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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] The Sanctuary SMP

    IGN: star29fish and tink24bell

    Age: 26 and 27 respectfully

    Country: usa

    Build Style: star: solo, group builder. redstoner. tink: solo, miner, occasional group builder

    Why you want to join the server: we are looking for a great community to play with and build in. one with a mature and peaceful community

    Tell us a little about yourself:

    star: i am an imaginieer. i love to come up with these off the wall builds that make people wonder, but in the end become an outstanding build. i love to take a hand in redstone and learn the science of a miner. i love to help others when i can. or just run around with an op bow and snipe people (with their consist of corse)

    tink: is a quiet builder, who allways does her best to build big and creative designs. on her off time from building she spends time in the mines digging away for wonderfull treasures in hopes of finding abandoned caves

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    posted a message on Vanilla 1.10 Survival server. Creative world open to all members. Friendly, mature group.

    IGN - Star29Fish

    Age - 26

    What type of player are you? (Redstoner, builder, etc) minnor nuilder, majior interior decor, redstone lover, minner. yeah summs it up ^.^

    Why do you think you'd be a good fit with us? Love to work in groups, and love vinnila. easy to to get along with people! love to work with people on majior projects. i mean any of that sound bad??? (lol playing around)

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    posted a message on SoulCraft 16+ Survival [24-7][Friendly Staff][Custom Plugins][NEW MAP]

    Sorry about the above post. It was from the old thread.

    I would like to join please.

    Minecraft Name: Goodluck_Douglas
    Age: 30
    Previous Bans: None
    Why SoulCraft: I am just starting out in multiplayer. I like your rules and am interested in building cool things in survival mode.
    Will you have fun: Yes
    What was Rule #3: 16+ Only

    pm is on the way!
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    posted a message on SoulCraft 16+ Survival [24-7][Friendly Staff][Custom Plugins][NEW MAP]

    youve been whitelisted welcome to the server!

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    posted a message on SoulCraft 16+ Survival [24-7][Friendly Staff][Custom Plugins][NEW MAP]

    still welcoming new members!!!!

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    posted a message on Project "No Signal" [The RP Horror experience] [Roleplay/Adventure/Survival/Post-Apocalypse/Horror] [UNIQUE] [No Whitelist!]

    IGN(In game name): Star29Fish[/b]

    Why would you want to be a tester?: the underground city concept reminds me of a book i once read. and i love horror or thriller based games. [/b]

    Tell us your story of how you got into the Exodus spaceship:[/b]
    (Don't know what to put in your story or what is the "Exodus"? Then read the lore/description of the project.)[/i][/b]

    im your not so average scoundrel, of a sneak. been on meh own since i was 5. pretty much learned everything i know on the streets. but not complaining. ive taught myself many things around junk ships. and can waltz around any average pilot of exodus. at least thats what i believe. unfortunately i am on the run and need a hiding place. happen to "find" maxel corroborator off of a lead cruiser that could be used to finnish up my ship. there, an exodus ship, thees punks will never look there....

    This server uses a custom resource pack that you need to have in order to play. The download link is at the homepage. Did you download and install it?: it is downloaded and will be installed after i post this.[/b]

    In this section you will be asked to roleplay in 2 situations. Please give us a short or long RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each) [/b]

    You are walking through the streets of "Anthropia", one of the 2 remaining cities left on Earth. As you walk you notice a shining object in an alley. You attempt to grab it but as soon as you crouch and try to catch this object someone appears behind you. Then this person says something to you...

    "Hey, what do you think you are doing?!"[/i][/b]
    Continue the RP situation please, from the perspective of your character giving as much details as possible[/b][/i][/b]

    great ive landed on this planet to get caught by another person, they are probaly thinking im steeling this. if they are law, ill just have to use some of my specialties. if not i may be able to give them the slip, and get away no problem. "ah... i just picking up my trinket here. how may i assist you?"

    It's getting dark and you are in the wasteland, but as you try to come back to the nearest city you hear a voice in the distance asking for help desperately. If you investigate the place looking for who's asking for help you won't make it to the city, you will most likely die, eaten by the mutant creatures that come out at the night. But without your help the entity calling for help would die...[/b][/b]
    Continue the RP situation please, from the perspective of your character, giving as much details as possible[/b][/i][/b]

    "damn" no body deserves to die bye thees monsters. i wouldnt wish that torture on my worst enemy.... why? why did i have to hear them calling out? my ankle hurts from the fall earlier. so this may be a challenge. as i continue running to the shout. the sun is almost set. a loss of breath is hard to catch, when the site i behold takes more away from me then i have. a woman down in a mine shaft, surrounded by those beast. i dont think i can help her.....

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    posted a message on 1.9.2 SoulCraft Community! SMP 16+ [Custom Dungeons][Custom Features][Multi-world][Friendly staff][24/7][World Reset]
    Minecraft name: Star29fish
    Age: 24
    Why ShadowCraft? looking for a decent community with no kids, and open minds.
    Previous Bans: 1: owner acted like a kid, called him out on it, he didnt like my words (no cussing, just honesty) and kicked me followed by ban
    Any friends in our community? i can be friendly lol but no not yet
    Any mods you use? i like vanilla so not really, dont mind if there are on the server tho.
    How far must you be to build from others? personally? ive built a home 10 or so blocks from someone before, and in the same server built a mansion for testing out redstone ideas, and to have privacy from others when i feel antisocial
    Are you joining for Survival or Creative? i would like to do survival, but if someone needs help in creative ill do what i can!
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    posted a message on Group Chat Gaming Vanilla Whitelisted Survival - Small Community Type - Brand New! Started This Week!

    seems cool, so why not! :D star29fish (looking to use name change but havent desided yet)

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    posted a message on 24/7 | 1.8.3 Semi-Vanilla | Survival | PVE | WHITELIST | Mizuy's Survival Server

    IGN: star29fish


    Location: usa

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    posted a message on [VANILLA] [SURVIVAL HARD MODE] [MATURE18+] [AMPLIFIED]


    IGN : Star29fish

    SKYPE : (so i can add you to group chat with no obligation to join any calls) same

    ACTIVITY : use to be a few hours everyday but i got bored with the crew i was with, hopefully you all can change that!

    AGE : 25

    COUNTRY : usa

    MINECRAFT EXPERIENCE: (what are you good at) exploring and not getting lost. a little redstone work. allways looking to try new building ideas!

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    posted a message on Looking for trustworthy players on a brand new modded server. DIREWOLF20

    Ign: Star29fish

    Age: 24

    My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is: to explore and build. i like making farms and other constructions to help the community. i like to also learn of new designs for homes and farms, and like working with others.

    skype: i have one, it is live:starfish0429 or by name star29fish. lol see the theme here XD i have it but i refrain from video calls, i have to youngens running around here and the can be loud.

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    posted a message on Mineshaft SMP - Whitelisted Vanilla SMP
    1. ign: star29fish
    2. age: 24
    3. have you ever been banned: yeah guy who owned the server and i got into a fight, thus i am banned.
    4. if 3 = yes then why
    5. specialties: gathere, creative, i like doing auto farms, and helping others
    6. why you should join: im on almost everyday, i allways (almost) have new ideas for buildings, friendly and easy to get along with (aas long as you show respect)
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    posted a message on 1.8 vanilla server whitelisted 24/7 18+

    Real Name: Patrick, or pat for short

    Age / D.O.B (18+): 24 4/29/90

    Skype:i have it but dont use it due to a noisy 6 yr old and 4 mth old

    Tell Us About Yourself and Why You Want To Join? i.e (experience, building skills or types of builds):i am easy to get along with as long as your willing and dont disrespect me. i love to play. and love to build. im always thinking of ideas for new buildings. i like to do auto farms (tree, sugar cane etc.) i also like to help others build. my wife also plays with me, we tag team some of our projects.

    i want to join because it seems like it would be mature enough to not worry about stupid things, and still able to joke around.
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    posted a message on [1.8+] SkargnessRPG [GreyListed] || Player Owned Shops|| Mature || Economy || 24/7 [Daily-Jobs] - Open
    Minecraft IGN: star29fish
    Age: 24
    What has your experience been on Minecraft: (How long have you been playing, what servers, etc) ive been a few small servers before, but ive been playing for about 2 years now.
    Why do you want to join this server?: just looking for another open based survival community, last one i was on kind of diedout (no one gets one as much anymore)
    Have you read & agree on the Rules?: well yeah other wise i would not be applying
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    posted a message on Do you want to help create/ be a part of a new server?
    IGN: star29 fish (plz dont ask)

    (added note) AGE: 24
    Do you agree to be respectful to all users if you were allowed: all ways, i hate it when people do it to me, so why do it to others rite?
    How often do you play minecraft: every day almost for about an hour or 2. gives me down time from a long day of work.
    Have you ever been banned from a server before: not that i am aware of. Ive left a few because the servers died.
    What do you like to do in minecraft: build, all ways thinking and looking for new ideas. and like to build auto-farms, to help community get items a little faster. that way they can get to being creative or mining.
    What kind of server would you like to play in: a simi mature (i can tollerate kids if they dont grief people or act stupid, other wise mature) server. that works together but allows freedom to run off and build on your own.
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