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    No problemo! I actually was trying to figure out how to do this myself a few days ago so have fun with yer skins.

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    You can access them via C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_0.12.2.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\data\images\mob or similar (if there is a newer version).

    If you've never accessed the WindowsApps folder you can look at this tutorial here: http://superuser.com/questions/498774/how-to-get-access-to-c-program-files-windowsapps-in-windows-8 (look at first answer)

    NOTE: You CAN'T edit the files directly, but you can copy the images and use them as a custom skin in-game. You can't edit files because the permissions for WindowsApps is view only, you can't even copy files into any of the apps files, this is for obvious security reasons (texture mods for multiplayer, and general protections for other games as well).

    Quick edit: those skins specifically are in mobs\skins\CityFolk or mobs\skins\TownFolk

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    "Rise and shine Mr. Freeman, rise and shine. Not that I wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job; no one is more deserving of a rest and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until, well lets just say your time has come again. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up, Mr. Freeman, wake up and smell the ashes."
    -Intro of HL2, G man

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    title theme for halo 4
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    posted a message on [GUIDE] Asking People to Help in the Creation of a Game and Finding a Simple Art/Prog./Music Job for Games!
    All of us here that frequent the General Gaming Software section hate seeing posts where someone asks for people to help them make a game, but follow the info you are about to see to help you in asking.

    Some general things to consider:

    Include a description of the game

    Say what you do
    -if you plan to be the 'boss' and tell people what to do DON'T make a topic about it. (See below and read my conversation with Boelens about this.)

    Things to consider whilst writing a post:

    Dont use text affects, unless you bold/italicize/underline a word here and there. No one wants to read something if it looks like:
    -Hey guys I'm making a game

    Use paragraphs/basic sentence structure. No one wants to read a wall of text with no spacing/run on sentences. If you can't appropriately write a sentence don't do it!

    Saying 'English is not my first language' to excuse a fast written post, is not acceptable. Take the time to carefully write the OP, a carelessly written post is carelessly read.

    Keep it concise, short and to the point.

    No one wants to PM you for info. (Well some may, but think they won't) If you say 'PM me for info' instead of writing out the details about your game, just assume no one really wants to PM you.

    It is all really this simple! There aren't very many rules to follow! Yet everyday (mostly, there's been a decline lately however) we see things that don't.

    Examples(good and bad):

    EX. 1: I'm making a game, it is called Example112389. I need coders and artists

    EX. 2: I need coders and artists for a game I'm making. I will organize/tell people what to do in the group.

    When you could do this:
    Hey I'm making a game, it is called Example112389. In this game you will play a character who protects the galaxy from the evil GlaPers. There will be online play where you and a friend can protect the galaxy, or you and your friend can go head to head and see who would win in a battle. It will be a top-view 2D game, with a nice lighting system and good graphics.

    I currently am doing coding for the project. I can do small pieces of art, but I will need someone else to help with it. I will also need someone to help with sound.
    (just substitute coding in the above paragraph with something other than boss or its synonyms and we'll be able to see you will actually do something)
    Notice how in the good example the game was explained nicely and the person who wrote the OP is ACTUALLY doing something towards the game. You may say 'But a boss person would help the game too.' Well sure maybe once in the beginning when you tell them what to do, but after that you are really never needed. The coders will consult other coders, artist other artist, and writers other writers. Notice how none of them will consult the 'boss' because he/she isn't doing anything towards the game.

    Looking to be part of a 'team' here on the forums? Look for what you do below and how you can find some projects to do in your spare time!


    Starting out:
    So you are looking for an art job, eh? What a great place to start! Something before hand is to note at what kind of art you do well. Second, make a portfolio. What is a portfolio? A portfolio is a nice grouping of any and all art you've done. This art could make or break your job in the team, so make it good! another good thing to note is that you will most likely not get paid for any job you do for people on the forums, as most projects are abandoned, no need to worry however. You can get your art skills better with the odd jobs here(My pixel art has much improved!).

    Where to go:
    So now you actually want to find the job? What a bothersome bunch you are! Look through recent topics to see if anyone needs help. If no one needs help, this is one area where I would consider it OK to make a new topic for this. Simply title it along the lines of 'Looking to do art'. Inside the topic be sure to neatly organize your information on what art you do, and don't forget that portfolio!! Now simply wait for replies, and that's about all you can do.

    Constructing an art portfolio:
    The first step is finding good art of YOUR OWN CREATION! Look and see if you can find any on your computer first. If you don't find any, or you haven't created any, spend some time making some. Doing a million little tid bits of art in 10 minutes WON'T CUT IT! 2 pieces that took a few days t make will look better than 10 that took a day to make. The next thing you'll want to do is upload it to an image site. One thing to look into is making a DeviantArt account. On DeviantArt you can upload pictures for others to see, basically a blog for art. I most always link my DeviantArt to people because I keep my good pixel art there so I don't lose it. Another site you could use is Imgur, which allows simple picture uploading for a short period of use, you can upload more than one picture at a time too! Make sure to link either or both of these in your topic/comment to a post so the person looking for an artist will see it!


    Sound Effects/Composing

    Well that's about all from me. If someone else thinks I should add something let me know!

    PS Read what I said to Boelens below for some more about just being a boss

    Thanks for reading :D

    Make sure to visit:
    CosmicSpore's post on Game Design and what you need to know to make a game
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    The D: drive is just like the C:, however main files always stay in the C: (Windows32, stuff like that). And yes if you have a minecraft.exe in the D: it will start the minecraft from the C:. Reason being it initiates the .jar in: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft, so it will always look there for it.
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    If your parents are that retarded, no offense, tell them that it is a little bug where the wrong icon shows up sometime. If they can mistake Black Ops 2 for Minecraft I'm sure that'll do the trick ;)
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    You're looking for Java coders, with modding experience?? Modding experience will not help at all, well some, but not enough. The graphic standards you have set will not appeal to an amateur programmer at all. Why not you say? Well that's because the learning to code for a game like this isn't as simple as you think it is. You have to create a lighting engine, you could of course get one of the internet but good games make their own, a physics engine, a fairly advanced UI, and of course the icing on the cake: importing and using the models in the game to correspond with the light and physic engine. As far as I can tell you expect this to go fairly quickly, and well, unless you want this to be utter crap you'll either need: a few advanced coders that can code quickly, lots of amateur coders that don't code as fast, or a small group that could take years to finish this. The degree in which you want coders, artists, etc. does not appeal with maybe being paid.

    From what I see your models need LOTS of work, in fact even for simple games you could spend a solid 24-48 hours on one model. Then comes the texturing, a good texture will take about as long as it took to make the model. Then comes the coding, the long part. The coder(s) would have to use Java to make the model bend in the right places, work with the physics engine, lightning engine, and whatever else your game has. That could take up to 72+ hours of coding and work from even pros. So max youre probably looking at about 5+ days of working and coding, and thats not including sleep. With sleep that'd be nearly 7 days, and that is still not including daily activities. Plus the coding for engines, etc. still has to be done. You're looking at a fairly big project for what little resources you have. And you obviously don't want to put that much into the game if you want spend $20 for an ad.

    Point is I don't see this going anywhere, especially if you won't pay a measly $20 for an ad to find some coders.
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    Looks good, probably wont do it though. My high school has about 90% of websites unblocked, and I can run almost any .exe downloaded. Anyhow @ fm87 you can not say that the computer can and WILL be infected. What if I only got it to run Minecraft? Would you still say it will be infected? Whoever uses is probably getting this to run games and things like that. And judging by the fact that they downloaded it they obviously already have an idea in mind about what they want to run. Which is probably something they run on their own computer (some sort of software or game) and shouldn't cause viruses, if they have it on their on computer.
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    There are already established threads for this:

    What is your favorite video game?

    What are some of your favorite PC games?

    Your top 10 video games/series?

    What Game Do You Like The Most?

    Search before you post. These were only on the 1st and second page of searching 'favorite game'
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