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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    There's an issue with this, though: if muskets are useful and one of the few downsides to using them is the cost in gunpowder, then wouldn't that just motivate people to build simple mob farms which produce more than enough gunpowder?

    That can really be applied to anything farmable in the first place. It's part of the greater issue that resource collecting in MC is generally trivial beyond a certain point.

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    Markus "Notch" Persson.

    Come on, this is a two second Google search.

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    Poll created to decide which ship system is better.

    Ocean Improvements

    Boats Evolved

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    I am really enjoying the stuff people are generating here. The ocean in particular will be one amazing place to visit with this mod.

    I'll remind everyone that the Google Docs for the project are available on the OP and anyone is welcome to add content to the sheet for discussion. To prevent the forum thread from becoming horribly out of sync with the documents, I hereby request that any suggestion posted here be mirrored on the Concept Sheet or Detailed Content List, at least a copy/paste at the minimum. Since we can discuss and later remove things found wanting that were initially added, there is no harm in placing something down for consideration. Further discussion at the Abnormal Mods Discord (with our very own section) would be highly appreciated; once proper development begins this would be our primary channel.

    On the subject of mod development itself, 1.13 is now out; I haven't quite checked yet, but I assume we're nowhere close to Forge being updated for this yet. Once it is, there is nothing stopping the beginning of actual coding, asset creation, etc; until then, we are still restricted to refinement.

    While I certainly don't want to silence discussion on it, I would request that once the present ocean ideas are added to the documents, we change the subject to some of the more poorly filled packs (whichever people would like to take a look at). I am considering making weekly/biweekly "themes" for development (similar to what the MC Abnormals subreddit does) to centralize this.

    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I agree. I really like the idea of giant squid, especially since we have moving ships. Perhaps the giant squid (kraken) could attack your ship sometimes.

    The existing Magma Kraken mod proves that a giant squid would not at all be impossible. Were we to acquire permission to use it directly, a simple reskin and modification of its behaviors would suffice for seafaring battles, though I wonder how performance would go with a giant ship, a crowd of Villagers, the player, and a giant squid all fighting.

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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    What should we consider for dangers in the ocean?

    There's already the drowned, but I think it should be changed to have the role of ocean floor danger and island danger. (From what I've heard, they spawn a bit too much. Keeping them at the ocean floor and on islands would solve a lot of this. Also, while on the topic of drowned improvements, I don't think they should have infinite trident throws. Maybe they have just one and they go and pick it up to throw it again. If this were implemented, 30% of drowned that have tridents could spawn with loyalty tridents to add back some of the difficulty.) I'd rather like to see Drowned with various weaponry (representing that they are drowned bodies and not just random corpses). "Ancient Drowned" with tridents would be a good start (maybe as skeletons?), Drowned pirates with swords, pistols enchanted to fire underwater, and other things around shipwrecks would be interesting too.

    Sharks? (We can just... not mention this one in the discord if we decide to add it.) Eh... Sharks seem boring. I'd suggest giant squids and other threats instead.

    Axodile? (It's already being made into its own mod, though, so this might not be the best choice.) Right. Best not to step on the toes of other modders.

    Serpents? Sea snakes would actually be pretty interesting. I like it.

    Redstone eels? (Like electric eels) Okay, this is downright hilarious. Motion to add!

    Mob A? Sounds a bit uninspired but I think adding all of the Mob types would be a nice bit of gameplay addition for the mod.

    Responses in bold.

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    Quote from Alexiy»

    Next update:

    changed appearance of militia;
    made them hireable and implemented appropriate AI;
    fixed exception caused by militioner not having any careers;

    Hired militia can be told to stay by Shift+right clicking them.


    Pretty fantastic, I love it!

    The hire menu is quite buggy (crashes if you remove emeralds from the menu) but works. I think using the standard "trading GUI" with a dummy item that would activate hiring mode would work slightly better, but then again I'm not at all experienced with any Minecraft modding.

    I really like the new appearance they have, though having them attack things the player attacks (akin to a tamed Wolf) would help.

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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Makes sense, though for the sake of simplicity a lead should be all that's required to connect minecarts (or perhaps a chain?).

    Question: Where would people like to go regarding development next? We already have a solid idea of what the ocean and nautical matters will look like; I think it's worth taking a break from civilized NPCs and their features to look at natural environments and things like dungeon variants.

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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    What do you think of this idea for an entrance/exit?

    I quite like this; I'll tender my support for it.

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    Tbh I like your list but the polearms and some ranged weapons. I'd like lance and halberd to be kind of "modification" for spears, for example lance dealing more damage to unmounted units and halberd also getting the 30% penetration, of course, at cost of speed. But I do like the concept of +2 reach range.

    Crossbows could be actually harder to draw than bows, and should fire higher accuracy, more damage and knockback rounds, behaving as a sniper weapon in Minecraft. Assuming we're talking European crossbows(Notch is swedish), not repeating Chinese ones. Crossbows would serve as the anti-armor ranged weapon.

    Pistols, Muskets and Blunderbuss... let's just not. IMO a Blowgun would be better because this is early mediavel theme. We aren't going to add a Nanite generated laser cannon either. Blowgun might serve as a really effective weapon to deliver poison and weakening, maybe even blinding effect. Could be a debuff weapon, or a weapon that is great against unarmored or lightly armored targets(efficiency drop per same unit of armor is significantly bigger than that of a bow).

    Rocket launcher (not what you imagine - think of MLRS) - is crafted from wood, and is a stationary weapon much like Cannon, and has 9 chambers to be filled with firework rockets. Could be redstone powered and probably even controlled.

    While it's probably better worth discussing on the Community Revamp thread (where these weapon concepts are being actively discussed) I'll reply to this one real quick.

    • The halberd could possibly be included as a weapon with 30% armor penetration (same as the battle-axe); I think that works fairly well overall, though I would reduce its reach by 1 block. The lance just overlaps with the spear too much and feels strange on foot given its size.
    • While arbalests and other European crossbows indeed are designed for heavy usage (slow fire, "armor piercing", rapid bolt), this overlaps with the role a Musket would use (and of the two, the Musket is more expensive- justifying its power- and more interesting). The old Bow- the rapid-fire one has its own niche with gunpowder included. It should really be called the "chunoku" given its Asian inspiration, but that's not something the average person is familiar with.
    • "LASER CANNONS" is not an argument against gunpowder weapons. I should clarify; "pistol", "musket", and "blunderbuss" are strictly generic titles applied to weapons of far more primitive make for simplicity reasons. "Wheellock", "arquebus", and "donderbuss" are- as with the chunoku- something that most people won't know anything about.
    • Blowguns are pointless as effect delivery tools when the Bow and tipped arrows exists. They overlap in terms of usage and there is really no reason to have a Bow if a Blowgun is easier to hit with. That, and "early medieval" is a flat out lie when you consider the existence of chocolate chip cookies, light sensors, and magic electricity- as again, it is impossible to quantify a tech level for Minecraft, just an overarching theme. Though I should note that depending on what you consider the end of the Medieval period and the start of the Renaissance, the earliest forms of musket would be Medieval weapons.
    • While I am partial to the concept a Helstorm Battery style rocket launcher block, a Dispenser with rockets in it works just as well and arguably would accomplish the same role with its 9 slots.
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    Quote from Vyryftiis»

    One of the many things I enjoy about minecraft are the war horses. To gallop in the moonlight and charge hostile mobs, hacking and slashing like the calvaryman of old is grounds for endless fun, as well as a stress relieving act after a long build grind. However, the mechanics are clunky and irritating sometimes. The fact I have to be right up against the mob to even have a chance to hit them takes a little bit of joy out of it. I don't always get a hit, and in the past, if I looked toward my horse to try and hit the now concealed mob, would hit my horse. Thankfully the greats at Mojang and/or 4j made it so I cant hit my horse anymore, which is great seeing as I have killed quite a few of my own horses back in the day.

    I would love to have an update for all versions (and the ps4 version as it is my main currently) where there were craftable lances, saddles, and armor. There may be mods for that on Java, but I dont have access to my Java at the moment, and am relegated to console. Specifically, PS4.

    The lance, ideally, would have a melee attack with an increased range of two or three blocks distance instead of the swords 0 to 1 block range on a horse, and a ranged attack similar to, if not exactly the same as the trident that is part of the "upgrade aquatic". The recipe would be a three part recipe. The first part being two vertical sticks with string on top for the haft, the second being one stick and either flint or iron for the blade, and finally putting those two together to make the final weapon.

    As for why I would love to see craftable saddles and armor, is simply due to the fact that dungeons so far are hard to find due to their rarity. As such, the treasure chests normally within, are equally rare, with a super rare chance of armor and or saddles to collect. Again, my experience with this may seem to be due to console limitations, however, I have yet to find horse armor or saddles on my Java world (when I could play it that is).

    In conclusion, I seriously wish there would be an "update calvary (or calvary update; either one)" for minecraft. I get the legacy consoles will likely not get anymore updates, as discussed in the news thus far, save for PS4, and I hope at the very least PS4 edition gets the aquatic update, and if my idea is agreed upon, the calvary update.

    For those who read in full, thank you for your time.

    Seems good for the most part, but a few nitpicks:

    • There should be some anti-cavalry hostile/neutral mobs to reduce the overpowered nature of an armored horse and rider with a readied lance.
    • Lances are never to be thrown from horseback; they're simply too heavy, and you lose your main weapon if you do so. Historically, knights would "couch" their lance under their arm to steady it, then charge with it fixed forward. This would make it more unique and useful than as just a Trident clone.
    • I think the crafting recipe should be one step only, just like every other weapon. It seems overly complex owing to the fact that the shaft and lancehead are used in no other recipes.

    Horses provide mobility advantage, but it comes at a cost of its own(big target size and reduced maneuverability around terrain) - so I agree we need cav update. IMO horse fighting is just bland and boring, much like MC combat always was.

    I kind of want heavy two handed battle axes, 2h swords, spears, lances and halberds added for better uses both as the horseman and as the anti-cavalry infantry(think of spearmen)

    IMO combat should get an update in general, with crossbows, harpoons, blowguns and other custom weapons. Maybe we could think of some tribes that worship some gods and make their unique weapons, too.

    Coming from someone who could talk your ear off about the interesting little differences in design and usage of spears, halberds, pikes, billhooks, lances, etc.- I really don't like the idea of adding numerous superfluous weapons of similar design to Minecraft. Ideally, realism should take a backseat to gameplay in Minecraft; each weapon should have a specific role and niche (you can already see this in melee implements: swords are generalist weapons, axes drop shields and are slow but strong damage-dealers).
    For instance: polearms such as the lance, halberd, and spear occupy extremely similar roles if you strip away reality until you reach Minecraft's level- they all have long reach, swing slower than a sword, etc. Even mods like Balkon's Weapons, which attempt to give each a unique role, end up making them feel extremely similar for the most part (especially when the mod covers swords; it's got like 3 or 4 variants to the regular sword IIRC that are basically identical save for minor speed/damage changes).

    My personal thoughts on an "ideal" weapon mix (and what I've been proposing in the Community Revamp project):

    Melee Weapons

    Note: “Tip” refers to the material used to craft the head of the weapon (wood, stone, iron, etc.) that actually matters regarding durability and weapon damage. “Two handed weapons” are generally large and suffer significant penalties if used in the off-hand or with the off-hand full (melee charges much slower, ranged has a severe accuracy penalty).

    Spears are crafted with two Sticks and one tip in a diagonal shape. They have +2 extra blocks’ reach but swing at the same speed as an Axe and only deal Sword damage. Hold RMB to Brace, slowing you to sneaking speed but securing the spear forward, knocking back enemies that touch its head and dealing damage. They are two-handed weapons.

    Swords are unchanged and continue to be reliable, common weapons.

    Pickaxes ignore 50% of the enemy’s armor on a hit, but are still low-damage weapons. They charge at a speed between a Sword and an Axe.

    Axes are unchanged, and still force an enemy to drop their shield for a few seconds, as well as deal heavy damage.

    • Battle-axes are crafted identically to an Axe but with an extra “blade” on the other side. They ignore 30% of an enemy’s armor (being huge, heavy weapons) but are two-handed, making them inadvisable with a shield.

    Shovels have Axe-like charging speed but kick enemies upwards and backwards a few blocks when fully charged. They deal medium damage but are two-handed weapons.

    Hoes are still nearly useless for combat, but gain five new farming related enchantments:

    • Farmland (to level IV) is my first suggestion for them. All it does is makes it so whenever you right-click a block, it tills blocks around it. The radius of the tilled blocks is the level plus one.
    • Hydration would create a permanently hydrated tilled soil block. If water is near it, nothing happens. Cannot be combined with Nutrient
    • Nutrient would make a new type of farmland, one that makes crops grow faster on it. However it has a chance of becoming untilled every time you harvest crops from it. Cannot be combined with Hydration
    • Decay allows you to till soul sand to allow nether warts to grow faster. It, however, cannot be used as a normal hoe to till soil.
    • Harvest (to level III) would replace fortune for crops. When you harvest crops with a Harvest hoe, it makes the crops drop more depending on the level. Exactly the same as fortune, but for crops.

    Hammers are the exact same weapons used in Anvils, and in fact are required for them. They are crafted with six tips and a single Stick in the bottom center of the crafting table. They are a better utility tool than a weapon, being used in Anvil working and with the ability to rotate blocks right-clicked upon. In combat a Hammer is two-handed and behaves similarly to an Axe with no shield-dropping ability but with 30% armor piercing.

    Ranged Weapons

    Note: “Draw time” is applied only when the weapon is selected. It is similar to melee weapon charging, but cannot be skipped (unless you switch away). Gunpowder weapons must reload through crafting them with a unit of their ammo, giving you the weapon back in a loaded state.

    Bows are balanced and useful, and like always they accept enchantments for both ammo and weapon. They are a solid choice at any point in the game. Their draw time is short. They are a two-handed weapon.

    Crossbows fire rapidly (very similarly to the Alpha/Beta bow) but do just 2 hearts of damage per hit (with a flat range of 15 blocks), though they don’t need charging when fired unlike the Bow. Their draw time is moderate. They are a two-handed weapon.

    Pistols deal 5 damage per shot (same as a Bow) but their projectile travels for a flat 50 blocks and is very quick. (accurate range being 15 blocks) They are a one-handed weapon with a very short draw time, making them useful for offhand/dual-wielding use or “chaining” numerous ones on your hotbar. They use musket balls for ammo.

    Muskets deal 10 damage per shot and have a similar rapid projectile speed as the Pistol. They are a two-handed weapon with an Axe-like draw time and an accurate range of 30 blocks if aimed for a few seconds before firing. They use musket balls for ammo.

    Blunderbusses fire a spread of six pellets each dealing 2 hearts of damage, and which can stack on a single entity, for a total of 12 if all pellets connect, with an accurate range of 10 blocks. They are a two handed weapon. They use loose shot for ammo.

    • NPCs with Blunderbusses deal 0.5/1/2 hearts’ damage per pellet depending on difficulty.

    Throwable Weapons

    Daggers are comparable to short Swords and are crafted in much the same way. They have a very short charge time but deal low damage. Notably, they deal critical hits on enemies hit in the back, and can be thrown up to 15 blocks away with RMB (with the “backstab” mechanic working for thrown daggers as well). They can be collected after they land, with a 20% chance of the dagger breaking on impact. They are one-handed.

    Bombs are similar to TNT, but feature a smaller, weaker explosion that cannot damage terrain or start fires. They have a 1.5 second fuse by default (same as a Creeper’s), detonating once it runs out, but 1 second can be added to the fuse by crafting it with a single String, for a maximum of 9.5 seconds. They are one-handed.

    Rockets have an Axe-like draw time and are two-handed. They cause small damage to terrain (though they cannot start fires) and have slight randomization applied to their travel, with a 1 second cooldown between firing rockets in a stack of 16. They can be fired three at a time with a specially-crafted example.

    Placeable Weapons

    Cannons may be fed with up to 3 units of Gunpowder and a Cannonball (how much Gunpowder inside affecting the range the Cannonball is fired at). When lit via either a Redstone signal or a Flint and Steel, it will fire; the Cannonball is similar to a Fire Charge but travels faster and on a slight arc, exploding on impact with anything but the water (which “defuses” it and causes it to sink). It has an explosive power of 1 (compared to TNT’s 4). The Cannon itself can be placed in any direction like a Dispenser and will only fire in that direction.
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I agree with everything here (including craftable horse armor) except for craftable saddles. I think saddles being easily craftable would make the transportation progression slightly more unbalanced. Plus, you can always just fish to get saddles, which is really easy.

    I think fishing for saddles should be removed and replaced with crafting saddles; in return, saddles could offer less overt control over a horse (perhaps its willingness to follow your commands could depend on a "loyalty" value?). Additionally, any increase in cavalry power can be met with mobs specialized against cavalry.

    Agreed, Minecraft needs a part 2 to the Combat Update, which adds more in the way of combat, and weapon variety+cavalry style combat would definitely be the way to go. Mods like Balkon's Weapons have done a great job of showing the potential, but now it is time for Mojang to put their own spin on the concept and add depth to the combat.

    Quote from Vyryftiis»


    I just looked at that mod, and it seems pretty epic. So yes. It would be nice if Mojang took some inspiration from it and applied it to another combat update.

    I feel the blunderbuss and musket/musket pistol however should be left out. Definitely think the cannon would be great though. I do tire of building cannons, and basically having them only look in one direction, and not be portable. So a cannon would be great.

    Well, they could be replaced by the archebus, the precursor to both of those guns, or a crossbow.

    I personally think that mid-1500s and before gunpowder weapons are just fine- they fit the "wild world of exploration" theme that Minecraft has going for it, and given that we have tech ranging from iron arming swords fit for the First Crusade, to light sensors first coming into being in the mid-1950s, it's kinda impossible to quantify any specific era that Minecraft could "take place" in. Though Mojang has stated they will not use gunpowder for weapons in Minecraft, the realm of modding is still wide open (and let's be frank: we mostly post suggestions here to talk to one another, Mojang never has and never will actually accept things from this forum, and on the subreddit anything longer than 50 words is downvote bombed into oblivion).

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    Quote from fishg»

    It gets too a point when it becomes too modular. When Mojang created villagers, I don't think they intended on players enslaving them for breeding. Sure its a style of game, but it wasn't intentional.

    I like the concept of "NPC players" to an extent... though it begs the question of what exactly they're good for. If you can just gain their trust and take over their house for the most part, you can easy-mode your way through; and unlike villages, which are periodically menaced by a variety of threats, this would be basically risk-free. That, and some people like the concept of being the "sole human". It warrants further discussion.

    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I don't like that villagers are so exploitable they are made into slaves either. I was just suggesting this in case someone got mad that we removed that.

    I think a compromise would work: villager "breeders" would still function, but would need changes to their system, ultimately making them seem more like an apartment complex of sorts at the end if each villager had their own bed/enough space/whatever we'd choose to determine whether they'd want to breed or not, rather than the clustered factory-farm pens that current breeders look like.

    The Update Civilis contains several pieces designed to reduce villager slavery: they don't trade if they're bricked into their house, they try to do their job to get resources to trade, they have hunger needs and try to cover this (with a primitive "economy" system of sorts working), and ultimately they're more useful if you keep a village healthy and active rather than a single open-air room filled with doors, torches, and iron golems.

    Unrelated: from the discord, Theukon-dos proposes a great idea related to leads connecting between blocks: ziplining.

    Craft an arrow with a lead, it's now a roped arrow. Shoot it at something with a Bow, right-click with the other end in your hand to place the other side down, use a tripwire hook to zip down the rope pulled by gravity. Craft more leads with the arrow to increase its length (same as adding fuse time to a bomb). Yet another good reason, I see, to carry a Bow even if you've reached later-game and people are toting gunpowder weaponry.

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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    The bottom ones might, but they would be guarded. If you were to kill everyone on board (whether it be a merchant ship or pirate ship), taking the "treasure" (cargo– this could be gold, emerald, or even diamonds) would be perfectly fine.

    That brings me to something I wanted to discuss- AI. It's immediately apparent to me that the standard Villager AI will absolutely not cut it for shipboard use; they'll fall off non-fenced areas, ignore sections of the ship that aren't accessible by wandering around and using doors, and generally won't have a good time navigating anything bigger or more complex than a Cog. Since villagers (and other sentient NPCs) obviously have more brainpower than a skeleton or zombie, I suggest the following AI modifications to make them more intelligent:

    • Much wider (48 block) detection range and the ability to detect injured Villagers within 16-24 blocks, much like Zombie Pigmen.
    • The ability to use fence gates, ladders, and trapdoors in an intelligent manner as they navigate and generally superior pathfinding (not getting stuck in corners, avoiding long falls, etc.).
    • The ability to utilize Cannons if they belong to a certain profession (e.g. sailors or pirates) to attack enemies/ships within the sight line of the weapon.
    • The ability to pick up weapons if unarmed (so that, say, a trader on a ship can grab a sword dropped by a dead Sailor if they are cornered by Pirates- note that running to an available escape route would be usually prioritized) and to pick up and use items in general.
    • The ability to recognize where a Ship entity ends and so avoid falling into the water even when it is not fenced off.
    • "Developer" blocks to aid in AI usage; things like Doom style "NPC blockers" that would be invisible and passable but prevent NPCs from normally pathfinding through them, "important area" identifiers that they would want to congregate around, and other helping bits. Perhaps craftable equivalents (for instance: rally flags?)
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    Quote from Alexiy»

    I didn't have time to implement all changes, but the next version should be much better:

    added natural enemies to targets;
    made militioners immune to each others' fire;
    increased armor value;
    fixed crash on someone's death from militioner;
    made golems, villagers and players with non-negative reputation immune to militia fire;
    made creative player not require reputation check;
    made militia to attack a player with reputation -2 and below;
    increased damage;

    The spawn egg isn't available (I'll have to make a different item to spawn them), but I made it so in creative mode it doesn't take away your bow and skips reputation check. No natural spawning yet, either.


    I'm really liking this new update. Can't wait to see the finished version!

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    That is what I call a fantastic ship; can't wait for it to properly sail (likely crew 18-20?). A pirate galleon would be quite the terrifying sight if you were puttering around in a rowboat.

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    Quote from Alexiy»


    So far, fantastic! I really like having militia to protect villages, especially now that I can make archery towers and whatnot.

    My feedback:

      • The militiaman could get his unibrow back, a darker blue coat, and a brown leather hood over his head (same shape as Illusioners' blue one) to make him look better. A chainmail chestplate would also help (as would giving them a little armor value).
      • If possible, giving him the Illusioner's bow holding and attack animation (though without the Skeleton-style strafing; standing and shooting actually suits him better for defense purposes). His current damage and attack rate are just fine, though if it looks weird or is impossible to sync with animation, lowering the attack speed/raising the damage is fine.
      • If he doesn't randomly spawn, making him spawn at either regular Villager profession rates, or possibly guarantee a few in every single village, would be nice. Giving him his own Militia spawn egg for monster battles would also be nice.
      • Changing the "rejection" from a text message saying "screw off" to the Villager grunting negatively (as you would when cancelling a trade) would fit better IMO.
      • They don't seem to currently react to villagers being killed the way an Iron Golem does, but all of them do attack when you hit one Militia. Making them respond similarly to villagers (though likely after a certain reputation drop, not just from a single hit) would help.
      • They like to hit each other with friendly fire by accident a lot, making them immune to each other's fire would help.
      • They sometimes go inside houses at night (this isn't from the usual "get in and hide" AI, but looks rather to be random wandering like daytime villagers) and so can ignore monsters outside. Making them more aggressively pursue monsters outside could help this.
      • Seems difficult, but would it be possible to make them have a "hire" trade (numerous Emeralds cost) in which they follow you like a Wolf and react to stay here/follow me with right mouse button, as well as attack anything you attack (and not be immune to "enemy" Militia arrows, if you say attacked a village with a hired Militia).
      • Bugs: Sometimes Militia can kill themselves when firing arrows at very close range, they sometimes get stuck shooting arrows constantly at a random spot until an enemy comes nearby to take their attention.
        • The game crashes whenever you are killed by a Militia's arrow (seems to be because they lack a "Player was shot by a Militia villager" type death message, this occurs when a friendly Wolf is killed by a Militia arrow as well).
        • They don't react to Illagers even though Illagers attack them on sight, unless they themselves are hit. Making them hostile on sight like they are with Zombies would improve things.
        • Iron Golems attack them if they hit the Golem by accident; disabling this would help (unless the militia is hired by the player and the player is attacking the village).
        • When hitting another by accident with an arrow they may sometimes infight, this is fine for monsters but looks strange with militia.
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