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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    I am waiting patiently on the update, its a huge change after all. Bigger than people can understand.
    I just wanted to say thanks a million for this amazing mod. Its the mod that i choose over any other.

    Thanks again and good luck on the update!
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    posted a message on School Finished
    This is awesome man! and that texturepack looks good too. its not the default one right?
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    posted a message on Starting A New Vanilla Survival Server [Mature, 16+, Skype]
    1. What is your name? Names johnny, in game name is poopynachos(gift account.)

    2. How old are you? i just turned 22 this week!

    3. How long have you been playing Minecraft? i have been playing minecraft since right before they added snow back in alpha! secret friday updates!

    4. What is the most successful thing you have ever built in Vanilla SSP? At the moment i have only built survival shelters and mob farms. i love to build in a more rustic way than modern buildings. i like to have my builds feel like they belong in the environment. but my most successful has to be the Mumbo Jumbo's blaze farm. easy and very efficient

    5. What is your favorite biome to collect resources? My favorite is the planes biome :D

    6. What is something you'd like to see added to Minecraft in the next major update? the additions have been really amazing but i would love to see more in the water. i love squid but we need more variety.

    7. Who inspires you the most in life? Does this person bring out your creativity? well at the moment its actually a character, Sherlock Holmes. the character has increased my creativity and has helped me plan my life out. Arthur Conan Doyle did wonders when creating Sherlock Holmes.

    8. What is the most important part about friendship? has to be trust without trust there is no friendship!

    9. Do you record your game-play (for YouTube or other media site)? i have been tempted to, but not yet. i have software and have done tests, i can record in okay quality.

    10. Do you have Skype? If so, what is your Username? And do you have a mic? I have a skype and a mic, my skype username will be available for anyone who would like to have a chat.

    11. What is your favorite Minecraft mod? i like simple mods that dont change the game so at the moment its in between rei's minimap, and matmos sound mod.

    12. Have you ever played on a server before? If so, what server? And please note if you were Admin or OP. I havnt played in a server for a very long time. and its due to the fact that every time i built something i was proud of, some one would destroy or mess with it, and it would drive me insane.

    13. If answered yes to question 12: Could you supply letter of recommendation from a server moderator or admin upon request? (This would mostly likely not happen, but just in case.)

    14. If answered no to question 12: Are you aware of the common rules and responsibilities for an SMP server? Im more than positive i understand.

    15. What is your favorite song? peaches are my favorite!
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    posted a message on What was your most frustrating experience on Minecraft?
    These new zombies are frustrating.. spending an hour mining and all you can get is half a stack of coal.... going through an iron sword and two stone swords.... just because of these zombies.... i have givin in to peaceful.
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    posted a message on Please Help---SmartMoving
    Im trying to use the magic launcher to launch smart moving. I put Modloader, SmartMoving, and Player API, but the game won't start, even though they all check as OK.
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    posted a message on Teds World Gen Mods - Realistic World Gen Alpha 1.3.2
    Thank you for this mod..
    i lost my passion for minecraft after the new gen. came at 1.2.
    This mod brought it back thank you.

    On a side note. My snow golems do not produce snow trails on any Biome except Taiga.
    I was wondering if this is on purpose.
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    posted a message on Any good mountain seeds?
    Okay so this seed might help.

    SEED: 1292433724

    i took some pictures of landmarks you might like.

    oh yea, i dont remember if i found this seed or if i saw it on another post
    so anyways if it was found by someone, its all their credit :]


    Another area right next to spawn

    My Favorite Mountain :D

    its really steep, its my first like that.

    Other View

    one more :] its got FOV so i dnt think it does it jusice. check it out !

    Other Areas you might like

    I hope you like it, well atleast some of it
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    posted a message on seed with village nearby and nice mountain biome
    Woah its what ive been looking for! right next to the village is a cave that takes u strait into an abandoned mineshaft! and the mountain range is a great extra :D

    Thanks :]
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    posted a message on Small Recording Town Survival
    1. age. 15

    2. how long have u had minecraft. For about a year

    3. how good a builder are you 1-10. 6

    4. your minecraft name. spexillo
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    posted a message on Bad video card drivers
    What is the specifications on your computer?

    edit- sorry i didnt see the rest of your post under the error report, my sudgestion would have been tp upgrade the video card. i have no idea why it wouldnt run... sorry

    i have an hp 4530s with a radeon graphics chip on my laptop. it gave me the same problem untill i windows updated my driver. one of my close friends also bout the same excact laptop i have and had the same issue. we tried windows update and tried going to hardware and devices under contro panel, and nothing.... but luckily he got lucky, he went to the start menu on (windows 7) and typed in software and an hp software tool was shown, so he clicked on it then clicked on update software and his computer updated and resolved the issue....
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    posted a message on Lets play Video capture help
    the best recording software i can recommend is BBFlashback(express) it records audio and video. it also can record webcam feed and it has different options.... ive been using it to record minecraft vids these past few days and its been good.

    u can find it http://www.bbsoftware.co.uk/ or you can look it up on google or something... its a pretty good program. u have to register it with your email adress and give you a product key but its 100% free, u shud give it a try :] hope that helps
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