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    Quote from Calv3rt
    Lol thanks for the info man :lol: im not new to the game though just the forum... I just see all these people making these crazy sculptures and mechanisms and I'm over here digging holes.

    Well,when I started plasying minecraft first time (In Alpha!),I would do nothing creative,just rather to survive...
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    Quote from mrbrianweldon

    Change to creative and spawn one in. If not just walk more. Look for a plains or any woods, forests. Cow's like to spawn there

    No cheating on my world,sorry. :( (Even already have cheat on activated before creating world,I don´t use it) And I already explored the forest I have close to my home. Only sheeps there.
    Quote from wailwail
    Cows , I think spawn in 40 biomes , excluding deserts , oceans , mesas , Mushroom islands , hell , and sky . I'm afraid you have to wonder far away from home , be sure to bring a compass , a map of your house , a clock , wood , lots and lots of red mushrooms and bonemeal , wheat or leads to get cows to follow you , swords , torches and (char)coal .

    Already know,that they don´t spawn only on desert and ocean,according to Wikigamepedia.
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    My world is in snow biome.

    I got alot of sheep spawned,only one chicken and one cow.

    The problem is to find another cow.

    And I nearly explored like 500 blocks away from home.

    Can´t go further,because I need go back home....because of night and monsters...(creepers...)

    Any help how to find cow?

    EDIT: I already checked wiki,but it didn´t helped me much. I know it can spawn on snow biome,but no luck.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Coming for PS3/PS4, Vita
    what? NO PS2?

    i dont have money on ps3 or PS4 or newer consoles

    why minecraft,WHY?
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    Quote from Nacho_Friend

    Sure. I don't have a mic for skype, if that's ok.

    hello brony,i am same brony brohoof!
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    please,just no more mobs! i liked much as it now today

    idont want have pet mania game!
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    posted a message on Worst game you've ever played?
    WOW And LOL

    World Of Warcraft And League Of Legends

    i dont know the point of playing this game.....maybe for being first of all players....silly i would delete it and forget this game....

    LOL is too bad,there are too many players that are saying to me bad words i dont know play this game...but thats he all make it worse and we failed....nor point of the game is still....
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    Quote from deadmatters

    wait, WHAT? you agreed with me?! so did I help you out? Is everything fine now? (no sarcasm)
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    Quote from LoganNZL

    You only pay for it once, then you get the option to have a custom skin, and your able to play on Minecraft server that aren't cracked.
    thanks for that,it helped me,i give you a green up thing in orner of the reply :D
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    posted a message on [Adv][Park][Puzz] φ Project Chronos φ 2 Hours of Gameplay! [17.500+ Downloads]
    You Sir,you impresioned me,this was best map of my life!
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