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    As someone who has made many such firearm suggestions, let me put my two cents on this.

    Objectively: Mojang isn't going to add firearms as a rule. This is rather illogical, seeing the plethora of violent content Minecraft already includes, but neither is it something that they are really going to shift on.

    Objectively: They don't read these suggestion threads; this entire forum section is just brainstorming by the community for the community. There are infinitely more fitting and polished suggestions- Ant Dungeons, Desert Temple Golems, etc.- that are full of assets and beautiful presentation, and they have vanished into the sands of time without a glance from the company. So it's quite pointless to say "Mojang won't add it" in this context- the best it can expect is a passing modder to take an interest and spin it into a playable thing. (Speaking of that, allow me to shamelessly plug our modding project doing exactly this to forum suggestions and more...)

    Now: does a gun fit into Minecraft? Short answer: yes, surprisingly.

    Long answer:

    We can divide "fitting" into two categories: theme and mechanics. Theme being how well it meshes with the look and feel of the game (driving a Mustang around might be fun, but it'd stick out like a sore thumb with the rest!). Mechanics should be self explanatory- how it affects the balance of the game and how it behaves. A magic wand might make sense thematically, but if you can make it 5 minutes into a new world and it insta-kills every mob in the game without using any ammo, it's also unfitting.

    Thematically, Minecraft is a schizoid mix of pop-culture fantasy of all stripes, and one of the most unique ones around. There are your usual trappings- swords and plate armors, bows and crossbows, zombies and skeletons- but also a variety of aesthetics and blocks alike incongruent with this. Sunlight sensors and chocolate chip cookies are inventions of the 20th century, TNT hails from the year 1863, so on and so forth. (The latter can't even be excused as a small flavor item, or magical- it's a bunch of big red sticks straight out of a Western!)

    Guns, in their earliest recognizable forms, originate in China in the late 1200s. By the mid-14th century they had reached Europe, and coexisted alongside plate armor, bows, and swords right up to 1700. There's a number of medieval firearms available to choose from- but all are basically similar in being iron tubes sealed up at one end, with some kind of wooden handle to hold with, and either a simple touch-hole or spring-loaded ignition mechanism. This is the sort of thing Steve can conceivably build: he has every single item he needs, in fact, already in game.

    Mechanically speaking, there's no real issue towards balancing a firearm. The existing ranged weapons each fulfill a role:

    • Bows are accurate and strong, with enchantments offering great power arrow-per-arrow, but relatively slow shooting.
    • Crossbows are effective crowd-control weapons with enchantments and/or rockets, and enchanted the fastest of all.
    • Tridents are powerful at short range, and as melee weapons too- plus are the only credible underwater ranged weapon.

    Guns would lack the precision and range of bows, or the speed and crowd-control of crossbows- but would reign as the kings of single shot firepower, particularly against armor. Here's a breakdown of the basic mechanics:

    • Aiming and firing would be tied to RMB, same as the Bow. Accuracy scales with aiming time- it would be able to hit reasonably well within 30 blocks after several seconds of sighting in, but just tapping RMB means the shot'll go wild anywhere short of point blank.
    • The actual shot produces some smoke particles and light. Bullets would travel twice as fast as arrows, on a somewhat flatter trajectory, and leave thin wisps of smoke in flight marking their path.
    • On impact: deals 5 hearts (10 HP) damage, same as a fully charged Bow. However, there is one special effect: 50% of enemy armor is ignored. If the bullet hits a shield, it'll penetrate right through- but then lose its armor-piercing effect, being the same as an arrow from there on.
    • Instead of an active reload the musket would use a cooldown similar to Ender Pearls- this being to prevent spamming bullets down a hotbar like you would Crossbows. The cooldown would last 6 seconds.
    • Enchantments would center around the effect of the shot:
      • Piercing reenables the armor-piercing effect after passing through a shield, and otherwise works like it does on a Crossbow;
      • Sundering is mutually exclusive with Piercing, and adds 10% more ignored enemy armor per tier up to IV (for a maximum of 90%).
      • Shellcracker- after being hit, a target would for 4 seconds suffer 10% reduced armor effectiveness versus all attacks, adding +10% per tier up to IV (for a maximum of 40%), independent of the bullet damage.
      • Mending, Unbreaking, and Curse of Vanishing would exist as usual.

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    Smarter Pillagers

    Pillagers are almost useless right now, relying heavily on their numbers to do anything. They shoot from 6 blocks away maximum, don't strafe or back up (when brainless skeletons already do!), and regularly team-kill each other. As mobs that build towers and mansions, wield crossbows, and tame and ride Ravagers, they really ought to be smarter in battle.

    Changes to Old Behaviors

    - Pillagers would attack from much farther away; starting at 15 blocks. Their accuracy would still be low, though, for balance.

    - Pillagers would immediately load their crossbows when they see you. instead of running up to you first.

    - When alone, Pillagers would strafe like Skeletons, and back away from Iron Golems and sword-wielding players.

    - Pillagers would seek the closest targets, so they wouldn't run right past a roomful of Villagers to catch one nitwit running away.

    - Pillagers would no longer spawn infinitely around Outposts (it's a small watch tower, the garrison can't possibly be infinite). This also means that if you clear out an Outpost you can safely build there without a billion Pillagers spawning all the time.

    - Pillagers would "watch" where they aim; if an Illager is in front of them, they would walk sideways until they had a clear shot.


    Pillagers would now use smarter teamwork when following a Captain:

    - They would fan out to his sides when they stop moving, as to avoid friendly fire.

    - They would synchronize their shots in volleys; all Pillagers would load and shoot at the same time.

    - They would focus their shots on the mob the Captain is targeting, much the same as tamed wolves do for you.

    - They would avoid strafing when with a Captain, sticking close together instead. When the Captain dies, if they can't pick up the banner, they scatter and start strafing.

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    It's been a long time since we've posted here, and in the meantime the Community Revamp has made some great strides. As we grow closer to an initial test release, I feel it's relevant to share some progress images of our first implemented suggestion, the Fall Forest by fishg. This wondrous biome is home to giant pumpkins, turkeys, black bears, and even autumnal creepers. There (and in new Maple Forests as well) you can gather sap, and make delicious pancakes. In addition, we've added a few toys- gunpowder blocks for storage and explosions, and a couple new naturally-generating structures for you to discover.

    The gallery for the Fall Forest can be found here.

    In other news: the Minecraft Forum's days are limited. On June 16, 2019, the forum that birthed the Community Revamp will close its doors. In an effort to preserve the people and culture of the Suggestions Forum that this project draws its life from, we have created a Discord server dedicated to the Revamp. You may join here.

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    Quote from AMPPL50»

    There's a small oversight in the suggestion: How many of the rules of "normal" Villager behavior would guards follow?

    My mistake; thanks for catching these.

    That is, would they go to sleep, or would they stay awake during the night?

    Likely stay awake and continue "patrolling".

    What would be their Work Station?

    Some sort of guardhouse, small tower, or keep comes to mind as a rallying place. The specific block inside of this could be a marked armor stand, bullseye target, arrow container, or as fishg suggested, the village's Bell itself.

    Would they count towards occupying the normal Villager housing, or would they have a separate cap?

    I'd imagine counting toward the normal housing and functioning just like any other profession. A direct village cap wouldn't be ideal as this can hamper any defensive setups you want to create and works against massive player created villages.

    Would they spawn separately from "normal" villagers, or would they also be spawned naturally from villagers choosing a job upon maturing?

    Each village would have at least one or two at the start, guaranteed, and maturing villagers could choose it normally. As to allow the player to choose which professions he wants to recycle into a guard in a pinch, I'd leave further recruitment to handing villagers crossbows. After standing still for a while they'd become guards (this time limit in place to avoid spam recruiting them during a raid).

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    Quote from fishg»

    I like the description of the village guard. His description- from the blue robes to the crossbow- appears to be an inversion of the pillager. However, I do not think villages should have villager guards. Your three points will have to convince me otherwise.

    The Pillager-like design of the Guard is by design. A crossbow enables the Pillager to raid without necessarily being harmed himself, and similarly allows the Guard to pepper foes without committing to frightening melees. Additionally, it is a less skill demanding weapon than the bow, using mechanical energy and firing a straighter, faster bolt. Ultimately, it suits the villager species well.

    Here you argue that guards are necessary because Iron Golems are not prepared to properly defend the village. This is a False Dilemma Logical Fallacy, where you argue there are only two options and two options only to solve the problem- those being:
    Let the Villagers continue to die under the Iron Golem's ineffective defense.Add Guards who will properly defend the Village for us.

    The problem with this argument is I can see a different, third option: buff Iron Golems so that they can better respond to raids. Their damage to projectiles could be reduced. The number of Iron Golems could be increased, or alternatively, what if the armorers and weaponsmiths run to their anvils and have a custom animation... before a number of additional Golems are spawned in. Which is starting to lead me into the second point- but first I want to rap up here.

    This is an entirely valid point. The main issue of the Golem is not any combat ineffectiveness, but rather an inability to cover ground quickly in large, dispersed 1.14 villages. The offered alternative- numerous temporary Iron Golems appearing during a raid- would solve the ground coverage issue, but would also render the raid extremely easy as each Golem is enormously powerful. Finally, the Golem's design- in the vein of the Iron Giant or the Castle in the Sky robots- lends itself to a single, vast protector safeguarding a small community. This simply feels and balances strangely if there's a battalion of them walking around in a lone village. Compare to village guards- these are much more reasonably expectable to populate a village in greater numbers, are each more efficient at covering ground than a Golem, and are not so heavily powerful that more than one would break a raid effortlessly.

    The weaknesses of Iron Golems is a valid reason to support Villager Guards, but because there are other ways to circumvent the problem it cannot be the primary reason for implementing them.

    Furthermore, do you think it is possible Mojang purposefully made the raids challenging so that you would have to defend the villages? Think about it. Iron Golems should not be able to defend the village by themselves- for the game's balance they must lose the fight without the player and win the fight with the player. So perhaps this "problem" was intentional.

    The player can't be made to realistically be everywhere at once. In the time during which a Golem impotently lumbers after a few Pillagers, the rest are busy slaughtering your maxed out traders. Unless you want to brick them in, or catch the raiders right at the outset (which is exceedingly rare), you won't be able to get out of it losslessly.

    As raids spawn frequently near villages- depending on the borders (especially in large player made settlements), sometimes even inside of them- raids are not practically an optional feature. Inevitably one will happen, just like a zombie siege, and so it's good game design to offer a way to defeat these without guaranteeing frustrating setbacks with your skilled traders. Doing so should not be easy- but a creative defensive setup with guards in turrets, choke points, etc. could weather raids much more easily (and be more aestethically pleasing) than golem spamming or bricking villagers into their houses.

    I like this reason... but it's a minor lore thing. Has no impact on gameplay whatsoever. I can best attribute it to the icing on a cake- not something you want your cake/argument to have for its foundations. Luckily, you happen to have one final point that does significantly impact the game...

    Guards could be made to trade for various crossbows, arrows, and chainmail equipment, becoming another natural source for the latter as they themselves wear it.

    This is a real, valid point I like. Having Guards defend bases with their crossbows would be super useful on multiplayer, and even for singleplayer- you could have them stand near you while you build or whatever. Here is how I would implement the "hiring" feature:

    You can trade for your very own bell with the Cleric for a hefty price. I'm thinking either a dozen diamond blocks or a wither skeleton skull, depending on your luck. You may place the bells wherever, and all nearby guards upon hearing the ding will move towards that general area and defend. You could build them up onto turrents as long as they are in this say... 64 x 64 square diameter around the bell. They will wander around "patrolling" and abandon the former village for this new "assignment".

    To get them to a faraway bell, you'll have to sorta cheat and use boats. That is the only way I can think of it without it becoming broken. You can't just have Guards following you into a cave and when you get in danger setting up a temporary bell. The Guards need time to adjust and will only defend; they never go on the offense with you.

    I like the idea of the bell. Another idea in mind: making a horn out of one of the Ravager's could let you blow it and summon nearby guards (natural or bell-defending) to your position.

    True, it isn't out of the question. Maybe the Guards are even scared of fighting and will run from the Ravager? The Golems take on the ravagers while they take on the pillagers.

    It would be within their character, and advantageous to their survival, to pull back and retreat from the Ravager. Conversely, Iron Golems should seek the Ravager out itself within village grounds, as they are perfectly suited to taking it on.

    Overall I was initially opposed to this suggestion, but once you brought up their extra utility I could not think about the ways to use them, and I found my opinion turned around.


    I appreciate the detailed critique and the support.

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    With 1.14, villages are now frequently under attack. It's annoying to continually lose good traders in a big village; it makes sense that they should be more defensible. Here is my take on this often posted suggestion. I request the reader to consider the entire suggestion before voting.

    Before we lay down the reasons for their existence, let's define the village guard real quick. A village guard is a villager wearing blue robes, a chainmail tunic, and armed with a crossbow. They have similar combat behavior, attack damage, and HP to a Pillager, but slowly regenerate health (1 half-heart per 4 seconds). Now that we're clear on what they are, let's establish why they're useful and a good addition.

    First: Iron Golems are poorly designed to protect large villages. Even with perfect AI, the Iron Golem moves slowly, and villages are big, especially in 1.14. When raids and zombie sieges happen, the Golem just can't respond to the whole horde at once, unless it happens to luckily catch them when they spawn. The same is true for the player; you can't be everywhere at once. Guards (unlike Golems) make sense being numerous in a village, and since all villagers can sprint, they can react to attacks quickly. If they take losses, creating new guards by giving villagers crossbows would also be easier and less frustrating than laboriously building new Iron Golems.

    The Golem itself wouldn't be useless with Guards, since it's perfect for fighting single, big monsters (like Ravagers and heavily-armed players that attack villages), while the Guards are better at effectively fighting mobs of light enemies like zombies and Pillagers.

    Second: Armorers and Weaponsmiths now have a reason to exist beyond the player. We can assume that the villagers were just sort of doing their thing alone before the player showed up; hence, someone had to use what these professions made. Furthermore, guards provide a common, natural appearance of chainmail, an otherwise disused tier.

    Third: Guards provide extra utility beyond simply defending villages naturally. For example: By building an archery tower or "turret" of sorts, you can set a Guard up on top and have him guard an area. People already do this with Snow Golems; the possibilities are endless regarding their utility use, especially in multiplayer. Other ideas include "hiring" them with emeralds to follow you like a tamed wolf; this, again, would be highly useful in multiplayer or when you want to organize defenses for your base or village.

    As a post script:

    Villagers are pacifistic, and so I think it's perfectly reasonable that they shouldn't go to war, or employ knights with big armor, or any of that. But it's clear that the Villager species understands what crossbows are (after all- Pillagers use them, and no undead do, so it's fair to assume they're made by testificates) and a lot of their threats are just plain evil raiders or mindless, hungry undead monsters. Even when they're attacking the player, it's only because the player attacked them first!

    Guards are strictly defensive mobs to protect the Village; if the Villagers can build huge living statues to crush their attackers, crossbow-toting militia doesn't seem so far out.

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    Quote from DuhDerp»

    Then again, Mojang's views on Minecraft change as time goes on. It might just be my memory playing tricks on me, but I dimly remember Helen (the community manager) saying something to the extent of "no traditional crossbows" in the months before 1.14 was announced in the first place. Went ahead and looked for it; it's in the Pistol Shrimp thread on r/minecraftsuggestions, and wasn't denying the possibility of crossbows. Chalk it up to my brain being mush.

    To this day I've never seen writing from Mojang confirming villagers in combat will never happen.

    If villagers themselves can't fight, then perhaps another form of Testificate (e.g. wandering mercenaries, neutral or friendly Illagers, etc.- something other than stock village dwellers). More esoteric ideas include player-sized stone or clay golems; something to the extent of a Chinese terracotta soldier with a crossbow would be an interesting choice, though it'd lack the intelligence and (arguable) personality/charm of a villager.

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    I think it could be fun when there's like a 10% chance that after every morning, a raid would occur on a village which makes the game more challenging and make it so that Players who's lazy to just set a base near the village punished.

    It's worth noting that zombie sieges do this at midnight, with the same exact 10% chance per night. Because they require 10 beds and 20 villagers at the minimum, however, they're quite rare; no naturally-spawned village I've ever seen has met the conditions to spawn one.

    Quote from omen267901»

    The only way I see random raids working out is if Mojang gives us more tools to fight Illagers/Pillagers with. Some kind of turret or something. Iron golems are hilariously useless and I'd rather not have 3/4 of my village dying every week or two because I'm not watching it like a hawk at all times.

    This is why I have always been in support of ranged village guards.

    Golems are slow, and villages are huge, especially in 1.14. You can't be everywhere at once, so you're basically guaranteed to lose lots of villagers- often ones you rely on- every raid. Unless you either catch the raiders right at the outskirts, or brick villagers into their houses (which is cheesy and looks stupid), you can't expect to come out of a raid without being battered. At the moment the only reason raids are "balanced" is because you really have to go out of your way to get them, which (at least IMO) is a subpar solution. Mojang seems heavily committed to making villagers defenseless and pacifistic, but in return they basically have to neuter any threats to villages as neither the player nor golems can cover everything under normal circumstances.

    Regular village guards would have several advantages and interesting potential:

    • Justifies the existence of Armorers and Weaponsmiths beyond "because the player can use them".
    • Wouldn't look nearly as dumb being present in large quantities (5+) as Golems
    • Would be able to respond to raids, zombies, etc. significantly faster, as sprinting villagers can cover ground easily
    • Would be more easily recruitable (handing out weapons to villagers, etc.) without wasting hideous amounts of iron on dubiously effective protectors
    • Would be able to use crossbows, engaging Pillagers on equal terms (if not more so, with chainmail or other armor)- this would also allow you to make guard towers and "turrets" that can actually damage things, unlike Snow Golems)
    • Could potentially be "hirable" with emeralds, letting them follow you about like Wolves and providing for interesting gameplay especially in multiplayer/factions servers. One could imagine attacking another player's base with a squad of guards wearing your own colors, and said base having its own guards in towers, trap rooms, etc.
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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    There's an issue with this, though: if muskets are useful and one of the few downsides to using them is the cost in gunpowder, then wouldn't that just motivate people to build simple mob farms which produce more than enough gunpowder?

    That can really be applied to anything farmable in the first place. It's part of the greater issue that resource collecting in MC is generally trivial beyond a certain point.

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    Markus "Notch" Persson.

    Come on, this is a two second Google search.

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    posted a message on Collaborative Project: The Minecraft Community Revamp! (Fall and Fauna Out! 5/26/19)

    Poll created to decide which ship system is better.

    Ocean Improvements

    Boats Evolved

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    I am really enjoying the stuff people are generating here. The ocean in particular will be one amazing place to visit with this mod.

    I'll remind everyone that the Google Docs for the project are available on the OP and anyone is welcome to add content to the sheet for discussion. To prevent the forum thread from becoming horribly out of sync with the documents, I hereby request that any suggestion posted here be mirrored on the Concept Sheet or Detailed Content List, at least a copy/paste at the minimum. Since we can discuss and later remove things found wanting that were initially added, there is no harm in placing something down for consideration. Further discussion at the Abnormal Mods Discord (with our very own section) would be highly appreciated; once proper development begins this would be our primary channel.

    On the subject of mod development itself, 1.13 is now out; I haven't quite checked yet, but I assume we're nowhere close to Forge being updated for this yet. Once it is, there is nothing stopping the beginning of actual coding, asset creation, etc; until then, we are still restricted to refinement.

    While I certainly don't want to silence discussion on it, I would request that once the present ocean ideas are added to the documents, we change the subject to some of the more poorly filled packs (whichever people would like to take a look at). I am considering making weekly/biweekly "themes" for development (similar to what the MC Abnormals subreddit does) to centralize this.

    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I agree. I really like the idea of giant squid, especially since we have moving ships. Perhaps the giant squid (kraken) could attack your ship sometimes.

    The existing Magma Kraken mod proves that a giant squid would not at all be impossible. Were we to acquire permission to use it directly, a simple reskin and modification of its behaviors would suffice for seafaring battles, though I wonder how performance would go with a giant ship, a crowd of Villagers, the player, and a giant squid all fighting.

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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    What should we consider for dangers in the ocean?

    There's already the drowned, but I think it should be changed to have the role of ocean floor danger and island danger. (From what I've heard, they spawn a bit too much. Keeping them at the ocean floor and on islands would solve a lot of this. Also, while on the topic of drowned improvements, I don't think they should have infinite trident throws. Maybe they have just one and they go and pick it up to throw it again. If this were implemented, 30% of drowned that have tridents could spawn with loyalty tridents to add back some of the difficulty.) I'd rather like to see Drowned with various weaponry (representing that they are drowned bodies and not just random corpses). "Ancient Drowned" with tridents would be a good start (maybe as skeletons?), Drowned pirates with swords, pistols enchanted to fire underwater, and other things around shipwrecks would be interesting too.

    Sharks? (We can just... not mention this one in the discord if we decide to add it.) Eh... Sharks seem boring. I'd suggest giant squids and other threats instead.

    Axodile? (It's already being made into its own mod, though, so this might not be the best choice.) Right. Best not to step on the toes of other modders.

    Serpents? Sea snakes would actually be pretty interesting. I like it.

    Redstone eels? (Like electric eels) Okay, this is downright hilarious. Motion to add!

    Mob A? Sounds a bit uninspired but I think adding all of the Mob types would be a nice bit of gameplay addition for the mod.

    Responses in bold.

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    posted a message on Taking mod requests and updates
    Quote from Alexiy»

    Next update:

    changed appearance of militia;
    made them hireable and implemented appropriate AI;
    fixed exception caused by militioner not having any careers;

    Hired militia can be told to stay by Shift+right clicking them.


    Pretty fantastic, I love it!

    The hire menu is quite buggy (crashes if you remove emeralds from the menu) but works. I think using the standard "trading GUI" with a dummy item that would activate hiring mode would work slightly better, but then again I'm not at all experienced with any Minecraft modding.

    I really like the new appearance they have, though having them attack things the player attacks (akin to a tamed Wolf) would help.

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    posted a message on Collaborative Project: The Minecraft Community Revamp! (Fall and Fauna Out! 5/26/19)
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Makes sense, though for the sake of simplicity a lead should be all that's required to connect minecarts (or perhaps a chain?).

    Question: Where would people like to go regarding development next? We already have a solid idea of what the ocean and nautical matters will look like; I think it's worth taking a break from civilized NPCs and their features to look at natural environments and things like dungeon variants.

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