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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Ancient Warfare [Forge][SMP][WIP][D/L]
    Quote from endryo»

    this mod is still alive?

    Quote from Jcat49er»

    I have no idea but it doesnt seem like it

    It is rather conclusively dead unless you hunt down one of the github repos and build it yourself, which requires some know how. There is no one properly maintaining it anymore to any official capacity. If can can respond to this with the specific features you want I can tell you of any mods I know of that may be an option.
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    Love the mod, just a few notes:

    One this is kinda against something Mojang outright said you shouldn't do, and just because anyone can have doesn't mean it's OK

    Quote from Owen Hill - Director of Creative Communications, Mojang

    [...] There is one exception to this rule - capes! We have a lot of fun making cool capes for extra-special members of our community and Minecon attendees. We’d like to keep them as exclusive as possible. So, yeah, no capes please, even if you're giving them away for free.


    For the exact quote on this from the EULA:

    • sell cosmetic items, except for "Capes", IF the item sold does not give a user an unfair gameplay advantage over anyone else on the server - i.e there can be no "pay to win".
    • sell positive effects or enhancements (other than "Capes") IF everyone on the server is positively affected in exactly the same way.

    Source: https://account.mojang.com/terms#brand

    While this was specifically talking about servers this is kinda a universal rule in everything related to Mojang and capes.

    For people who might say "well Optifine does their capes" Optifine is also not allowed to do their capes, as all capes are a no no, just sp614x doesn't give a ****. Need evidence: Just read this thread of tweets: https://twitter.com/notch/status/476477273424789504

    Now that said Mojang does kinda have this weird unspoken "blind eye" policy related to capes and mods that just render them on everyone, in that mods like this, well they just turn a blind eye to them unless an issue comes up.

    That should cover all the legalities of this mod I know people will be questioning. This mod is TECHNICALLY not allowed, but Mojang will probably ignore it more or less.

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    Quote from aeroc»

    I am no longer maintaining this mod. I don't like where Minecraft or Forge development is headed. I'm leaving the mod in a buggy state and it requires version updating.

    That said, anyone is welcome to use the code. I reject the concepts of intellectual property, copyright and public/commons licensing. So feel free to copy, alter and distribute any of my work; you don't have to ask for permission. Have fun!

    Can you release up to date source code please for the most release release. I would like to pick up the mods maintenance long enough to attempt a port into 1.8.9 and possibly 1.9.
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    posted a message on ExtraTiC - Tinkers' Construct Mod Support Add-on
    Quote from Glassmaker

    Yeah, there is no TF support at the moment, I have showed a teaser with textures of TF tools on this thread, I will look in the possibility of adding them again.

    I am glad to hear it. I really love what you are doing, it helps dissolve some of barriers between mods and make it all work together nicer, and feel more interconnected. I fully support what you are doing and if I find a mod that lacks compat trust me I'll be back! You deserve more credit than you are given if you ask me. Many people forget that despite all the great mods out there, they are all painfully obvious that they are separate when you are playing since they never incorporate one another often enough, you are doing the semi-difficult, yet important task of smoothing over the gaps, and I thank you for it. Work like this needs to be done by more people, and you are taking up the torch in way that is for myself, huge and greatly appreciated. So once again thank you a hundred times over for this.
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    posted a message on need 1.7.2 mods
    Forge isn't even really acceptable for 1.7.x yet, I know, as I am trying to develop a mod but I am stuck in a state where I don't want to continue development in 1.6.x but at the same time I don't want to use a poor forge version for 1.7.x. When most of your code is going to be buggy to start until you have some time to test, having a bad forge to build with isn't ideal. This is why there isn't much in 1.7.x. We just have to wait for the authors to have the time, and don't forget many authors have quit in recent weeks. So just be patient and don't demand anything if you hope for the mods to be updated.

    Trust me the worst thing you can do is get demanding with mod authors. Any time anyone releases a mod publicly they are giving you an honor, they are not obligated to make a mod for you, they can't and don't make money off of the mods, even the big ones don't make more than pocket change from adfly, and there is no other reason to release their mods publicly than just community support and kindness. So my advice is don't make more posts like this one and just wait, a far better thing to do is ask if anyone knows how well 1.7.x mods are coming, which is actually quite well we are only a few weeks away from a decent forge and then a mass update.
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