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    posted a message on ✔ Spleef ✔ FACTIONS ✔ SkyBlock ✔ PVP ✔ SG ✔ ⇨ admixia.ddns.net ⇦ >>

    Applying For:

    Ign: Mockingjay1018
    Age: 18
    skype: Don't Use
    Maturity level 1-10: 9-10, my goal is to be as professional as possible.
    Why should we pick you?: I am a professional and respectful player. I have never once been banned or even kicked from a server - my goal is to help your server attain its goals with upgrades and new member numbers and I would like to do that through exceptional customer service and a focus on the player. I know how to have fun and bond as well as deal with unsavory players that like to hack or generally troll the other players on the server. I have never once abused any power I have been given. I would love a chance to prove this to you! I am experienced in the game and in basic plugins and am committed to helping the server grow. I am willing to do any work you need even if it is outside the normal responsibilities of the position (i.e. being a helper and you would ask me to build a shop/spawn/etc.)
    TimeZone: Not Online
    Experience: I have played 4.5 years now on Minecraft and have been basically every multiplayer staff position. (Co-Owner, Admin, OP, Mod, Helper, Builder.) Most recently on Ender and WinterCraft, which decided not to continue running.
    How much time can you dedicate to the server?: At least 4-5+ hours throughout the day, more on weekends.
    Proof of builds (If applies):
    Any more info: Thank you for the opportunity!

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    posted a message on Need a developer builders and staff

    I was asked to inform everyone we no longer need anymore applications and are deliberating the ones we have. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Need a developer builders and staff

    IGN: Mockingjay1018

    Experience: Co-Owner, Admin, Mod, Helper and OP on numerous servers (most recently on Ender and WinterCraft) and have had 4.5 years of playing Minecraft, so that has taught me a lot. I know basic plugins, pex and perms.

    What Position: I'd like to apply to be either Admin or (eventually) Co-Owner

    How Many Hours?: I can be on at least 4-5 hours throughout the day, plus most weekend days.

    What Skills do you Have?: I am mature, I am calm, and I never would do anything to embarrass or hurt the server in any way. I want to help the owners attain their goals by making a name for the server and by making it big. I can do that by being professional and polite. I have skills in dealing with problematic players and will do anything to ensure a safe and enjoyable player experience. I am not pushy or rude or unprofessional. I have never been banned or even kicked from a server. Customer service and player safety are my passions. I want to help and unify the server, and am willing to do jobs even outside of my realm of control (i.e. as an admin, assist with building a tutorial...etc)

    Maturity: 9 or 10

    Extra?: Thank you for your time!

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    posted a message on NEW SERVER NEEDING STAFF! EPIKCRAFT!

    Coming right now! :)

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    posted a message on LeagueCraftPro ~{Staff and Builders needed!}~{Join or apply now!}~

    What's your name? [/b]Summer

    What's your IGN? [/b]Mockingjay1018

    What is your age? [/b]18 :)

    What is your Gender? Not listed online[/b]

    What is your current time zone? [/b]PCT

    What days can you be on the server? (Please List) M-Sun[/b]

    How many hours a day can you be on? (Of said days above) at least 5![/b]

    Why should we pick you? (Explain) [/b]I am mature, responsible, and helpful. I have a wide range of knowledge and experience dealing with potentially destructive players, griefers, and cheaters. I have a craving to help people, and do it as much as I can to enhance player experience for positive marketing. I have been playing for 4+ years and have most recently come off of hiatus for a month from the Zaptos server - I have served in every staff position besides actually owning a server myself, and have most recently had the position of Co-Owner on the Zaptos server.

    Why do you want to be a part of staff? (Explain) I want to help you reach your goals! I want to further the server and help even outside my area of focus within the staff position. [/b]

    Do you have any relevant plugin experience? Minimal knowledge of how to operate them and work with them in /op such as SpawnProtect, WorldEdit, and minigame plugins/antigrief plugins. [/b]

    Do you have Skype? (If so, please tell us on here or if your nervous, message to us on our server.) [/b]No

    What is a stupid question? (Explain) [/b]There are none, especially if the players are new. It becomes "trolling" or a stupid "trolling question" when seasoned players spam the same one in the chat after being answered and understanding the answer just to troll - but this rarely happens.

    Do you ever get angry at players? No - it would be silly to because it is just a game. Above all, staff should keep a cool and professional head. [/b]

    Please list your any previous IGN's you have had in the past. (Must List) n/a[/b]

    Thank you for this opportunity![/b]

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    posted a message on >>NEW<< Server of Factions and Plotme Creative Looking for Active Members!


    Are you looking for a server with opportunity and mature players? Competitive Factions, Creative World, and other lands coming soon?

    Our server is equipped with great and reliable features such as:

    -Fair Rules

    -24/7 Uptime

    -Reliable and Fair Staff

    -Anti-Grief Plugins and other Plugins to enhance gaming experience


    -More Coming Soon!


    Server online now!

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    posted a message on New server need everything admin builder mod player ect//

    I am interested but it won't let me in.

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    posted a message on Moderators, Admins, and a Co-Owner needed.
    • Age 18
    • IGN Mockingjay1018 :)
    • Skype (You Can PM Me This, Also Not Required) None
    • How good is your English grammar, 1-10 10, I am very capable of being professional in the way I speak.
    • Position you're applying for I'd be interested in whatever would help the server. I prefer the position of administrator or mod.
    • Experience I have played Minecraft for 4 years now and have staffed numerous types of servers in the past, encompassing factions, hunger games, and pvp servers. I am well-versed in breaking up arguments professionally and do not abuse my powers. I was co-owner and Operator for two other servers that shut down in 2013. I am ready to do whatever the server needs even outside my duties, (i.e. if you need building done or something like that.) I am loyal and responsible and ready to help.

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on Looking for new friends to play with

    Hey. This may work better if you put down your details in the "Looking For" section. :)

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    posted a message on Looking for friends

    That would be super fun. Try moving this to the "looking for" section for more luck.

    Good luck!

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    posted a message on Something's Wrong

    Hi everyone,

    I'm sorry for such a weird question. I was trying to log into a server (1.7.10) I double checked that I had the correct IP Address and it "let me in." The screen was still stuck on the "Logging in..." portion of the screen for like a half hour. Why can't I join the server? What are some possible causes? Thanks. Need help ASAP. Sorry if this is in the wrong section. :creeperdance: by Alvoria

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    posted a message on Feed the Beast Server Looking for Staff
    1. What position(s) are you applying for? e.g. You can be a mod/web admin. I would like to be Admin or Staff Manager if the slot is not yet filled.
    2. Why do you want said rank and why/how is it important to you? This rank is important to me because I want to ensure a player's safe and fun experience on a server by being very attentive and helpful in whatever situation arises. I would want to be first on the scene of a griefing attack if there was one to restore the lost items and buildings. This position is so key to maintaining people on the server! This is why I would love to assist in that.
    3. Past experience in this position or something similar to it?I have been playing Minecraft for 4+ years and have experienced over the period of 4 years every position from Builder-Co-Owner/OP.
    4. Age?18
    5. Skype?None but communicate through Minecraft Forums
    6. Are you good with managing time? Explain.YES. I know how to multitask and prioritize while maintaining professionalism and a great attitude. I can do things very quickly and have a true spirit of diligence.
    7. If applying for build team photos of anything that you have worked on.N/A
    8. What admin tools and/or building tools do you know?All Admin Essentials and OP commands, World Edit, and faction/creative commands
    9. What time zone are you in and what times on a normal day would you be playing Minecraft or near your computer? I will be active evenings and afternoons Monday-Friday and usually all evening Sunday and Saturday (just a bit later)
    10. Any skills with Minecraft or computeres that would be useful to know?The skills listed above, as well as basic Javascript
    11. Other notes?Thank you for this opportunity! :)
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    posted a message on [OPEN] AGBMafiaCraft Factions PVP, Looking for Staff & Builders. [SPONSORED]

    The Application Format You Need To Fill In:[/b][/i]

    What Position You Are Applying For:[/b][/i]

    Your Name: Summer[/b][/i]

    In Game Name:Mockingjay1018[/b][/i]




    Time You Can Dedicate To The Server (On a daily Basis):At least 4 hours/day[/b][/i]

    Have You Been Banned From A Server?:Never once for any reason.[/b][/i]

    [Answer only if you got banned] Why did you get banned?:[/b][/i]

    Experience As Staff:I have had positions ranging from builder to co-owner/OP. on various servers. I have been playing for 4 years and minecraft is a passion of mine![/b][/i]

    How Long Have You Been Playing In Servers: 4 Years[/b][/i]

    What Can You Offer For The Server:I offer you a positive and professional experience, willing to do whatever you need me to do for you. I want to create a safe and fun environment for your patrons of your server and help the server and owner reach their goals. I am responsible and respectful.[/b][/i]

    Why did you choose AGBMafiaCraft Rather than any other server: I love the care and thought you put into the smaller things like applications and I can't wait to get on and get to know the server.[/b][/i]

    If hacker gets on and starts hacking and cheating, and you are the only staff online, what would you do?:First, I would see the extent of the damage. I would tell him to stop and see if he did something accidentally (accidentally broke a block) if it is obvious griefing then the hacker would get a temp ban for a few days until I could speak to the owner, and then we would decide whether or not to IP ban.[/b][/i]

    If a person advertises about another server or something, what would you do?: I would remind him that it is against the rules and ask him to stop. If it is a total spam attack I would mute and ban for repeated offenses.[/b][/i]

    Tell me a little about yourself: I am very creative and positive in general. I am a professional person and am deeply committed. I am also fun-loving and will make sure the server is what the players will enjoy![/b][/i]

    10 Rules You Will Go By, if you break them INSTANT DEMOTION (Rules you will for yourself) 1. No being unprofessional[/b][/i]

    2. No abuse of power AT ALL[/b][/i]

    3. No being absent for weeks on end[/b][/i]

    4. Don't ignore the players![/b][/i]

    5. Don't be lazy in my efforts[/b][/i]

    6. Don't grief/hack [/b][/i]

    7. Don't curse or be obscene/offensive in any manner[/b][/i]

    8. Keep the owner in the loop of what I do[/b][/i]

    9. Don't just OP people for no reason! Ask the owner first[/b][/i]

    10. Don't give away staff positions without consulting the owner.[/b][/i]

    Any other things you want me to know?Thank you for this opportunity and look forward to meeting on your server. I do not use Skype but I am very active on Minecraft Forum PM's.[/b][/i]


    Place an "X" between [ and ] so it is [X] if you specialize in these skills:[/b][/i]

    [] Regioning[/b][/i]

    [x] World Edit[/b][/i]

    [] World Guard[/b][/i]

    [x] SignShop[/b][/i]

    [x] Factions[/b][/i]

    [x] Java Coding (depends)[/b][/i]

    [] Permissions (GroupManager)[/b][/i]

    [x] Kits[/b][/i]

    [x] Know more than 1 Language[/b][/i]

    [x] Building[/b][/i]

    [x] Plugins (depends, also am willing to do research[/b][/i]

    [] Plugin Developement[/b][/i]

    [xxxxx] Social Interaction[/b][/i]

    [x] Commands[/b][/i]

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    posted a message on Server that needs staff MentalMc Factions ip MentalMc.mcpro.co If u don't succeed u will get a free rank

    ign: Mockingjay1018

    why do u want staff?: I am very experienced and think that I can bring a lot to your server. I am very professional and honestly want to help players succeed to the best of my ability. I am respectful, responsible and fair. I have been trusted with staff positions ranging from builder- Co-Owner/OP and am very well read in commands such as Admin/Op commands and world edit.

    I would like to be considered for the position of Admin or Mod.


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