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    posted a message on Kingdoms server needs builders and kings!
    Name: Trent
    Age: 13
    Location: US and Canada GMT -5
    Microphone?: Yes
    Rate your building skills 1-10: 7-8
    Screenshots of buildings (Optional but preferred): I have none
    Skype Username: (Can i give it to you later?)
    Steam Username (Optional) :
    What do you want to contribute?: I would like to see this server progress further because I have had a similar idea that I would like to expand on, plus I would like to see what being a king and developing a kingdom is like.
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    posted a message on The Monkey's Realm
    Age: 13

    Youtube Account Name: https://www.youtube.com/user/SkarletThunder

    IGN: spennyshot

    When did you start playing minecraft(Version): InfDev

    Have you ever been banned before: On my friends servers for trolling but public servers nope.

    Favorite Color?: Red

    Hobbies?: Sports, Video Gaming
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    posted a message on InfiniteLabs Youtube SMP Whitelist server (16+)
    Name; Trent
    IGN; spennyshot
    Age; 13 (I hope that I can prove myself rather than you just disregard this application)
    Gender; Male
    Location; United States, Eastern. (EST. -5)
    Skype (optional); I'll privately give it to you, maybe.
    Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLRb3hGlYN83eL6lQwslHZQ
    A bit about yourself; I'm hoping to start my youtube channel by playing on an SMP server. I'd also like to play on a private SMP server because I lost my previous one to money problems.
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    posted a message on New Survival Server. Whitelist. 16/20 SLOTS FILLED.
    IGN: spennyshot

    Age: 12 (I'm not going to make excuses, you judge if I'm mature)

    What is your goal playing on my server?: To find a small, fun server to replace my previous survival server that closed because of financial troubles.

    Ever been banned or griefed before?: If friend servers count then yes because I trolled them. But other servers nope. Never griefed either.

    What are your skills in Minecraft? How long have you been playing?: I've been playing for about four years. I'm mostly a creative building guy, I can do details and stuff. Other things like redstone, not really.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Whitelisted Survival Server
    I applied IGN: spennyshot

    Preferred that you reply to me with a private msg
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    posted a message on Joinable Minecraft Server
    Age: 13

    Send me a message for skype. Dont want those pedophiles knowing me skype!
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    posted a message on SMP - Survival - Whitelist - Server
    Name*- Trent
    Username- spennyshot
    Gender*- Male
    Age- 13
    Skype* (or other ways of contacting you ex. email) - DM me on twitter @Skar_Thunder or Email: [email protected]
    Brief description why you want to join/ what you plan to contribute (don't bother writing a whole paragraph, just a sentence or two.) - I want a smaller, quieter server that will allow me to express myself through survival. P.S. I will give my skype to you once I get to know you.
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    posted a message on New Garry's Mod DarkRP Server! Come Join!
    There's a new G-Mod Server for the gametype DarkRP, they wanted it advertised so I thought MCForums would be great!


    Tell em' SkarletHD sent you!

    To join:

    1. Press and hold the squiggly button next to the 1 button.

    2. Type: Connect

    3. Your Joined!
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    posted a message on Private 100% Vanilla survival server
    can you also add my friend?: 5thgrade22
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] 24/7 New Vanilla Minecraft Server MindCrack Like server! {MATURE & FUN COMMUNITY WITH NO GRIEFING}
    Name: (I Use an Alias For my own protection, but it is close to my actual name) Trenton Vein
    IGN (In-game name): spennyshot
    First Minecraft version you played: Infdev (I'm a Vet)
    Skype username: spennyshot
    Strengths (e.g. Redstone, Building): Probably Building, and/or Farming, details in building, (Honestly IDK)
    Weaknesses (e.g. Redstone, Building): Redstone, Hardcore PVP, Mobs in large waves
    Time Zone: EST, -5 GMT US and Canada
    Country: United States
    What you do in your freetime, other than Minecraft: Play sports, watch youtube, video games, hunting for classic games/consoles, hang out w/ friends.
    Why you'd like to join: I like small communities of vanilla miecraft players in a towny fashion but not all towny. I think this would be a nice fit.
    EXTRAS: I might take short hiatus' because other things might be happening.
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    posted a message on DP Server Needs Players! [Factions] [Mcmmo] [PVP] [NEW] [DP]


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    posted a message on New Minecraft Server
    Quote from BeeJesus

    That's a local IP address. Nobody will be able to connect through it.
    Okay so when will the regular one be posted?
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    posted a message on New Minecraft Server
    Hello I would like to be an Admin on your server but currently its down.
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    posted a message on Guard Application For BrokenArrowPrison
    Skype: spennyshot or Trenton Spenn
    Age: 12
    Minecraft Name: spennyshot
    How Long Have You Played On The Server:3 Days
    Why Should You Be Guard: I have owned a jail server before and have been guard on many other servers before. I know the rules, and terms of being a guard. I will take the privilege responsibly and serious. I will try to make the jail a better place too. As of now I know the staff, and will fallow orders and listen to them. I will learn from my mistakes. I hope to become a Guard on this server.
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