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    Plus, I fail to see what's wrong with being a nerd.

    He never said there was anything wrong with being nerdy, he just said he wasn't nerdy enough.
    It's akin to saying one isn't jock-y (is that even a word?) enough to play semi-pro basketball.

    Thing to remember for the older nerds, is even though nerdy was (for who knows what insane reason) considered a bad thing back in the 70's and 80's (because, apparently, being stupid was considered an invaluable survival trait back then as is evidenced by their lame television programs), nowadays being socially connected requires having nerd friends or becoming a nerd yourself, otherwise you'll never master the complexities of navigating cellphone shortcuts, handling webpages, setting up a full 3-d projection home theater, or finding parties on facebook. In the past decade and a half, nerd has gone from being the social outcast to being the social nexus.

    The best example of this is in hollywood. Back in the 70's & 80's, the big superhero was superman. A bulky no-nonsense straight-forward muscle-man. Recently, superman is easily outsold by ironman, a rich tech-nerd who builds computer equipment from scratch, messed around with scentific-styled testing, engineering, and the like or spiderman, an slightly awkward biotech nerd who goes on to be a science teacher later in life.

    As it is, our society is making a strong shift from brawn to brain being the alpha trait, and being stupid is becoming more and more of an insult.

    So no, there's nothing wrong with being a nerd, and no offense, but that response just shows you're an older nerd who hails back from the era where nerds were looked down on.

    But now... well, let's just say I'll readily admit to being a nerd, and it wasn't too long ago that I shared a nice romantic evening with two girls in my bed at once, with measurements including 12-inch waists and natural HH cup sizes (no, that wasn't a typo. I said natural HH). Their reason for hooking up with me? I'm smart, listen, and I make them think. And they told me that they're the ones who felt lucky.

    Yes. The day of the nerds has come.

    Oh, and as a little life tip... any nerd who still feels socially awkward or uncapable, here's a quick super-boost guide:
    1. Read a few books on psychology and sociology
    2. Remember that when with groups of people, don't talk about the books (psychological & socialogical tactics work less the more the people affected know about them.
    3. Apply the what you learn.
    4. Remember, in conversation, start with the lowest common denominator among people involved. The fewer people that are initially excluded, the fewer that are turned away.
    5. Listen more than you talk. Not only do people like to be listened to, but any new information requires work brain processing power to work on. A nerd has brain processing power in spades, and to the average individual, the conversation between two nerds talking is akin to a small child overhearing their parents debate between each other on mortgage options. They will be confused, bored, and walk away without understanding. This leads to point 6...
    6. Hand out new information only with a decent amount of forethought. Nerds are the super-muscle-bound weightlifters of the brain world. You give us a bunch of new information, and it's easy to handle it. That's what we do. But giving technical information to a non-nerd is like handing a 100-pound dumbell to the guy with twig-arms. Watch what people are capable of handling, and give them something that may be new and exciting and cause them to think, but that is within their range of capability, and something that the extra "weight" is something that would be useful for them to 'carry around' to make the weight worth it. Instead of giving them info-dump, meter out your your knowledge and advise over time, giving them time to adapt and change to each piece. This changes their image of you from "the overbearing disconnected techy" to "the wise sage who always has the answers they need." The knowledge may be the same, but as with comedy, it's all in the delivery.

    With a little bit of active thought, a nerd can catch up on (and surpass) in days what the non-nerdy masses spend years working on via natural process. We're nerds, learning useful skills quickly is what we do.)
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