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    posted a message on UnchartedCraft Vanilla Server | SMP | 1.7 | UHC | New World!!! Apply now!!! | Starting soon!!! | Mature +16
    In-Game name: ssssfire52

    Skype: send later

    Age: 22

    Why do you want to join us?: I've been looking for a server that has a solid active community and a cool spawn town. There was a server that I used to play on that was great! Unfortunately it' has been shut down so I'm looking for a replacement.

    What is your favorite farm: Either iron farms, or wither skeleton skull farms. The first since it makes getting a useful resource more compacted, and the later cause it saves a ton of time. Getting beacons is crazy hard only for the rarity of skulls.

    What is your favorite redstone thing?: Flying machines! I've been trying to make one since beta 1.6 and I can with slime blocks. Also door synchronizers are great.

    What is your building style?: I build things in a modular fashion. When I need something new, I'll plot out an area and stick it onto the existing landscape.

    What do you like to do in minecraft? (playing style): I like resource gathering especially mining. I also love building farms and trying to automate as much of Minecraft as possible.

    YouTube/Twitch: ssssfire52

    Show us something made by you:
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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: ssssfire52

    Where did you hear about the server: Minecraft Forum homepage

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes!

    What's our policy on raging: don't rage!
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    posted a message on Team Axis! Build team
    Builder Template:

    How long have you played Minecraft? Since beta 1.3
    What is your in game name? ssssfire52
    How old are you? 21
    What is your Skype username? (you may be able to join without Skype, but it is better if you have it) I'll let you know if I'm accepted.
    How long have you been building? For a long time.
    Do you know how to use world edit? Yes
    Past experience? I have started a lot of personal projects that usually don't get finished due to the largeness I want the builds to have. This is mostly the reason I want to join a build team, so I can focus on one manageable task yet, through the combined efforts of the team, finish large build projects. Since I don't finish everything I don't have too many pictures but the link to the one I do have is http://imgur.com/a/taw1v#0

    Terraformer template:

    What do you use to terraform? I mainly use Voxel Sniper with MCEdit for extra large things.
    Do you know how to use Voxel Sniper? Yes
    Do you know how to use World Edit? Yes
    Past experience? See pictures above.

    Thanks for looking at my application I hope you like what you see and can't wait to get started working with others if I'm accepted.
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    posted a message on Large Adventure Map - Need Staff!
    Hey I would love to help on this project. I'm pretty good at all three fields with redstone being my strong suit. I have worked on other build projects before and know the hard work and dedication need to complete such a project. I love working on projects in Minecraft especially with ones that gives me some directions to work under and along side others. Building with other is much more fun!

    Position: Redstone Engineer
    IGN: ssssfire52

    I don't have much redstone work documented, unless you wanted to fly around my Redstone World. Don't recommend it ;)
    Here are some pictures of a couple of small builds I do have pictures for, just to show sincerity and that I have something to contribute to the project.

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    posted a message on Want to make a let's play? :)
    You should totally check out the server I'm starting. You seem like the perfect match for the kind of people I want to get on it.
    Check out my post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2126856-starting-a-mindcrack-like-server/
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    posted a message on Starting a MindCrack-like Server
    Azure Skies
    Hey guys, I've been playing around with different types of server lately and found that I really like survival vanilla, especially with the new features currently added since 1.7.2. So. . .

    I've decided to start a MindCrack like server. This would be strictly a white listed vanilla survival server, where people are mature enough to be trusted and not grief or hack. I want people who enjoy having to spend the time in survival gathering resources and feeling the accomplishment after hours of work when you have multiple stacks of diamonds. Recording is not necessary although it would be cool. I would like to get around 16 people active on the server. If we can get that many, or close to, this server will stay around for a long time!

    Thanks for reading, hope to see you on the server.

    We are having fun, and going strong. I will be checking the forum every week for new applicants, so if you don't hear from me right away please be patient as it might be a few days, but please check back in to see how things are going. I will be sending messages to those who are accepted, so check your Minecraft Forum mailbox.

    We now have about 8-10 dedicated people who play on the server and we're still looking for more. Everyone now has a bunch of gear and resources and we're starting to work on spawn a lot more. We're very friendly and would love some new players on the server, so don't hesitate to apply.

    No Griefing
    No Mods/Hacks

    Don't be a Jerk
    I reserve the right to take people off the white list, if they act stupid on a regular basis.

    Reason for Joining:
    What can you bring to the server:
    Time Zone:
    Creativity (1-10):
    Redstone (1-10):

    Must copy and paste application, and fill it out to be accepted.
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    posted a message on ***The IV Age*** [ NEW SERVER | Factions | PVP | Raiding | TNT/Fire Spread | mcMMO | DynMap | UltiMarket ]
    IP Address:
    Server Map:

    General Info:
    Server Overview:
    This is a Factions PVP server with a bunch of great plugins to make your experienced one of the best out there. mcMMO, UltiMarket (fluctuating prices depending on supply and demand), DynMap, and some special Lore and Role playing elements to make this server one of a kind.

    Most Faction PVP servers have a huge section of land and you can go off in your little corner and hide for a few days or even a few weeks. This kind of defeats the point of even playing on a PVP server. On this server we have tight boundaries that make people have to fight for land and resources. Our Role-playing consists of Factions trying to collect shards, piece of an ancient power giving rock. Those who control all the shards can form the rock and gain bonuses of resources and power for their Faction. We also don't just have 1 person factions. If you're just going to have 1 person in your faction, you're only trying to protect what you've built and are using Factions as a way to protect land. Go find a creative server. Factions that don't maintain a minimum number of members will be disbanded. We are all about PVP and how to strengthen those game mechanics to make it the best fun you could have!

    What is a Factions PVP Server:
    A Factions PVP server is a server with the main focus of PVP and raiding others. It focuses around the Factions plugin which allows players to create and join factions. Each faction can claim land which they must defend from other factions. You get a power level that decreases when you die and the factions total power determines how much land they can hold.

    The Third Age has ended with the destruction of the ancient King Grimeon. Under his rule the land, while in tension, was kept at peace through the sheer pressure of his authority. With his fall the territories, united only under his menacing gaze, are starting to fall back into chaos, and preparing to wage war across the land. Each state wants to gain control and take the place of the previous King, gaining power, land, and riches. The King hasn't been gong long but already the states are forming alliances in attempts to better their odds of reaching total conquest. With the tides of war, many new warriors are coming from far lands to lend their services, in hopes to gain fame and wealth. Will you choose to fight in this era of chaos? Join today, choose your alliance, and starting fighting for total victory.In the old days the King was more active. Frequently he would roam the land enforcing his laws and spreading evil in his wake. The elders were the only ones who remembered the era before the King and everyone else had come to accept things would never change. The land was in ruins. Plagues ran ramped and there was famine and strife. There were those who would rise up and challenge the King only to be made an example of to the rest of the people. He was a strong and merciless king, showing no respect for his people. Some said that his strength was inhuman and must come from an outside force. Rumors grew of a stone the King had that gave him power and vast knowledge. People became desperate and those who lived felt as though there was no point in their existence. The days dragged on and turned into years, and eventually the King was seen less and less. His raids became shorter, less frequent, and ever closer to his castle. Finally he was seen no more and the people started to prosper and grow out of the decades of violence and poverty. There was still a dark evil cloud looming over the mountain his castle stood on, but it grew less black.One day there was a huge eruption of fire and lava above the mountain where the King lived that could be seen for a hundred leagues in every direction. There after a loud horn blast echoed through the lands and a beating started as if the mountain itself was being pounded to dust. Then a beam, whiter than the sun shot upwards clearing away the fire, smoke, and clouds. It shimmered for a second and then shot into a dozen different directions, fading away leaving all who saw it astounded. The black clouds slowly faded into nothingness and the elderly were reminded of happier times. The rumor of the event grew. People said the King had died, or had been defeated, but no one knew what the light could have been. Then people started remembering the old tales about the King's magic stone and started wondering if it had anything to do with the light. With the King gone there was no ruler and the people started claiming themselves as such. The old territories were remembered and want more land for their own kind. Fighting started breaking out and new strong leaders have entered the field. The battle have grown heated with no one backing down and the land is in a deadlock. It seems it will stay this way until one great warrior can come and unite the territories again.

    • No hacked clients.
    • No transparent or 'x-ray' texture packs.
    • No spamming.
    • No advertising other servers.
    • NO harassment of players or staff.
    • No exploiting bugs, glitches, or anything you find that shouldn't be there.
    • Respect everyone, players and staff.
    • Have FUN and be CREATIVE!
    Breaking of the rules may result in any form of punishment, whether being embarrassed in front of the whole server or permanently banned. Be a jerk at your own risk.

    Staff Applications:

    I don't want to see people to come on the server and start spamming how they should become a moderator or an admin. I also don't want people to post applications on the forum saying why they are the best. When it comes down to it you can say whatever you want about yourself, but that doesn't prove anything.

    If you come on and play on the server, are respectful, and help others, we will see it and promote you accordingly. We are working towards a more player based moderation system where Admin can promote Senior Mods and Senior Mods can promote Mods etc. all so the people who stand out and who work hard to make the server a better place are rewarded for their actions. We've all been on some servers where the moderators are jerks, but there is 1 person who will always answer your question or help you with something else. These are the people I want on staff, and who a personal effort will be made to get them there.
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    posted a message on ★★[PixelMon Server] [1.6.2] [Staff Needed!] [No Lag] [24/7] ★★
    Is this a custom built world or random. Are you planning on making any custom places, like towns from any of the games etc. Very cool looking love to see how this pans out.
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    posted a message on ***BUILD TEAM ASSEMBLE*** [New Server Builds] [Custom Maps] [PVP Arena]

    Are you a new up and coming builder?
    Can't seem to be noticed by any large projects?
    Want to be part of a team and gain experience?
    Come join my new Build Team!

    I'm looking for people who think they are good builder and want to expand their talent and reputation by being part of large projects. I'm looking for team players who will help their fellow members and give each other advice and building tips. I'm looking for serious people who are passionate about building and will apply themselves to our cause. If this sounds like you reply with your application.

    I'm also looking for a few people who are good with graphic design. Send me a message for details if you think you fit the bill.

    I don't want details I want to know you. I know how hard it is to be in the position where you haven't really done any main projects that you can show and can't prove your experience as a builder. I want you to write a few paragraphs about your personality and why you like building and Minecraft in general. Your acceptance to this team won't be based on experience but rather personality, although experience isn't a bad thing :P

    Reply to this post with:
    Have Skype: y/n

    Then send me a message telling me who you are. Be sure to include your age, although I only care about maturity level.

    Simply, I'm a guy who loves Minecraft. I started playing in early beta and have been hooked ever since. Over the year I've learned lots of the trades dealing with Minecraft including: Survival Expert, Server Plugin Setup, Builder, Tournament Hosting, Youtuber, Mod Developer, and Server Hosting. I'm in college for Electrical and Computer Science and am passionate about everything I do. I love starting new projects and the feel of accomplishment when one gets finished. I'm a perfectionist and like working with other who are like minded and have the same passion for things as I do. With this project I want to bring together a group of like minded people who can help each other achieve their goals and become better builders. I want to create great projects and supply the Minecraft community with fresh material to enjoy. I want to Create!

    Please help me make this possible and share this with your friends and any groups
    you're part of to get the word out!
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    posted a message on Looking For People Interested in Competing in Build-Off!
    Hey I'd love to compete, just wondering when this event is going to be held. My Minecraft name is ssssfire52.
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    posted a message on **Race for the Wool Tournament**
    The deal with "Game Night" would be teams are formed by whoever can make it that specific night. Depending on how many people show up we might have teams of 3, or play free-for-all, or 1v1 games.
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    posted a message on **Race for the Wool Tournament**

    Alrighty guys, just a few updates to let my, like 4, followers know what's going on.

    Unfortunately trying to put up a tournament series like i was hoping is proving harder than first anticipated. So I offer you, my faithful few, a solution. I call it "Game Night", quotes included. "Game Night" will be a party night where everyone who can make it will be invited to a server where we can play games that would have been played in the tournaments, i.e. Race for the Wool, Bed Wars, and other fun stuff. Until iIcan get more people and maybe a little help *wink*, this is what we will be doing.

    The first "Game Night" is planned to be Friday January 4 at 8:30 ish and will last as long as there are people or until . . . well I don't know. If you can make it that would be awesome, if you are reading this post and the date is already passed there will be a good chance there will be another one on the Friday closest to whatever day you're reading it on.

    If anyone has access to a PROFESSIONALLY HOSTED server it would be awesome it we could use it. I'm working on the server situation but it's looking like it won't happen any time soon. For the present we have a 6 gb server, but only .6 mb upload speeds (compare to 100 for professionally hosted) so we're looking at maybe 8-10 people before the lag hits.

    Hope you can make it.

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    posted a message on **Race for the Wool Tournament**
    Hey Guys,

    Sorry its been so long since you've heard from me. I got tied up with school and, you know, life. But Christmas break is here so it's time for another tournament. I'm planning I'm having this one either the week after Christmas and before New Years, or the week after New Years. So get your teams together and let all your friends know so we can have a great turn out.

    I've been working hard on getting a website up and running. While it's still in the process, it is up and you should sign up so I can email you any updates. I'm also in the process for looking a hosting company so the address is only temporary. Until then


    Also if anyone is any good at graphic design I would love some help with a few things. Just send an email on the website.

    That's it for now, I will be utilizing the website more for this tournament rather than this forum so please check it out.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas
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    posted a message on **Race for the Wool Tournament**
    Alright guys. One final update here I hope everyone comes and sees this post cause it will have a few important things.

    Server Info
    So Conway has generously dedicated his server to host the tournament, so you can thank him for that.

    Server IP:

    Again make sure, if you haven't checked with me, that you log onto the server at 4:00pm Mountain time to confirm your place in the tournament; use Google to make sure you know exactly when to get on.

    Random Stuff
    So due to unfortunate circumstances I'm not going to be able to be there today. I'm putting my friend Bamf_Panda and Conway in charge. Sorry guys.

    Also i'm not sure how many people have continued reading this thread after their first post; so I'm not entirely sure how many people will show up. If there are people who don't show up and their team can't account for them we will be rearranging teams so each team has 4 members, listen to the people in charge.

    Hope there isn't anything I've missed. Good luck to everyone and have fun.
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