by letting you wipe out a squad of Zombies up close, for instance) and to augment PvP by letting you deal a very big chunk of damage on someone as they charge in, forcing them to play intelligently and try tactics like using the Shield or flanking around.

    In general, the reloading recipe itself lowers the usability of the Musket and, when coupled with the cost, causes the Musket to be mostly outclassed by the bow.

    Responses in bold.
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    posted a message on Muskets!

    Introduction: Would tridents also be classified as a ranged weapon That's valid. I'll add that, but with a disclaimer, since Tridents have a painfully short range and are more of a "I'll hit him outside of his sword range as either of us is charging" weapon than a "I'll snipe at him and use skirmish tactics instead of committing to melee immediately" weapon like the Bow or Musket.

    Guns?!?: Very nice points. I would also like to note that cookies were invented in 1937 and pumpkin pies 1620-1692 and also most importantly, redstone comparators were invented in 2168. I will add these to the OP. I don't get the redstone comparator one though. It's worth noting that these imaginary machines are quite complex, regardless of whether or not the base underlying theory is running on electricity or whatever magic that Redstone is.

    Behavior: I like the idea of loading muskets; very creative and never used before. The smoke and clang particles should be gray squares similiar to that of the ink blast squid feature in the upcoming snapshot. Also make the crafting recipie only give 4 balls to fit the arrows (not necessary just nitty gritty) because of iron and creeper farms. Also, you don't have to make them but there should be a seperate texture for a loaded and unloaded musket similiar to when a bow texture changes as its bein used. Yes shotgun is my favorite weapon! Always choose them before anything else. What exactly is that item that is used to craft the buckshot (can't see). The reason the 5 balls per recipe deal exists is to use every one of the ingots/gravel (what's used in Buckshot- I'll describe that in words in the OP, since you're right, it's hard to see), but for consistency's sake I'll reduce it to 4. I love the loaded/unloaded texture difference. I think that simply displaying the firing mechanism's arm cocked back or "at rest" would accomplish this. I'll add that to the OP.

    Full Support

    Responses in bold. Thanks for the support!

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    posted a message on Functions: Customizable Cheats and Chests

    This overall sounds well, but I would say that entities having health over their heads should be a toggleable option instead of a function. It seems practical and useful to the point where I don't see why people wouldn't have it on most of the time.

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    Um, didn't you just post this same thread the other day? I even mentioned that it was a wishlist (not allowed) because it mentions two totally unrelated ideas (world customization and remapping function keys, which as I also noted conflict with existing, well-established functions, e.g. F2 = screenshot).

    As I'm aware, wishlists include numerous, totally unrelated concepts- the well-known "stereotypical" wishlist being something like "add buses and submarines and a new Sky dimension with sentient clouds and Sectoids from X-COM could invade with a 1/100 chance each night"- effectively, a poorly formed string of ideas in which the writer is merely excreting their flow of thoughts as they consider ideas they might write down.

    This is not a wishlist, because its concepts are connected, even if tenuously. Fundamentally, I see the point of this suggestion as being "more customization for world generation and technical controls". It's also quite well written and polished (including a Textcraft header). For that reason, I can't see it as a lock-worthy wishlist, but just a suggestion formed of two main concepts.

    Though you are right about how his default selections conflict with F2 and other function keys, he mentioned that they are remappable quite easily. I think that dropping the defaults and simply including remappable function keys and the options (for things like seeing entity HP or reloading your texture pack) would be quite nice for Minecraft.
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    posted a message on CUSTOM MOB ARENA


    I'm sorry, but you're doing a really poor job of explaining exactly what it is your concepts are here. You will need some words if you want to effectively explain what you want; letting the reader piece things together from images is not going to help your case.

    Furthermore, are you sure this is in the right section? Looks more like plugin/building work for a server. In that case- good job! It's pretty impressive- but if so it doesn't belong in the Suggestions part of the forums.

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    posted a message on The Update Civilis

    I am not trying to plug my thread or report you for copying or anything like that. Here is my thread from alchemists (If you like it, then you can get some ideas from it) Alchemists!

    Also, since many are complaining about the guns, I have a solution.

    The crossbow would be an instant fire weapon with a cool down. The tip of the arrow could be made out of metal to indicate that it is strong. They can also target from very far away and what would be cool is if they could climb ladders and shoot from towers :D

    Nice work with your thread- I like it!

    I do not think I will change the Guardsmen's weapons in the future. The fact remains that the best weapon to make them threatening to even armored players, and mobs at range, without resorting to enchantments or heavy armor, is the arquebus; a crossbow can't penetrate armor (and if it did, it'd beg the question of "why can't bows"- plus, it's way too similar to the Bow appearance wise).

    Since villagers can already utilize ladders in this suggestion, I like the idea of Guardsmen trying to get to higher ground to shoot. I think I will add this come the next update cycle.
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