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    posted a message on Shadowcraft [23/7] [Public] [Chest-locking] [Runecraft]
    hey shadowcraft if you like i could help you with the whitelist like i read the banned list forums and find out all the ppl that are banned and write em down ill help you out with the keeping out greifers
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    posted a message on Z-Craft Server [NEW] [Dedicated Host] [24/7]
    In-game Name: spectro777
    How long you have played mine-craft: bout a month and a week
    Why you would like to be a mod: I'd like to learn more about moderating
    Time available to play: form 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    Experience: iv successfully made a mansion a castle and an entire town in single player on hard
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    posted a message on rp server
    ill join in names spectro777
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    posted a message on Didicas RP [Updated 10/6/2010]
    Application for the Didicas RP

    * Your forum name: spectro777
    * Your minecraft name: spectro777
    * Position you're applying for: Member
    * (*) Your real name:
    * (*) Your age:
    * (*) Some details about you:
    * (*) Your e-mail address to contact you:
    * What kind of help you have to offer: i have been playing for a while on my friends account in one day i made an entire castle by myself well one night actually. im really successful in the singleplayer mode. i survived one day in a mine just kept getting stone then progressed to a home i now have a 19 story home a 5x25x32 structure. i plan to build for people and hopefully have a ingame career.
    * Your experience in Minecraft Multiplayer: i have a long experience on minecraft. i played a while on my friends account.
    * (*) Information on when and how long you are online each day:
    * Why you would like to help this RP: i feel the need to help lots of servers i just think this server would be the best for me since it is most like i thought i would be like. more medieval.
    * (*) Information concerning yourself and your qualifications, like prior experiences in similar servers:
    * (*) The chatting methods you use (Skype, Vent, Oovoo and so on) and your nick/number on each:

    (*) Only required if Applying for a Staff position.

    Remember all of this can be given to me through PM, if you prefer for it to be kept private.
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