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    posted a message on [CTM] Estival Landscapes - A 3-objective map by SrTorvic

    Hi everyone! This is my first release of a custom map. Today I present to you... Estival Landscapes!

    Difficulty: 3/10 - Easy

    Length: 5h aprox. - Short

    Minecraft Version: 1.16.1

    Multiplayer Compatible: Yes*

    Multiplayer Recommended: No*

    *The map is completely playable on multiplayer, but it wasn't my intention making it

    like that, so the challenge could become harder as more players join the game.

    Map Version: 1.2

    Download on the CTM Repository: [CTM] - Estival Landscapes by SrTorvic v1.2

    Estival Landscapes is a Complete The Monument map, in which your objective is to collect some collectible items and bring them to a special place usually known as the Monument. These objects are hidden in a great variety of dungeons; that's where actual fun takes place. In this case, your game unfolds on a single area with diverse smaller zones scattered in.

    On this very first, brief adventure you will visit ancient chill out resorts, firework festivals and other picturesque sceneries from a tropical-themed island with an ancestral power that defined a time dreaming state called Estivation. However, you will quickly notice that not a single path is unguarded by the watchful eye of its agitated natives, come from wildness and hidden
    in the exuberance of deep nature...

    The map is short and has a fair, easy difficulty (or at least what it’s supposed to be), so you can take it as a CTM relaxing vacation I offer to you. Oh, and I put a coffee machine, so you're welcome, I guess.

    Have fun, and enjoy your stay :)

    - Map release

    - Revised and balanced loot
    - Fixed some command block issues
    - Changed some default settings, such as difficulty, previously set on peaceful by default
    - Added some minor details

    - Fixed a mob mechanic bug

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