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    IGN: JewGator
    Age: 19
    What is your timezone? Central
    What times can you guard? Most weekends and week nights, I am in the military, my schedule varies from time to time.
    Do you have experience with prison-themed servers?: I have played prison servers for 5-6 years.
    Do you have any experience guarding?: Not guard but I have been admin on more than one server.
    What makes you the best selection for guard?: I understand how prison servers work. I am currently in the military I also understand have no mercy for those who don't follow the rules.
    Have you read ALL the rules, guard and prisoner?: I have yes.
    What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will need screenshot proof of it if you decide to resign?: Currently I am block 3, I understand that if I resign you will need a screenshot of my current rank.

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