About Me
Spymaha was with the Kingdom of Alesgan since early September 2010. He first joined KoA after he was referred by Jstratter, a great friend in real life. He later recruited Aminty3690 and Redhead59 to join KoA aswell.

The Corporation

When Spymaha first joined the clan, he, along with Aminty and Redhead, founded The Corporation, or 'The Corp.' When The Corp. started, it was a mere Cobblestone Company which traded goods and had a location in Jstratter fields. Later on, The Corporation bough the Andromeda Suites from VIROS, who was a victim of major griefing. The Corp fixed up the building and succeeded at playing the hotel game.

Soon after, the KoA moved to a new server. The Corp started over with an all new building design, featuring lightstone, which was new to the game. The Corp also became known for its four-tower design and large buildings. All four towers were connected and were very luxurious. Since the four-tower design, the Corp moved away from the trading industry and now specialized on luxury housing. The Champagne Luxury Suites was the largest hotel chain in the KoA. Each suite has the entire floor of all four towers, which were connected by glass walkways.

The Corp also had plans for a city, which was started but never completed due to Spymaha's election as King.

Government Life

While Spymaha was working on the new designs for the towers and city, he was also appointed to the Council by VIROS when he became King for the first time. Spymaha and VIROS joked about being a 'couple', and were always working together on government projects. When VIROS resigned on March 15th, Spymaha was then voted into kingship of the clan. Spy appointed Zoomzen CFO of The Corp and managed it frequently. As King, Spymaha brought back many concepts from the founder of KoA, Marenkon. Spymaha appointed his Council of Zoomzen and Ilaniol, and also changed departments to keep KoA members active. Spymaha stepped down in July of 2011 and took a leave of absence from the clan. Later he came back to the KoA, but was unhappy with the direction it was headed and left to form his own new clan called the United Worlds of Minecraft.

The United Worlds of Minecraft took off as a great clan. Founded by Spymaha, TheTuck2000, and Fuzzybears, each one of the founders was of equal power. Eventually, the clan needed direction, and the Council members voted to appoint Spymaha as leader to lead the clan. UWM was growing rapidly. Spymaha believed in old-fashioned hard work, so he disabled spawning items for all government members, even himself. Through programs and projects, the citizens and government joined together to gather the resources needed to build new structures to improve the city. The residential district was always needing expansion and Spymaha and the Council voted to create a new map. This new map had an amazing design, with lots of rivers and forests. The vision was Washington D.C. Spymaha had a White House built, but it was never furnished because the resources were needed elsewhere. The treasury building was as beautiful as it was functional, with different zones for every type of block or item. Spymaha lead the charge for new, active government members and started a new entertainment district so citizens could have their own automated spleef, pvp, mob, king of the hill, and free for all matches. The entertainment district was a major highlight of the city. On the other side, going across the bridge which resembled the Golden Gate in California, a large residential district was built with lots considerably bigger than other servers at the time. At this point, the KoA had VIROS as King for the second time, but he ended up not being able to run the clan any longer, so he reached out to Spymaha to take over as King. Spymaha accepted but told VIROS he could not run two clans at once, so the KoA was going to be merged into the UWM. VIROS agreed, and all members of KoA were welcomed into the UWM. Citizens were encouraged to build large, magnificent homes, and they did! The UWM took a bad turn at the end. Spymaha led a charge for the election of some new Cabinet members, and one of the Cabinet members was not happy. At this point, the server was doing very well and could afford to pay for the next two months of service. However, the disgruntled Cabinet member ended up taking a large sum from the clan's PayPal account, leaving the server with barely enough money for two more weeks. In the end, the clan could not raise enough money to survive, and closed down. Spy accepts some responsibility for the bad situation, but there was nothing he could do to get the money back.

Since UWM closed, Spymaha has taken a break from Minecraft, but he wishes the best to all players!